Ultimate Tendon Support

If you have stiff, sore, aching joints, you may be focusing on the wrong solutions. Ultimate Tendon Support is a natural supplement for your tendons, designed to help alleviate the discomfort which causes your joints to feel stiff or ache. In fact, it's been referred to as, "glucosamine for your tendons." Try Ultimate Tendon today, and...

  • Feel smooth, comfortable, flexbile joints, no matter the time of day...
  • Experience life the way you want to—outside, with friends, and doing the activities you love...
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Ultimate Tendon Support

When you think about joint supplements, you probably don’t think about tendon support, tendon health, or tendons at all. But the truth is that without tendon support, your joint supplement can only do so much.

See, healthy joints are made up of cartilage, synovial fluid, bones, the muscles around them – and tendons. Your tendons are the strong, flexible bands that connect the muscle to bone and help support the cartilage in your joint. But like your joints, they can wear out over time.

So if you aren’t giving your tendons the support they need, joint supplements that only focus on cartilage can only do so much. Plus, honestly, it’s difficult to create a joint supplement that works on your tendons because tendons are difficult to nourish.

Your body gets its nutrients from your blood stream – but tendons have limited, if any, access to blood flow. Which makes designing a supplement for tendon support a challenge to say the least.

So is there good news? Of course! We found a work around. Instead of trying to find a way to nourish the tendons directly, we’ve designed a tendon and joint supplement that gives your body what it needs to keep your tendons healthy in the first place: Ultimate Tendon Support.

We found a patented, powerful combination of type 1 collagen, the kind of collagen your tendons need most, and a nutrient called MPS – the stuff your tendons need to hold together and stay strong – and realized this was the way to nourish and support tendons without having to get to them through the bloodstream.

It was almost the perfect tendon and joint supplement. To make it everything you deserve, we added vitamin C. Why? Because vitamin C helps develop the collagen you need for ultimate tendon support. So we made it our final ingredient in Ultimate Tendon Support.

If your traditional joint supplements aren’t quite doing the trick, it may not be their fault. Focus on tendon support instead – focus on Ultimate Tendon Support.

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Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

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“This stuff is great! I could tell within a few days that it was working and now I'm walking much more comfortably.”
—Lydia Brach, Charleston, SC*


“I have been using Ultimate Tendon Support for about 1 month and I can really feel the difference in my joints. I've also found that I'm not so stiff when I first get up in the morning. Thank you Dr. Douglass for a wonderful product.”
—Caren Brenton, Wilmington, NC*


“I used Ultimate Tendon Support and it really helped my tendons and joints. I was able to run and walk better and my joints did not stiffen when I stretched them after sitting for hours in hte car. Thank you for an amazing product.”
—Frank Ingram, Atlantic City, NJ*


*Individual results may vary.