ProTeva Plus

Having “bathroom troubles”? Well, you may be blaming the wrong culprit. Try ProTeva Plus and start supporting your prostate, bladder, and kidney health today with the only natural supplement designed to support more than just your prostate. ProTeva Plus is the natural breakthrough that helps maintain all three key players in your "pee system" so you can...

  • Fully drain your bladder so it's hours until you feel the urge to go again...
  • Sit through movies, dinner, the ballgame, and sleep through the night again...
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Tired of feeling like you have to pee ALL...THE...TIME?

Your nagging urge to “go, go, go”
can be gone, gone... GONE

Because this surprising prostate breakthrough
targets your problem differently
to fight off that miserable “never empty” feeling

Dear Friend,

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you have to pee ALL...THE...TIME.

Your wife just served up her famous pot roast, but it's getting colder by the minute because you had to run to the bathroom...again.

You’re fed up hearing “Dad, you were supposed to be here ages ago! What took you so long?” And you’d rather eat your shoe than tell them you had to make a pit stop. Twice.

You still haven’t called your nephew back about that round of golf...because you just know that by the sixth hole you’ll be about to burst.

And no matter how many times you drag yourself out of bed in the middle of the night, feeling like you have to go RIGHT NOW...

Nothing happens!

You stand there and wait, but all you get is drip... drip... drrrrriiiiiip.

So now what?

You’re done throwing money away on those “sawdust” pills your friends told you about. And I can hardly believe this, but... you might have even heard the ridiculous advice from some doctors that you should “sit down when you pee”!

Come on! You haven’t done that since you were potty training for Pete’s sake.

Enough is enough.

My name’s Dr. Allan Spreen. My patients have called me the “Nutrition Physician,” but you may know me as an advisor at the international Health Sciences Institute. Or maybe you’ve seen me on Discovery Health.

I’ve spent years coaching Olympic athletes, and through it all, I’ve had just one goal...

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people stay healthy. And I want to assure you...

You don’t have to live like this anymore

I’m about to show you how a revolutionary natural breakthrough can help you end this nightmare. Imagine...

No more having to pull the car over before you’re even halfway there.

No more “gotta go” pressure to ruin your focus on the back nine.

No more “hurry up and wait” just to stand at the urinal.

Just a powerful stream when you want it, so you can get in and out of the restrooms before your wife does – just like old times.

And of could get the best sleep of your life.

How can I be so sure this breakthrough will help you?

Because it works very differently from all that other “advice”

Practically the first time you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, it’s like there’s a little voice in your ear yelling “It’s your prostate!”

Don’t get me wrong... I understand why a lot of men—and their doctors—are quick to blame it all on the prostate. It’s been repeated over and over (and over) that half of us will face prostate problems by the time we’re 60. And that’s true, but...

There’s something else you’re not being told

In the 30 years I’ve been a physician, I’ve discovered most men don’t know about this. And their doctors, who SHOULD know, seem to overlook it. So if you’ve been to the doctor, and he’s ruled out more serious prostate issues...

Turns out there could be something else behind that miserable feeling of NEVER being able to empty your bladder.

You see, mainstream doctors give you lists of reasons to blame your prostate, but I can give you one big reason not to.

Here it is:

Perfect peeing power doesn’t come from your prostate!

This might sound crazy...especially since the prostate has such a reputation for causing peeing misery.

But the facts are the facts—your prostate isn’t the only key player in your urinary system.

In fact, there are 3 partners-in-crime that call the shots in the men’s room.

But you probably won’t hear doctors talking about it.

So instead of rearranging your life to handle “pit stops” every two hours or so...

All you have to do to help keep everything calm in the peeing department is pay attention to all 3 key players: your bladder, your kidneys, and your prostate.

They get weaker as you age...and that could be enough to send you running to the men’s room again and again.

But I’m about to show you how easy it is to help keep them strong.

