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Discover the anti-aging benefits of Ultra Vital Gold and start turning back your clock today. Ultra Vital Gold packs all of the best anti-aging nutrients in one supplement to fight all the effects of aging—supporting your heart, brain, and feeling decades younger. Try Ultra Vital Gold to…

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Ivy League M.D. reveals his personal brain-cell regenerating
breakthrough that could help seniors start to…

in as little as 30 days

It’s already helped thousands of people he’s shared it with
reclaim a whip-fast memory, high-velocity thinking,
and laser-like focus.

Let me ask you a question…

Do you ever worry that your memory might fail you? Or that it’s already starting to?

Because in a recent survey, American seniors ranked a failing memory as their #1 health concern.

And you know what? They should be concerned.

No, actually—scratch that—they should be terrified.

Because let’s not beat around the bush here—if your memory isn’t sharp, you could lose the confidence to live independently.

And have real trouble with vitally important tasks like staying organized…

Keeping your household bills in order… Even safely driving yourself around.

Plus, research shows that as you age you have a slim 1 out of 100 shot at sidestepping memory problems.

And those odds…well…they stink.

But today I’m revealing a powerful discovery that’s already quietly helped thousands of people just like you fight memory decline.

Research shows it can work fast too—in as little as 30 days.

And this natural brain-regenerating breakthrough is backed by decades of human clinical studies showing it not only helps reverse the decline in brain function that aging causes…

But may even help you do what was just recently thought impossiblegrow fresh new brain cells

Simply by stimulating a very special protein your body already makes.

Human studies show this powerful protein triggers NEW brain cell production in adults.

So your brain is literally flooded with the SUPERNOVA BRAIN POWER of youth—in as little as one month.

Scientific research shows this breakthrough may also help:

  • Recharge your brain’s own “power generators”—for the speed-of-light memory you had in your 20’s…
  • Detoxify your brain tissue—clearing out the buildup of gunk that clouds up your thinking, and...
  • Slash your risk for memory loss by 65%—so you get lifelong protection and peace of mind.

Hi, I’m Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, M.D.

For nearly 39 years, I’ve devoted my life to helping seniors just like you conquer their most challenging health concerns and live happy, independent lives.

I was fortunate enough to be named a fellow at Harvard University’s prestigious Channing Laboratory.

Later, I went on to develop one of America’s first courses on alternative health, for the world-class Tufts University School of Medicine.

Today, I practice at my Integrative Medical Center in Massachusetts.

It was when I started treating more older patients, that I knew I had to develop a way to help people concerned about brain health and memory problems.

Other doctors had brushed-off their concerns—telling them it was just part of aging. And that they’d better get used to their memories getting worse as they got older.

And you can bet that made me steaming mad.

Because the truth is—there’s zero medical reason you can’t stay razor’s-edge sharp till the day you die!

That’s why I set out on years of brain research.

In just a moment, I’ll reveal everything that I uncovered—and how it can help you grow brand new, youthful brain cells—in as little as 30 days—that could help keep your memory sharp for life.

And my discovery gives you everything you need for…

  • An invigorating turbo-boost in your brainpower and memory…
  • The vivid, precise, unclouded thinking you enjoyed in your youth…
  • The laser focus you need to quickly complete any task with ease…

Plus so much more.

Because I made certain that my brain-regenerating breakthrough could target the underlying reasons your memory begins to slip as you age—and stop them dead in their tracks.

But it also goes way beyond just powering up your memory—and actually helps you grow new brain cells.

So if you’ve ever wondered if you can actually…

Get SMARTER as you age?

Remember that protein your body makes that I mentioned earlier?

It’s called BDNF. It does something that scientists believed was completely impossible until very recently—it helps you grow new brain cells.

And a new study on premenstrual women shows that a powerful nutrient known as Holy Gold—because of its almost other worldly golden glow—helps raise your BDNF levels—in as little as 30 days.

But even more amazing, this study showed that Holy Gold continued raising BDNF month after month after month…

And with all that brain-cell regenerating BDNF…it’s like starting over right now—with a brand new brain.

That’s why I consider Holy Gold a gift straight from God.

