Ultimate Vigor

Ultimate Vigor was designed to help increase your sexual drive and performance like no other sexual health supplement can. Its ingredients have been shown to help increase your testosterone with light weight training, improve your sexual performance and libido, and help you truly satisfy the woman you love. So even if you've tried other sexual health supplements before, Ultimate Vigor could be the one to take your sex life to the next level.

  • Includes 4 energizing B vitamins, so you can enjoy "encore after encore" power...
  • Promote strong, stunning erections practically on command...
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Warning: The following report contains an uncensored description of a sexual encounter. Discretion is advised.

Wild... Passionate... SEX...

...With a 28-year-old bombshell... the kind of girl that makes every cell in your body come alive with desire...


You stride into the bedroom, leading her by the hand... you can hear her breathing getting heavier as she follows you in.

She’s wearing a tight little number that leaves just enough to your imagination...

Are you with me?

She stands with her back to you and holds her hair up while you slowly unzip her dress...

As it falls around her ankles, you step back and drink in the view...

The tight curves of her body are screaming to be touched...

While you’re busy thanking God you’re a man, she gives you a smoldering over-the-shoulder look... you know the look I’m talking about—those bedroom eyes and those soft, parted lips...

You’ve been around the block enough to know exactly what that look means...

Are you up to the challenge?

You slide your hands around her hips and pull her in close... your heart is pounding and you can feel her pressing against you...

What happens next is completely up to you...

But in the next few minutes, I’m going to let you in on a secret that will take this fantasy everywhere you want it to go.

It’s something called the “Triple Crown”, and I can promise you two things:

1) This is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before in the bedroom, and 2) Once you give her “Triple Crown Sex”—she’ll never bother looking at another man again.

And you can bet the Triple Crown would help you give that 28-year-old bombshell a night she’d never forget, even if you’re closer to sixty-eight than twenty-eight...

How can I be so sure?

Because I’m holding the proof in my hands right now.

See, a while back, we released the secret of the Triple Crown to a small group of men. Then we asked them to report back to us.

It was brand new at the time, so we weren’t sure what to expect. But the response was nothing short of jaw-dropping.

The letter I’m holding right now is from a guy who’s using the Triple Crown secret to “more than satisfy” his 28-year-old girlfriend on a regular basis...

(And just so you know, he hasn’t been 28 for a long time.)

Another guy (who had started to lose interest in sex) says he’s now performing “on demand—morning, noon, and night...” Those were his exact words. He says he feels like he’s in his twenties again. And he’s not the only one. (In fact, feeling like you’re in your twenties again seems to be a recurring theme...)

We even got a message from a 73-year-old who said he’s finally enjoying sex again... that it seems to “get better and better every time”...

I could go on and on, but I’m sure you’re wondering—what exactly is the Triple Crown?

Well, let me put it this way. Who typically has the advantage when it comes to sexual performance—a hormone-crazed stud in his twenties, or a frail old codger in his eighties?

It’s no contest, right?

But what if there were a way to truly level the playing field?

What if you could “trick” your body into feeling the way it did when you first started having sex?

What if all it took was a light touch of her skin on yours—and you were rarin’ to go?

What if you had the energy to perform for as long as you wanted—so you could really take your time and enjoy every inch of her body—and finally give her an explosive climax that leaves her trembling in satisfaction?

All of a sudden, the young stud doesn’t have such an advantage...

Well if you’ll stick with me through this short presentation, I’ll show you how the Triple Crown secret gives YOU this kind of “unfair advantage”.

But I have to warn you of something first...

The next few minutes are going to get very... explicit

I’m going to be describing in detail how you could enjoy the hottest sex of your life—and I won’t be holdinganything back.

So if reading about things like surging sexual desire... wild, uninhibited lovemaking... and thigh-quaking orgasms... makes you uncomfortable, I’ll give you a second right now to leave this page.

Still here? Good.

My name, by the way, is Cathy Ann Turner. I work for a company called Real Advantage Nutrients. I spend a lot of my time reading clinical studies and research reports.

But today, my job is to show you how to satisfy your wife (and yourself) in ways you’ve only fantasized about.

I’m talking about the kind of sex that’ll
make her forget any other men exist...