Just listen to how this discovery helped other men break free from that “trapped in the bathroom” feeling. Richard Sanford writes: 

“Before, I was getting up 4 times a night to go to the toilet,
but after about 3 weeks I stopped having to get up!”

And Brian Denny shared this good news with me:

“I noticed an improvement from my first week... Initially I thought maybe it was psychological, but after a month I am not getting out of bed at night and my daytime toilet visits have reduced.”

Of course, no two people are exactly alike, and the results may be different from one person to the next.

But the results I’m hearing about in these letters are extraordinary!

Here’s one of my favorite letters of all-time, from Darren Parkinson. He writes:

“I feel like I've gone from a grandma bladder,
to an Arnold Schwarzenegger bladder.”

That’s what can happen when you stop focusing only on the prostate...and start taking care of your entire peeing system instead.

These men were among the very first eight people to experience the natural breakthrough I’m about to show you. The researchers who developed it set up the trial to see how their discovery would work in the real world.

At the start, these men were feeling just as frustrated as you are—or worse.

During the day, they were hitting the bathroom as much as 12 times. And at night, they were being dragged out of bed 3 to 4 times. That’s enough to turn you from a well-rested guy who’s ready to seize the a bleary-eyed zombie who’s struggling to just “get through it.”

Like you, they were skeptical but looking for answers—so who knows whether they thought this new solution could actually work.

But they didn’t have to wait long.

After just two weeks of taking the formula, they started to notice a difference. And after 8 weeks, they were getting up less than once a night on average. That means some of them could even enjoy a full night of glorious deep sleep.

Now that’s what I call relief.

And I knew I had to get the word out.

With the help of my team at NorthStar Nutritionals, we turned this discovery into a custom solution – and made it even better with more of the well-rounded, well-researched nutrients you need to maintain your peeing power.

So if you’re ready to help put an end to the middle of the night madness, this is where you should start.

Introducing ProTeva Plus:
The formula for perfect peeing power

Let me show you how this patented solution works differently from anything else you’ve probably tried before...

And how that difference can change everything for you.

ProTeva Plus has three natural superstars that have been used for centuries to keep the kidneys, bladder and prostate in tip-top shape. I call them the Perfect Power Players – because they help keep your entire “pee system” running smoothly at all hours.

In other words, they could help you get rid of that “Grandma bladder.”

The first Power Player I’m talking about is the most important herb for urinary health in India.

It’s been around for at least 3,000 years and men in India still rely on it today.

It’s called three-leaf caper, and here’s why I like it.

You can use it to help keep the bladder muscles strong, and that could help you fight off the “never empty” feeling... the one that sends you running back to the men’s room again and again.

With strong bladder muscles, you have more control to pump pee out of your body.

Sounds pretty good, right? Well that’s not all.

Power Player #2 helps beef up your entire urinary system...and that helps keep your bladder and kidneys toned and doing their jobs just the way they should be.

It’s an herb known as horsetail. It’s been on God’s green earth practically since the beginning of time... but we didn’t know what it could do until the last few centuries or so.

Horsetail is traditionally used for bladder control and is known for its soothing effect on the urinary tract.

That could help keep you out of the bathroom.

Power Player #3 is a reliable herb for kidney health and urinary function in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It’s called Lindera Root and it’s been used for thousands of years.

That’s the kind of track record I like to see.

The thing is, with each birthday you celebrate, your kidneys are a year older too. You may find that they need a little extra support and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But even though it’s a perfectly natural part of doesn’t have to slow you down. Especially when it’s so easy to get that extra support with ProTeva Plus.

It could be all you need to keep your urinary system “Schwarzenegger strong”...and enjoy perfectly normal peeing for years to come.

But to make this formula even better, we didn’t stop there.

You see, even though I’m warning you that your prostate might NOT be the only cause of your peeing problems...

It still deserves your attention.

So let me show you what ProTeva Plus can do for your prostate health.

