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Experience the male sexual-performance-boosting results of the ancient aphrodisiac called "Blood of the Mountain." Found only in our Prime Power supplement, this sex secret can get you back in the bedroom and enjoying the best sex you've had in years. Plus...

  • Enjoy hard erections and a sudden spike in your libido...
  • Enhance your stamina so you always finish strong...
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The sexual secrets presented in this report may cause her to become
addicted to having sex with you...

Read this short report to learn...

  • The truth about the mysterious Himalayan substance known as "Blood of the Mountain," that's been used for thousands of years to deliver rock-solid masculine energy
  • The two types of "Ginseng" that support jaw-dropping erections and a white-hot libido—one is technically not Ginseng at all!
  • Extracts from two ordinary fruits (you probably have at least one of them in the kitchen right now) that could boost physical performance, allowing you to literally give 110%

Dear Friend,

In the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal several little-known secrets of explosive sexual power—including one that’s been hiding in plain sight for over 3,000 years.

But I have to warn you of something first.

Because they can result in such an intense surge of masculine energy, using these sexual secrets may cause the woman in your life to start acting... well... a little strange.

If you take advantage of what I’m about to share with you—and notice a sudden change in her romantic behavior...

If she starts waiting on you hand and foot and treating you like a King...

Getting unusually jealous if you so much as glance at another woman...

Dressing a little sexier than normal and whispering sweet nothings in your ear...

Here’s what’s happening:

She’s becoming hopelessly addicted to having sex with you

It can happen to any woman—even shy, conservative girls. It can happen even if you’ve been married for 50 years and your sex life is on life support.

Once she experiences the mind-numbing satisfaction that comes from these sexual secrets, she’ll have a hard time thinking about anything else...

After all, when she’s lying breathless in your arms, telling you how amazing it was—and you ask if she’s ready for the “second act”...

How could she not be impressed?

When you can take her—night after night—to such intense levels of sheet-twisting pleasure... that all she can do is scream in arched-back ecstasy...

How could she not get hooked on having sex with you?

So if you’re ready, I encourage you to read the rest of this report... I promise you’ll be glad you did.

Especially if your libido’s not what it used to be, and it’s resulted in some “performance anxiety”—if you’re worried about disappointing the woman in your life—I’m going let you in on a recent breakthrough in male performance that’s GUARANTEED to take all that anxiety away.

In other words, if your sex life has gotten lukewarm—or even ice cold—it’s about to get much, much hotter.

So hot, in fact, it may seem unfair to subject her to such pure pleasure when you know she’ll get hooked. But let’s be honest...

When it comes to sex, what guy
doesn’t want an unfair advantage?

Imagine how it’ll feel to give her so much heart-pounding, thigh quaking satisfaction you’ll know—beyond a shadow of a doubt—it’s the best sex either of you have ever had...

See where I’m going with this?

But before I take it any further, I want to get something out in the open. Because I can almost hear you saying, “Oh, sure... that kind of sex would have been great—a few decades ago!”

So let me be perfectly clear... mind-blowing sex is NOT just a young man’s game.

With recent breakthroughs in our understanding of male aging... testosterone... and libido...  it’s not uncommon to have the hottest, most satisfying sexual experiences of your life... even if you’re not 21 anymore.

And if you keep reading, I’ll prove it to you.

I hear stories that make me blush—even from surprisingly young ladies—about just how incredible sex can be with an older man... as long as he has what it takes.

So what does it take to deliver that rock star performance she’ll be dishing to her friends about after a glass of wine?

It really comes down to two things.

  • The skills that come with practice. (There’s nothing like being with a man who knows what he’s doing, who knows how to take his time and treat a girl right...)
  • The desire, drive, and stamina to devastate her with nonstop waves of pleasure.

Obviously, that’s where guys start to have problems as they get along in years.

Luckily, that’s exactly what this presentation is all about.

Hi, I’m Olivia Grant for NorthStar Nutritionals. What I’m about to share with you is the mind-bending truth about a 3,000 year old sexual secret—a secret so powerful, the select few men who know about it routinely risk their lives just to get their hands on it.

If you’re reading this presentation, you’re part of a select group of men who are learning about this before it becomes a mainstream sensation.

This secret has gone by many names over the centuries. Some call it...

Blood of the Mountain

And you’ll see why in just a moment.

It’s a little-known natural substance that’s been used by elite men for thousands of years to reverse the effects of aging, and revitalize their sexual energy.

No one knows for sure who first discovered it in modern times. Legend has it that the first westerner to learn about it was a British mountaineer and explorer by the name of Sir Martin Edward Stanley.

Stanley was exploring the Himalayan Mountains back in the 1870s. His discovery began when he noticed something very peculiar about the monkeys in those mountains...

Let me explain.

See, Stanley had spent many years exploring India and Nepal, and he was used to seeing monkeys all over the place. He knew that in any group of monkeys, there were always a few older males with thinning gray hair and weak, slow bodies.

But that’s what made these monkeys so unusual.

They ALL looked and acted like energetic youngsters... every last one of them! No matter how he searched, he couldn’t find a gray-haired, slow moving monkey anywhere.