And that requires 3 things from you:

  • first, an intense, almost uncontrollable drive and desire for sex. You just can’t fake desire. You have to want it... bad.
  • You know what else you can’t fake? An erection. There’s no such thing as great sex without strong, stunning erections.
  • And last but not least, you need the energy to deliver a standing-ovation-worthy performance.

It’s a simple equation:

White-hot desire + a powerful erection + plenty of youthful energy = GREAT SEX.

That’s the Triple Crown—the three things you need to have the hottest sex of your life.

If you had these three things, you could deliver mind-numbing sexual satisfaction—anytime the mood strikes—regardless of age. Wouldn’t you agree?

And that’s why so many “male enhancement” schemes fall short. They only address one—maybe two—of the three things you need for great sex.

I mean, a firm erection is great—but it won’t do you much good if you’d rather take a nap...

So for decades, the research team here at Real Advantage Nutrients has been looking for a natural way to deliver the Triple Crown to YOUR bedroom.

But there’s always been one BIG barrier:  LOW TESTOSTERONE.

Drooping testosterone in your 50s and 60s leaves you with a lukewarm sex drive and lackluster performance.

Testosterone is the fuel for your sexual fire,
and without it, things get... well... cold

Not to mention the effect on your mood, your muscles, and your mind.

But not long ago our lead researcher, Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D. began hearing whispers of a monumental breakthrough in sexual science.

According to the rumors, scientists in Germany had isolated a compound in the seeds of a rare clover called “fenugreek”—rumored to have powerful aphrodisiac properties.

And sure enough—the guys who started taking these compounds, called saponin glycosides, said their sex lives changed in dramatic ways...

Not only did they report having MORE SEX, they said they experienced MORE PLEASURE, and STRONGER ORGASMS!

(Trust me—when you come across the words “increase in orgasm quality” in a research report, you perk right up and pay attention!)

These dramatic results left everyone wondering:  how the heck does this stuff work?

Well, when the manufacturer’s R&D team analyzed blood samples, they found something downright SHOCKING...

Free testosterone levels shot
up like a rocket launch

All it took was a little weight training, along with fenugreek extract, to open the testosterone floodgates...

It was a tantalizing story... but could it be true? After all, we had NEVER come across a natural substance that works with resistance training to boost free testosterone levels...

But after careful analysis, we’ve determined that not only is this stuff the “real deal”—it may just be the sexual breakthrough of the century...

And because you’re reading this report, you could be one of the lucky few who gets to try it for yourself.

It’s impossible to overestimate how youthful testosterone levels could change your sex life...

Remember when all you had to do was think about a cute young thing in a short skirt—and you were rarin’ to go?

When the touch of her smooth skin was almost enough to send you over the edge—and you had to have her, right then and there...

Back then, there was NO question about your drive and performance—every bedroom adventure was a sheet-twisting success—for BOTH of you.

And if you can’t go back in time and relive those days, this is the next best thing...

You finally have a natural way to
rewind your “testosterone clock”...*

*Testofen, a proprietary extract of the rare Fenugreek seeds, works in conjunction with resistance training to boost testosterone levels.

And that could mean intense, almost uncontrollable desire like you had when you were a teenager...

How would that change your sex life? Would you show that 28-year-old sex kitten how bad you want her?

Would every night become a playful exploration of her body? Would you find new and exciting ways to enjoy each other? Would you experience deeper and more intense feelings of intimacy, openness, and pure pleasure?

And most importantly, would you have all the hot, passionate, deeply satisfying sex you’ve ever wanted?

That’s exactly what I want for you... and that’s why I’m so excited to introduce the ONLY sexual performance formula that delivers the complete Triple Crown.

It’s called Ultimate Vigor—and it begins with the testosterone-boosting* breakthrough inside fenugreek seeds.

*Testofen works in conjunction with resistance training to boost testosterone levels.

And to be honest, that alone could revolutionize your sex life.

Just imagine strutting into the bedroom with COMPLETE confidence, knowing that it’s going to be a mind-numbing pleasure fest for BOTH of you...

But remember, our goal is to give you...

EVERYTHING you need to have great sex—
and LOTS OF IT—regardless of age.

And it doesn’t take a sex expert to tell you that for thrilling sex, you need healthy erectile function.

But why settle for that?