Just imagine, never again feeling foggy and forgetful…

Losing your train of thought in the middle of a conversation…

Getting confused about which way to turn while driving a familiar route…

Not remembering where you parked your car at a shopping center…

But instead feeling a flood of vibrant clarity and youthful brainpower that helps you…

  • Dazzle your family with your quick wit and sensational stories—never losing your train of thought or forgetting any juicy details…
  • Outsmart your friends, kids, and grandkids during your next game of trivia—because it’ll take just seconds for you to recall all those historical facts and dates you’ve stored over the years…
  • Show off how much smarter you’re getting with each passing day—relishing the look of awe in people’s eyes when you’re able to rattle off names, addresses and little details they can’t believe you can remember.

And best of all, you’ll feel the surge of confidence that comes from knowing you’ve got exactly what you need to help you always enjoy the active and independent lifestyle you want to live.

But Holy Gold is also…

The Holy Gift for lightning-fast thinking

You can’t see it…

You can’t touch it…

But with each passing day, there’s a sinister gunk that is building up inside of your brain.

It’s called amyloid protein.

Remember that old horror movie The Blob starring Steve McQueen?

It was the drive-in classic about a gigantic, gooey, JELL-O-like monster that smothers people to death as it destroys a small Pennsylvania town.

Well, amyloid protein is a little like The Blob—but it wreaks havoc inside of your head.

This sticky gunk smothers your neurons and gums up the insides of your cells—slowing vital blood supply and harming your brain cells.

Pretty gross, right?

Well, if you’ve started to worry you’re just not as sharp as you used to be…

It could be amyloid protein build-up that’s to blame.

It not only cuts off blood flow—starving your brain cells—but it also gets in the way of signals your brain sends when you’re trying to recall something.

And it doesn’t matter how healthy you are—it’s an inescapable part of getting older.

So you end up searching for the right words, and losing the laser-focus you once took for granted…terrifying you that you’re becoming just another old, cloudy, scatter-brained codger.

But Holy Gold doesn’t just help you grow new brain cells—it may offer a natural way to clean out amyloid protein that is hurting the ones you have now.

Because remarkable new animal research shows that Holy Gold can actually get into the brain, bind to amyloid protein, and cast it out.

With that nasty protein gone, you could look forward to…

  • Light-speed thinking—to blitz through a crossword, zip through a paper, or breeze through a good book—without losing your place—or your focus…
  • Supersonic recall—so the words are right where you need them when you want to share a good story with friends, and a…
  • Mega-power memory—so you’ll always know right where you parked your car, put your keys, and the name of that one old friend you haven’t seen in 20 years—because you’ll be at the peak of your mental game again.

And a study shows that seniors who get more Holy Gold in their diet have less age-related memory loss.

They also perform better on thinking and memory tests.

I’ll come back to Holy Gold in just a second—because there’s still an important detail you need to know if you want to use it to rejuvenate your brain.

But first, let me ask you another question…

Have you ever had to replace an old rusted out faucet?

If you have, I’m sure you know what a fun job that is. The way the metal crumbles apart makes for downright frustrating work.

Well that rust is caused by something called oxidative damage.

And oxidative damage acts the same way inside of your body.

Breaking down your cells just like it does that old faucet.

As you age, you can see its handiwork in the lines on your face, the creaks in your knees, and the way your memory starts to stall out on you more often.

But one miraculous compound can help turn your old rusty cells into fresh, healthy ones—and stop memory loss cold.

This memory-saving nutrient is found in one of the most ancient life-forms on the planet—a kind of algae that may hold…

The secret for an

This little algae has thrived in the earth’s fresh waters for millions of years…

And boy is this stuff tough.

Because over the course of countless millennia it developed a truly ingenious survival mechanism.

You see, when this algae finds itself in harsh conditions—facing starvation, or baking to death in the unrelenting heat of the sun’s UV radiation—its cells start making an ultra-protective crimson-colored compound unlike anything else found on Earth.

This miraculous compound spreads throughout the algae—turning it from its natural green to a brilliant red color—and creates a kind of protective force-field around it.

This compound—known as Neptune’s Fire—gives the algae the super-strength it needs to withstand even the most brutal threats.

But here’s the really amazing part—Neptune’s Fire defends the algae so completely that it can survive decades with no food or water—even in extreme temperatures.

When scientists discovered it—they started studying how it could help people too.

And today the research is simply stacked with truly astounding results...

One study showed that Neptune’s Fire not only prevents oxidative damage to brain cells, but also helps toughen-up your mitochondria—the energy generators that power your brain.