Now, I know what you might be thinking:

“Look doc, I tried saw palmetto for my prostate before and I was really disappointed”...

But please hear me out...because if it didn’t work for you before, there could be a good reason.

You see, the most effective part of the herb is the fruit. Not the stem or the leaves. I won’t make this too technical, but if you want to get the active need an extract that’s been standardized in a certain way.

ProTeva Plus uses what I consider to be a gold standard extract of saw palmetto. It’s a specialized fruit extract that’s highly standardized to have 85%–90% fatty acids and sterols. And that’s why I recommend it.

But impostors do exist, so you have to be alert.

And like Walter Ebersole wrote to me from Syracuse, New York...

“100% no doubt ProTeva Plus is the real thing.
My problem is solved.”

The high-caliber extract in ProTeva Plus has been studied over the past 20 years, and the results have been published in scientific journals for all the world to see.

Men who took this extract helped maintain healthy urinary flow, timing and urgency – and they fared better than men who took a placebo.

It was also shown to help the bladder empty normally and completely.

So you won’t have to rush off to the men’s room as much.

But that’s not all we did to supercharge ProTeva Plus.

These next superstars are the “4 must-haves for every macho man,” starting with...

The Great Prostate Protector and “Sex Mineral”

I’m talking about zinc, the most macho mineral I know.

You need it to keep up your levels of testosterone, the ultimate machismo booster.

Plus, your body stores more zinc in your prostate than anywhere else. No wonder it has a reputation as a prostate protector and “sex mineral.”

Next up is a powerful mineral with Ivy League backup that shows why – as a man – you need this!

It’s selenium.

I recommend it to EVERY man because it’s been linked to bladder, prostate and immune health. I believe it’s critical to keep things running smoothly below the belt.

But if you don’t want to take my word for it...
Take Harvard’s...

When Harvard researchers tracked 33,737 men between the ages of 40 and 75, they found something pretty interesting. Men with the highest selenium levels had the healthiest prostates!

The great minds at Yale and Johns Hopkins have found this connection too.

Plus, selenium can boost your body’s antioxidant power—and that helps keep your cells healthy and protected from free radical damage.

Here’s something else you probably didn’t expect to help you out in the peeing department:

The almighty tomato – a free-radical-crushing superfruit.

You see, tomatoes are jam-packed with antioxidants like beta-carotene, tocopherols, and lycopene, and they’ve been linked to prostate health.

Once again, the geniuses at Harvard crunched the numbers for us...and in a study of over 47,000 men, those who ate more tomatoes—from sauces to sandwiches and even ketchup—had better prostate health.

That’s why we use a patent-protected tomato extract in ProTeva Plus. And it comes from certified non-GMO tomatoes, so you get a truly natural antioxidant boost.

I also made sure ProTeva Plus comes in softgels. The nutrients inside are in their concentrated liquid form. That means they’re easier to absorb, so you can get the benefits faster.

To end the all-night dribbles, you need to take control of your peeing problems...and every little bit counts.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you could be feeling relief, just like Harry Nelson, who told me:

“Overall I felt there was an improvement after 2 weeks. This seems to be working better than other products I've tried.”

And Gary Nunley, who wrote in to say:

“After one month of use I feel that my bladder overall is better and my frequency has reduced.”

And you could get that “finally empty” feeling, like Daniel Petersen did:

“My nighttime urination has decreased and I am not getting up as much as I was.
Just once a night after one month. Now my bladder seems empty when I finish
and I don't have to get up again!”

Remember, your body may respond a little differently, and the time it takes to see results like these may be different, too.

I developed this formula for prostate and urinary health – and it’s great to hear these personal experiences from men who use it.

You deserve relief like this too, and now it’s easy to get it...

Can you remember the last time you slept soundly without those middle of the night “wake-up calls”? What about the last time you woke up energized...feeling absolutely, 100% supercharged?

Or the last time you made it through the day without that “I’m going to burst” feeling?

