Prostate Defense

Prostate Defense is designed to support prostate health. The ingredients inside promote help promote a healthy prostate size and function.

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“I have been taking Prostate Defense for about 6 months and have noticed a huge improvement in my urine stream and the ability to sleep through most of the night.”

—Ned Koerner, Santa Ana, CA*


“Within 2 weeks, I was able to sleep through the night with only one visit to the toilet.”

—Jim Ruzzo, Lake Placid, NY*


“I used to get up 8-10 times per night, but am now only getting up 2-3 times. And there’s no more stopping and starting… I’ve enjoyed a steady stream. This is definitely the best prostate solution I have tried. ”

—James Blakenship, Columbus, OH*


“I got up two to three times each night with other prostate solutions. I now sleep through the night.”

—Wayne Morrow, St. Paul, MN*


“For 8 years or so, I was taking another prostate product. However, Prostate Defense does so much more for me. I am only getting up once a night now, which is critical because I have a difficult time falling asleep once my sleep is interrupted.”

—Freddie Dungman, Utica, NY*


“After about 10 days, Prostate Defense cut my trips to the restroom in half.”

—Benjamin Ware, Essex, MD*


“Prostate Defense has worked very well! I went from having to “push to flow” to actually having a mild stream. And it only took 2-3 days to notice the difference!”

—Dave Crosby, Jacksonville, FL*


*Individual results may vary.

Allergy warning: contains soy

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