And that’s key for stopping memory problems—because without powerful mitochondria, you simply don’t have the gas in your tank to think clearly or remember things quickly.

But with the mighty mitochondria that Neptune’s Fire delivers, you’ll feel like you’ve got a brand new brain—fully recharged with the mental force of youth.

Which means you’ll enjoy…

An endless supply of

Animal studies show it can also improve memory, learning—and just like Holy Gold—help you grow fresh new brain cells.

And this brain regenerator packs more rejuvenating strength than anything I’ve ever seen.

In fact, when scientists tested it against the most powerful anti-aging nutrients known to man, it blew them all out of the water!

What’s more, just a tiny pinch of it packs…

  • 500 times more protection than the ultimate brain healer Vitamin E
  • 800 times the strength of the brain power marvel Coenzyme q10
  • 550 times the muscle of the memory-boosting antioxidants like Green tea, and…
  • 6000 times the potency of the (former) heavyweight champion of brain antioxidants—Vitamin C

With that kind of protection in your corner—you may never have to worry about memory problems creeping up and knocking you off your game.

But what really makes Neptune’s Fire the ultimate brain protector is its unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

That’s the “gatekeeper” membrane that only allows very special nutrients to get into your brain.

So Neptune’s Fire—unlike so many other nutrients—is allowed to go directly to work right where you need it—saturating your brain with its superior, revitalizing energy.

But here’s the real kicker—once it’s inside, it also starts scrubbing away like your brain’s own personal clean-up crew.

And it helps…

Wash away the TOXIC WASTE
building up inside your brain

You see, older folks that have memory problems often have a buildup of toxic waste in their cells.

And that gets in the way of your brain getting the oxygen-rich blood and nourishment it depends on to function right.

But a new study shows that Neptune’s Fire can purify your cells—and take out all that trash built up inside of them.

Then, once they’re fresh and cleaned—your brain gets pumped full of nutrients and oxygen—and you feel a rush of robust brain power like you haven’t had in years.

If you want to grow a “new” brain—with the dependable memory and focus that you need for a long, independent life—Neptune’s Fire is vital.

Even if you’re one of the millions already dealing with age-related memory problems, human studies on Neptune’s Fire show that it may help improve memory, ability to focus and learn new information.

And I can tell you—after watching it happen with my own patients—there’s nothing like feeling those clouds part and your mental gears start ticking with the precision of a Swiss clock again.

Plus, the peace of mind that you get from knowing you have the best insurance on the memories you hold dearest…

Like the first time you and your wife ever kissed…

The moment you held your first born in your arms…

Or the feeling of pride the day you taught your son how to ride a bike….

Now you can recall them as vividly as the day they happened. And can tell your grandkids—and great-grandkids all about them.

But there’s just one catch.

Both Holy Gold and Neptune’s Fire are fat-soluble nutrients.

That means they are only fully absorbed when they’re combined with a little healthy fat.

So if you want to get all of the brain-regenerating power that they pack—you need to combine them with…

The omega-3 essential fatty acids found in fish oil—EPA and DHA.

They are vital building-blocks for your brain tissue and are absolutely critical for healthy brain function.

In fact, DHA all on its own accounts for 30% of your entire brain mass!

And if you’re low on DHA and EPA—which is common in older adults—you’re at a higher risk for a SMALLER BRAIN SIZE and the lower IQ that goes with it.

In one study, scientists found that people over 60 years old with higher blood levels of EPA and DHA felt…

  • More happy and confident…
  • Hopeful about the future…
  • Had better focus and concentration…
  • Felt less lonely and worried…
  • And got more joy out of life.

But this brain-building duo does so much more, including…

SLASH your risk for MEMORY LOSS by a whopping 65%!

In one study alone, people with age-related memory problems who took EPA and DHA significantly improved their scores on a test that measured their ability to do things like memorize lists of words, recall written information, and remember multi-step instructions… in only 24 weeks!

And another groundbreaking study showed that people with higher levels of

DHA also have a 65% lower risk for memory loss.

Imagine how great it’ll feel the next time you’re making a new recipe to only have to read the instructions once… and know exactly what your next steps are without checking the recipe over and over…

Or playing a good game of Bridge—keeping track of all the cards and knowing you’ve got what you need to win!

Truth is, when your friends and family start seeing how much better you are doing everything—they’re going to want to know what your secret is.