Why not swing for the fences and achieve an EYE-POPPING, JAW-DROPPING, ROCK HARD ERECTION—that stands like the Washington Monument ‘til you reach a mind-blowing orgasm?

That’s why part 2 of the Ultimate Vigor formula is a 350 mg dose of Panax ginseng, more commonly known as Korean Red Ginseng.

You’ve probably heard of ginseng—it’s been used for thousands of years to support healthy blood flow. But “Korean Red” is no ordinary ginseng.

It’s grown only in specific regions of Southeast Asia where the soil conditions are just right. Each plant is tended with care for a specific amount of time (6 years to be exact). That’s when it reaches peak potency. Then it’s carefully steam-cured (which gives it a deep red color) and air-dried to preserve the active ingredients.

The result is an ultra-potent form that could give your manhood a serious “WOW factor.”

Several clinical studies show that 1,800 mg of ginseng supports more frequent, more rigid erections—so you can just imagine what 350 mg of this could do for you.

I’m talking about strong, stunning erections—whenever YOU want them—and maybe even when youdon’t! Remember in high school, when you stared a little too long at that cheerleader’s short skirt... and spent the next 20 minutes trying to hide your “excitement”?

What a wonderful problem to have—and with the Korean Red Ginseng in Ultimate Vigor, you could have it again!

Especially when you’ve already “jacked up” your testosterone! Just think about it—roaring testosterone levels that dial up your drive—plus plenty of healthy blood flow—you don’t have to be a math genius to figure out how that equation adds up!

Trust me—the first time she feels the “new you” she’s going to wonder what in the world has gotten into you.

By the way, did you know that guys with higher testosterone are more confident and more successful with the opposite sex? It’s true! Not only has it been proven in clinical studies, I can vouch for it myself...

So keep that in mind—you won’t be the only one who’s anxious to take your red-hot libido for a test drive. You might just see a side of her you’ve never seen before...

And one thing is certain: if you want to make the most of all this testosterone-fueled sex drive—you’re going to need energy. LOTS of energy. That’s why part 3 of the Ultimate Vigor formula is a custom “energy payload” of B vitamins.

Now, I know what you’re thinking—“B vitamins? That doesn’t sound very exciting...”

But this is a custom blend of three unique forms of B-vitamins. It’s designed specifically to help your body produce sustained energy. Just what you’ll need for those “encore” performances she’ll be begging you for...

See, we could have laced Ultimate Vigor with caffeine or stimulants. They certainly do give you an energy boost.

But the problem is that kind of energy is short lived. And if it vanishes while you’re in the middle of the hottest sex of your life... you could be in for another “bedroom flop”. And nobody wants that.

But B vitamins—especially the specific blend in Ultimate Vigor—help your body make energy naturally.

So when you’re in the middle of a rock star performance... when her back is arched, her hips are moving in perfect rhythm, and she’s gripping the sheets so tight you’d swear she’s going to tear them in two... you’ll just be getting started...

Ultimate Vigor leaves you both breathless, spent, and moaning in sweet satisfaction... when other so-called “male enhancers” just leave you.

See, Ultimate Vigor was created by a leading M.D. and expert in natural medicine. It’s designed to give your body exactly what it needs for spectacular sexual performance—whether you’re 25 or 95.

It starts with raging testosterone... then it supports “WOW factor” erections... and it goes the distance with support for healthy energy and stamina, too.

Translation? Get ready for “Triple Crown Sex”...

Imagine how different you might feel about sex right now if you had a white-hot sex drive... if you KNEW, with complete confidence, that you’ll be hard as cold-rolled steel... if you could tap into an endless reserve of youthful energy and go all night long if you wanted...

Think you might be a little more excited about your next bedroom adventure?

Think you might show that 28-year-old bombshell what it’s like to be with a real man?

Would you savor every inch of her gorgeous body... take your time and really get her going... and then deliver an explosive performance that leaves her in AWE of your skills?

I think so... and that’s exactly what I want for you.

So keep reading.


Today is your lucky day—in more ways than one.

By reading this report, you’ve accessed the best deal we’ve ever offered on Ultimate Vigor.

I’ll tell you more in just a minute—but I don’t want to forget about the other incredible benefit of taking Ultimate Vigor—looking and feeling like what you are:  a red-blooded American man.