It’s time to put an end to your frustration... and with ProTeva Plus, you can.

Now if you’re still wondering “Can this really work for me?” I completely understand. I’ve seen a lot of men’s supplements out there that over-promise and under-deliver.

And it doesn’t surprise me. The truth is, they weren’t designed to support your bladder and kidneys and prostate quite like ProTeva Plus does.

That’s why I want to make it as easy as possible for you to experience the difference for yourself.

I’m so confident it’ll work for you, just like it has for thousands of satisfied men so far...that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

I’ll be bold enough to say that you’ll:

Get the best sleep of your life GUARANTEED...
or your money back

The only way you can know for sure is to try it.

That’s why we’re offering you the peace of mind and protection that comes with our unlimited Gold Standard Guarantee.

You MUST be 100% satisfied with the results you get from ProTeva Plus or you’ll get your money back. It’s that simple.

If for any reason you don’t feel ProTeva Plus can help you get through a movie without hitting the “pause” button (or keep you in your seat at the theater for every minute of the action)...

If you don’t experience the deep, satisfying sleep you’ve been missing...

And if you don’t get the kind of relief I’ve described here...

Just return it anytime for an easy, hassle-free refund of every penny you paid today (less shipping).

I don’t want you to feel rushed, so take as much time as you need to feel the results for yourself. But you won’t have to wait that long—some men even reported that they noticed results within the first 2 weeks.

Think of it—you could be just 2 weeks away from sleeping as soundly as Mr. Sandman himself.

Won’t that be such a relief after all the frustrating nights you’ve been putting up with this?

I don’t want to see you suffer any longer, or miss out on another night of sleep.

So if you’re ready to stop getting up at 2 a.m, 4 a.m., 6 a.m.... try ProTeva Plus right now because you have nothing to lose.

And to make sure you don’t have any make it even easier for you to try it now... I asked the folks at NorthStar Nutritionals to set up a special discount for you when you choose 3 or 6 bottles today. And with our auto-delivery service, you’ll NEVER have to pay for shipping.

Just click the button below. I recommend ordering 3 bottles right now, so you won’t miss a day while you’re first getting started. And be sure to choose our Auto Delivery Service too! This service is 100% FREE and guarantees that your price will NEVER go up* and that you’ll NEVER pay for shipping. Just as your order is about to run out, we’ll safely and securely charge the same credit card you use today and send you your next supply! It’s that simple. And if you ever wanted, you could cancel at any time, no questions asked.

ProTeva Plus is not available in any store. You can only get it through NorthStar Nutritionals, shipped right to your door.

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Plus, you’ll get an extra discount when you try 3 or even 6 bottles today...

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I can’t wait to get your e-mail telling me how well ProTeva Plus worked for you.

So if you’re ready stop answering the “call of nature” all night long...and say good-bye to the frustrating drip-drop...just click the button below and get started.

To finally getting relief,

Allan Spreen, M.D.
Chief Research Advisor
NorthStar Nutritionals

P.S. Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED, so why not give ProTeva Plus a try? That nagging urge to “go, go, go” could be GONE in as little as 2 weeks! Plus you’ll get a special discount when you select 3 or 6 bottles right now. Just click the “Order Now” button to get started.

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Allergy warning: contains soy

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"I noticed an improvement from the first week of use.  Initially I thought maybe it was psychological but a month on I am not getting out of bed at night and my daytime toilet visits have reduced."

—Brian Denny, Pittsburg, PA*


"That sense of urgency I had about 3 times a day has decreased – I think because I am exptying my bladder properly now."

—Daniel Petersen, Manchester, NH*


"After one month of use, I feel that my bladder overall is better and my frequency has reduced."

—Gary Nunley, Toledo, OH*


"Overall I felt there was an improvement after 2 weeks.  This product seems to be working better than other products I have tried."

—Harry Nelson, Plano TX*


*Individual results may vary.