But when you combine EPA and DHA with one more vital nutrient you’ll have everything you need to reach…

PERFORMANCE—at any age

Vitamin D is critical for every task your brain does—especially making and storing memories and learning new things.

But a lot of older folks are deficient in Vitamin D.

And that’s really bad news because your brain depends on this vital nutrient to work at its peak.

And researchers are finding that higher levels of Vitamin D are associated with better focus and faster thinking.

That’s why it’s the final piece of my brain-regenerating solution.

But there’s something really important that you still need to know…

You see, for years my patients would take each of these nutrients individually… And over time I heard a lot about the cost—and the number of different capsules they had to take.

It was just too much for a lot of them.

On top of that, I could never be confident that they were using the highest quality ingredients—the kind that I use myself—and that work in the research studies.

So I decided to combine all four brain-rejuvenating nutrients into one, easy to take, breakthrough formula I call Ultra Vital Gold.

It took years to perfect, but it not only saves money on buying each nutrient individually—it uses only the highest quality ingredients handpicked by me—to grow brand new brain cells and stop memory problems dead in their tracks.

That’s why Ultra Vital Gold is the only supplement that can help you keep…

A Perfect Memory—FOR LIFE

I wanted to ensure that Ultra Vital Gold was the finest supplement you could ever find.

That’s why I included a healthy dose of the most well-researched, bio-available, and potent type of Vitamin D on the market.

Plus, EPA and DHA from only the world’s finest fish oil—that undergoes rigorous testing and surpasses every known industry purity standard.

Unlike a lot of products out there that will try to pass off fish oil no self-respecting fishmonger or grocery store would ever sell—our fish oil is made exclusively from FOOD GRADEFISH.

And we never use the livers—where toxins and pollutants can build-up.

That makes for EPA and DHA with unmatched quality and purity. Best of all? It doesn’t cause the fishy-tasting burps that other products do.

Ultra Vital Gold also uses a patented type of Neptune’s Fire—which you might know of as astaxanthin. It’s extracted using a proprietary state-of-the-art process that makes the most potent and pure astaxanthin available…

And when you combine all of them with our super-potent Holy Gold—commonly known as curcumin—it makes Ultra Vital Gold the single best brain and memory supplement available anywhere.

With it on your side, you could…

Reclaim the Crystal-Clear thinking of youth—for all your days ahead

I know Ultra Vital Gold can deliver results NOTHING ELSE out there can.

But that still wasn’t quite good enough for me.

Because I also wanted to make sure that you felt every drop of the vital brain-regenerating support it delivers—quick.

So putting it in a superior soft-gel was the only way to go.

That way you get the potent liquid form of each nutrient. Which means you can absorb them faster—and get results you can feel in no time.

With Ultra Vital Gold you can finally relax—trusting that your most precious possessions—your memories—are well protected.

If you’ve ever tried anything else for your memory—and were disappointed—I promise you won’t be this time.

And it’s already helped thousands of people who were right where you are today.

I get letters and emails from them all the time.

Like this note I got just the other day:

“I just had to let you know that Ultra Vital Gold has exceeded my expectations and I’m thrilled with my results!

Since I started taking Ultra vital Gold I’ve reclaimed the energy I had when I was 10 years younger.

My mind is so much clearer and it really helps me stay focused on my projects. I am able to do more each day.

Ultra Vital Gold is the best purchase I have ever made.”

- Bob Reagan, Cooperstown, NY

And Bob’s not the only one.

My inbox is stuffed with people eager to share their good news with me, like Tom who dropped a line to say:

“I’m 60 years old and Ultra Vital Gold helps keep me alert. I also feel healthier than before.

It only took a month to feel it kicking in—and I never looked back.

Now I’ve been taking it for a few years and I’m still thrilled with the results.

Plus, you can’t beat the value!”

- Tom Lyle, Stillwater, MN

And here’s one from Elizabeth Kirk in Bozeman, MT who wrote me:

“I decided to give Ultra Vital Gold a try because I noticed that my short-term memory is slipping.

But in about a week after I started on it, I began to notice an improvement.

As I continue taking Ultra Vital Gold, my memory really seems to be getting better.

So you can bet I'll keep on taking it!”

Imagine, in just a week—you could feel a refreshing surge of mental energy as your memory gets a powerful boost just like Elizabeth’s did.