See, when your testosterone levels drop off, your muscle strength goes with it. But Ultimate Vigor gives you an unfair advantage in the bedroom AND the weight room. A boost to your testosterone levels helps you get the most out of your workout—so you can show her those strong, powerful arms... a chiseled chest... and sturdy legs that make her swoon...

Talk about a bedroom confidence builder—if you’re strong enough to sweep her off her feet like when you were newlyweds, it’ll get you both in the mood...

Now I really hate to kill the mood... I’m sure you’re picturing the steamy, skin-on-skin action right now. You’re probably imagining the look of surprise and delight on her face when she feels your new “manpower”...

And the last thing I want to do is distract you. I mean it... I want you to focus on night after night of hot sex...

But I do have to quickly tell you how to take advantage of this exclusive sex-enhancing formula. And there is a catch:  Ultimate Vigor is not sold in any store, and it never will be.

You can only get it directly from the doctors and researchers who created it. That way, you get the freshest, most potent product possible. And you avoid paying a retail markup.

But that means you can ONLY get Ultimate Vigor through Real Advantage Nutrients and this report. Luckily for you, that means you KNOW you’re getting the real thing.

And even better—you can get a HUGE discount on multi-bottle orders.

Most guys start with a 3-month supply. But if you’re really smart, you’ll stock up with a 6-month supply. You’ll save even more money—and you’ll be “locked and loaded” for 6 months of hot sex... I mean it’s 100% guaranteed or your money back, so why mess around?

And either way, when you order right now, you’re eligible to get a free membership in our Auto-Delivery Service, which means you don’t have to worry about re-ordering. Just when your initial order is about to run out, our system will alert us and we’ll securely re-charge your card to rush you a fresh supply of Ultimate Vigor.

That means you get it just in time for more great sex!

All you have to do is select the Auto-Delivery Service option when checking out…

But don’t worry—like a secret sexual rendezvous, this is a no-strings-attached offer. You can cancel your delivery or change the schedule at any time, for any reason. Auto-Delivery Service is simply the only way we can guarantee you the best price and a steady supply. And I think you’ll really love it—because it saves you the hassles of reordering—and it entitles you to FREE shipping for as long as you remain a member.

Yep—as an Auto-Delivery Service Member, you won’t pay a CENT for shipping... EVER.

So once you try Ultimate Vigor and LOVE IT—you don’t have to lift a finger to keep getting it. You can focus on dreaming up thrilling new ways to put your sex drive to good use...

But in order to get FREE shipping – and keep enjoying timeless sex month after month – you have to select Auto-Delivery Service when checking out.

And if you don’t love it for any reason, there’s no need to worry. Every bottle is covered by our Ultimate Sex Guarantee—which means that if you and your wife aren’t blown away by your high-octane sexual performance, you get a full refund.

At any time, for any reason—just send your current bottle back, and we’ll send you a refund of every penny of the purchase price.

So there’s really nothing to think over—you don’t even have to decide anything right now. Just TRY IT! Find out what Triple Crown Sex really feels like...

And if you don’t agree that Ultimate Vigor gets you more confident and more excited about sex than you have been in years... if you’re not having MORE SEX and BETTER SEX than you thought possible...

Just say the word and get your money back.

It’s simple:  if it doesn’t work for you, you don’t pay for it.

But here’s the thing: I’m going to need you to act quickly. Because Ultimate Vigor uses a high quality extract of the rare fenugreek seeds, we can only produce it in small, tightly controlled batches.

That means our supply is extremely limited. In order to guarantee shipments for our Auto-Delivery Service Members, we may have to shut down this report in the next few days... possibly even tonight.

So if you close this page to go think it over, you could be sentencing yourself (and your wife) to a lifetime of lackluster performance...

Please... your sex life is too important. And believe me... once you experience the thrilling, deeply satisfying sex you’ve been missing, the price you pay for Ultimate Vigor will seem like the deal of a lifetime.

And to be honest, it is!

So please, DON’T DELAY. I really want you to take advantage of my offer RIGHT NOW. I want you to start having the most exciting sex of your life. I want you to experience the best orgasms you’ve ever felt... I want you to feel complete sexual satisfaction every time.

So don’t keep me waiting any longer.

Remember to read all labels, check all ingredients and follow all directions before using any products.

You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

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