RevitalizeQ Plus

RevitalizeQ Plus is designed to support cardiovascular health. The supplement promotes healthy cholesterol and blood pressure.

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“Without a doubt, RevitalizeQ Plus is one best products put forth to benefit us all. Thanks to God to give me the natural instinct to spot a good product when I see one. Many thanks for you folks put up the best products for us folks to benefit the most. Keep up the marvelous work. God bless.”

-Jeremy F., Fayetteville, AR*


“I really like RevitalizeQ Plus. It has given me more energy. It seems to work after couple of hours for me (taken 7:30am) and I'm still going strong that evening- I like that! You see I'm 70 and as an energy engineer I do consulting and field training. I also have projects in 3 states which requires some long days with 500 miles of travel. RevitalizeQ Plus is a big help getting me through these long days. Thanks.”

 -Len M., Springfield, MO*


“RevitalizeQ Plus has been incredible so far. I have had a noticeable increase in stamina since I started taking it. I don’t feel as tired when I finish cleaning a residence. The true test was the three story house that I clean that takes 3 1/2 hours for me to complete by myself! When I get to the bottom floor I would rest in a chair for about 10 minutes before continuing. (and I felt like a lead weight when I got back up) This last cleaning I rested about a minute or two and bounced right up to complete it and be on my way.”

 -Dianna H., Bowie, MD*


RevitalizeQ Plus is superb, complete, & vital! I felt a boost in energy the first week I started taking it! I’ve mostly experienced more energy and weight loss. I care for a 4 yr old granddaughter 5 days a week. I feel more energetic wanting to play with her and not having to make myself. I try to eat a healthy diet most days but recently on a trip visiting relatives I was not in control of meals and got way off my low carb diet and only gained one pound in the 3 days. I’m sleeping better! I use to wake every night around 3:00 am and had to go to bathroom. Now I sleep until almost 6:00 am. I have so much more energy., I live alone and do all my house cleaning, laundry and ironing. I also cook dinner for daughter's family most week days.”

-Jessica F., Omaha, NE Age 77


“RevitalizeQ Plus is outstanding! I felt an energy boost the second day I took it. Before staying focused was a problem. Now that isn't a problem for me any longer. Now I have to choose to change my focus. That's a good thing for me. My daily activities have improved. I have the energy to complete the task I set for myself daily. I still do my own lawn, and garden work. I am 70+ years and this is just what I needed. Thank you!”

-Gordon H., Knoxville, TN*


“RevitalizeQ Plus is a great product! I noticed a difference in my energy about an hour after I took it. All of a sudden I had so much energy that I was like an energizer bunny the rest of the day until 2:00 the next morning. I exercised and cleaned and exercised again. I had energy before this but I have an abundance of energy now. What I had before was nothing compared to this. I also am doing better on concentrating on what I am reading and what people are saying. I’m more confident in holding a conversation with others now. I know I won’t forget what word I want to say. I believe it will do everything that you said it will do. It makes me feel safer and more confident that I won't have to go through what some of my other family members had to go through. That is why I am ordering this product every month, because I believe it will do what it says in the end. I noticed I am getting a little bit more fat off of my body and I didn't expect that. I’m more regular in going to the bathroom which is something I have never done in my life.** With more energy I get a lot more things done that I didn't get done before, being that I moved a lot slower. I don't get tired easy so I can do longer sessions of exercise done. Thank you!”

-Brenda C., Chattanooga, TN Age 70*


"About 30 days after taking CoQ10, I noticed a difference.  My blood pressure readings last week were healthier than ever. I am 89 years old and take no medications. Three doctors told me recently that if they had to estimate my age, they would say 65.  I don't tell you this to brag, but to let you know how other medical professionals see me."

—Robert Charles, Columbia, MD*


"I ordered Revitalized Q Plus because of the ingredients.  I feel it has been successful.  I have maintained a good blood pressure reading. My husband has also begun to take it.  I need to up my supply."

—Wilma Truelle, Jefferson City, MO*


"Revitalize Q provided the heart, brain and energy support I was looking for. I noticed a difference after one day. It has given me enough energy to walk an average of 7 miles a day at work as a security guard.  I'm 64.  I've started with 15 pushups and I am now up to 28 per day, every day.  Hope to beat my old Marine Corps record of 63.  I want to do 65 pushups on my 65th birthday next year."

—Dennis Strong, Shreveport, LA*


"I have tried so many supplements in the past and CoQ10 is a must for me. I finally decided to take Revitalize Q  last month and immediately felt the difference. I am so grateful to God that I found this supplement. The energy that I experienced is a miracle because I am able to stay active and take walks to the mall (as my exercise. I’m getting healthier,  and my doctor is really happy about that. Friends and relatives who have seen me lately are amazed at how I look. Most of them say I look more alert and move gracefully. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this experience with Revitalize Q Plus."

—Mary Alice Anderson, Fort Wayne, IN*


"I definitely got a good value for Revitalize Q. I feel it is the best Q10 supplement on the market. It started working for me in a couple of days."

—Paula Hardy, Lincoln, NE*


"I noticed a difference the first day. YES, this product was a great value. I took COQ10 (one type) for about 10 years. With the two types of COQ10 in Revitalize Q, I feel I'm now in a higher, improved state of normal. I have more energy and endurance."

—Paul Brown, Greeley, CO*


"I have been taking a different CoQ10 but yours sounded like a much better choice so my wife and I switched to Revitalize Q. It’s working, and I feel much better and more energy overall."

—Ryan Van Allen, Phoenix, AZ*


*Individual results may vary.

**Results not typical.

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Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

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