And I know that once you give Ultra Vital Gold a try, you’ll be writing me a letter of your own pretty soon…

But, as positive as I am that it’ll work as well for you as it has for thousands of other people—I know from years of medical experience that no two people are alike.

That’s why every single bottle of Ultra Vital Gold is fully backed by my rock-solid...

100% Money-Back

I wanted to make sure that nothing held you back from giving it a try—that’s why I made absolutely certain that you won’t risk ONE PENNY when you give Ultra Vital Gold a try.

And this guarantee NEVER EXPIRES.

While a lot of folks say they start to feel results in just a couple of weeks—I want you to have all the time you need to see how well it works for you.

And to really feel how its power builds over time.

Because you get better results the longer you take it.

When you keep on it, you’ll never want to give up the Mach-speed memory, thinking, and unwavering focus it delivers.

But if for any reason it doesn’t completely live up to all of your expectations—simply give us a call and you’ll get a prompt, polite, no-hassle refund—with no questions asked.

Ultra Vital Gold GUARANTEES you’ll finally have the confidence you need to stay sharp and independent—or you get a 100% refund of your entire purchase price.

It’s that simple.

But Ultra Vital Gold isn’t available in stores—so you can only get it from my great team at Real Advantage Nutrients.

We use only the highest quality natural ingredients, and advanced science to make truly superior formulations.

And because we ship them directly to you, you’re guaranteed the best products and the best service—with NO hassles, and NO middle-man mark-ups.

So if you’re ready to start feeling the brain-cell regenerating mental power that only Ultra Vital Gold can deliver—please don’t wait…

Stock up todaywhile supplies last!

I know the moment you feel Ultra Vital Gold working…

That shot in the arm of alert, youthful clarity…

The turbo-boost in mental energy…

The way everything just clicks back into vivid focus…

And the way everyone around you starts noticing the new relaxed inner glow you have, the intelligent new sparkle in your eyes, your self-confidence

You’ll never want to go back.

But because Ultra Vital Gold is filled with such high-quality ingredients that take a long time to produce, supplies are very limited—so it’s wise to stock up now.

When you order, be sure to select our Auto-Delivery Service.

It’s the best perk I can offer you—because with this premium service your SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE.

Here’s how it works…

Just before your first supply runs out, your card will be charged for the same amount you order today—and we’ll rush you a fresh supply of Ultra Vital Gold.

That way you won’t have to worry about running out.

But don’t worry—there are no strings attached to your membership.

You can always change your delivery schedule—or cancel your free membership altogether—any time you want.

All you need to do is call the toll-free number we give you in your shipment of Ultra Vital Gold.

My team of polite and professional customer care agents are always ready to take care of whatever you might need.

And you never have to worry about a thing—because I personally guarantee your satisfaction.

So all you need to do is sit back and relax—enjoying your deep senior discount, FREE SHIPPING, and the new-found clarity, brilliance, and peace of mind that Ultra Vital Gold gives you.

And take advantage of this once in a life time chance to change the way you live the rest of your life.

And remember, you don’t risk a penny when you order today.

You get the results you want—or you get a fast 100% money-back refund.

And your shipping is FREE!

Simply click the Add to Cart button to get your supply of Ultra Vital Gold while supplies last.

To your independence,

Glenn Rothfeld M.D.

P.S. Don’t forget—you’re 100% protected by our ULTRA GOLD STANDARD GUARANTEE. You’re absolutely happy—or you get your money back. Just click the “Add to Cart” button before it’s too late!

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You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

“I read a lot your literature and I decide to try with my Mom, she is 95 years old and at the same time I decide to try by myself I’m now 64. At that moment, my idea was to help that old body with anything I could get, and the results were great. The results are showing her with better energy and the happiness of living. And the difference start giving her the desire to make exercise with her walker and she made now a daily routine walking in the morning and afternoon. Her life style changed because in the building she lives, all other ladies make comments about her new attitude. She is the oldest person at that community.”
—Ronald Vance, San Jose, CA*


“I decided to try Ultra Vital Gold since I’m getting older. It seems to have some positive effects. I ran out, so for a few days, I noticed my body was telling me I needed to recharge! I simply have begun to feel better all over!”
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I have just about finished my first bottle of Ultra Vital Gold and this stuff has given me more energy and vitality in my life. Thank you!
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*Individual results may vary.