Everything you need, nothing you don’t. That’s what you’ll find when you shop Real Advantage Nutrients’ full online store of nutritional vitamins and supplements. Our top natural health products are specially formulated to include only the ingredients your body truly needs—without any of that fluff you’ll find elsewhere. Because we never throw in designer ingredients just for the name, or include trace amounts of an ingredient so we can claim it’s included in a product.


We’re able to make this promise because our team devotes hours of research to make sure every natural ingredient we include is backed by real science. And only the best are included in our supplements. So rather than giving you something with this, that, and the other, we’re able to provide you with the best solution for a variety of health needs.

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  1. Cognicept

    Cognicept is designed to support brain health. The nutrients inside are combined to promote a strong memory and sharp focus. 

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  2. CogniFlo
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    CogniFlo is designed to support a healthy brain and heart. It contains ingredients clinically studied for supporting brain and heart health.

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  3. ProRelieve

    ProRelieve is designed to support bladder and prostate health. The nutrients inside can help...  

    • Empty the bladder more completely…
    • Increase stream strength…
    • And pee more easily!

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  4. Primagen

    The ingredients in this powder have been shown in studies to help…

    • Increase erection size and hardness
    • Reduce body fat
    • Lower physical fatigue

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  5. ProSupport PM

    ProSupport PM is designed to support a healthy prostate. The exclusive formula supports a healthy prostate, healthy bladder relief and restful sleep.

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  6. Mind Defense

    This complete brain health formula contains 3 key ingredients to help support:

    • A healthy, younger feeling brain
    • Short and long term memory
    • A boost in brainpower


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  7. EternaMale

    This formula was designed to promote:

    • A healthy body
    • Healthy erection blood flow
    • Improved muscle strength
    • Improved brain power and mental alertness
    • A healthy prostate

    Best of all, EternaMale uses quality ingredients with the optimal levels to help you experience solid results.

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  8. Alpha ZTA

    This powerful formula is designed to support healthy testosterone levels.

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  9. BP Gold

    This formula was designed to support a healthy cardiovascular system and help promote:

    • Healthy blood pressure
    • Blood flow and flexible arteries
    • Healthy cholesterol

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Items 1 - 10 of 22

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