When he asked the local villagers about it, they responded like the answer was common knowledge...

‘The monkeys drink Blood of the Mountain,’ they said. ‘It keeps them young.’

When Stanley asked what they meant, one of the villagers led him back up the mountain, and told him to bring his rappelling gear...

They trekked high into the frigid peaks... then rappelled down a sheer cliff... to a particular spot where, according to the villager, the Blood of the Mountain could be found.

The villager pointed to a dark, thick substance squeezing out of cracks in the rock. “This is Blood of the Mountain,” he said.

And according to him, it wasn’t only good for monkeys. He said the leaders of his village would literally...

Scrape this off the rocks and eat it
for explosive sexual energy

I’m sure Stanley was skeptical to say the least. He probably thought this guy was out of his mind.

But the villager was very clear: his ancestors had been using Blood of the Mountain for hundreds of years to stay young, boost their libido, revitalize their energy, and live longer, healthier lives.

They considered it a gift from the gods.

Little did Stanley know he had just stumbled onto a sexual breakthrough thousands of years in the making...

See, the legend of Blood of the Mountain is much older—and much more intriguing—than he could have known.

As it turns out, this strange substance has been slowly oozing out of certain rock formations in the Himalaya for thousands of years.

Each time it becomes available, in-the-know men clamor to get their hands on it—scaling the icy mountains and putting their lives at risk. It was so highly prized, it became a closely guarded secret of several ancient cultures.

In fact, Blood of the Mountain may be the hidden source of power behind some of history’s most aggressive and ambitious men...

Now, you won’t find this in the history books, and nobody knows for sure. But legend has it that Alexander the Great took Blood of the Mountain himself, and added it to the rations of his top generals...

And it’s believed that Genghis Kahn, one of the most feared men in history, used Blood of the Mountain during his conquest of Northern China...

But that’s not all. Blood of the Mountain may also be...

of the culture that literally
wrote the book on hot sex

I’m sure you’ve heard of the ancient Indian book of sexual techniques known as the Kama Sutra...

But did you know that the secret behind the sexual prowess of Kama Sutra masters... may have been Blood of the Mountain?

Mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures, rumor has it that Blood of the Mountain is what fueled their bodies to reach new levels of sexual energy...

To the ancient Indians—and other ancient cultures—it was the key to a mind-blowing sex life.

But they ALWAYS kept it to themselves.

And for those of us in America, it’s been nothing more than a tantalizing mystery.

Until now.

The researchers at NorthStar Nutritionals have been in contact with a scientist who’s spent years scouring the Himalaya, searching for Blood of the Mountain.

And not long ago, he found it. Now...

After thousands of years of secrecy, rumor and myth...
a limited supply of actual
Blood of the Mountain
is available to you...

I’ll give you the details in just a minute. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

At this point, you’re probably wondering...

What on earth is it?

And I don’t blame you. After all, we’re talking about a thick, tar-like substance that’s scraped off of rocks...

But now that the researchers are able to analyze samples of Blood of the Mountain (or shilajit, as it’s called in Sanskrit) in a modern laboratory, they’re finally beginning to unravel the mystery.

The results are only adding fuel to the fire of excitement surrounding this strange substance. When it’s put under the microscope of modern science, shilajit is...

Living up to the legends... AND THEN SOME

Although scientists still haven’t agreed on exactly how it’s created, it’s believed to be formed when ancient marine organisms are trapped between layers of rock and squeezed under many tons of pressure.

The result is a sort of highly concentrated “super supplement” that contains antioxidants, fulvic acid, and important trace elements in natural proportions.

So they began studying its effect on the body. And as you’re about to see...

The Himalayan villagers that consider it a gift from
the gods may be on to something...

In one animal study, it’s already shown impressive results... including increased testosterone and fertility in rats...

But the first human study is where it gets really interesting...

The study involved guys who took shilajit for 90 days. And the results were very promising. Compared to their starting levels, shilajit...

  • amplified their sperm production...
  • jacked up total sperm count...
  • and boosted free testosterone

Plus... 4 of the study participants got their wives pregnant during the study!

Talk about boosting “manpower!”

Now, it’s important to note that this was a preliminary trial with no placebo group, and we need more research before we know exactly what shilajit can do biologically.

And you can bet more of this stunning sex research is in the works. So be on the lookout for shilajit in the headlines as scientists continue to prove its sex-enhancing properties.

But why wait? You’re about to learn how to feel the raw power of Blood of the Mountain for yourself—before the mainstream catches up.

And the best part is—you don’t have to rappel down a cliff to get it! The folks at NorthStar Nutritionals have gone to great lengths to secure a limited supply just for you.

And they went one step further. They made it the centerpiece of a breakthrough male performance formula that’s poised to make everything else obsolete.

It’s called Prime Power, and it’s packed with purified shilajit harvested from the Himalayan Mountains.

And as you’ll see in the next few minutes, that’s just the beginning. Prime Power charges you up with not one... not two... but THREE MORE sex-boosting breakthroughs.

Because as amazing as shilajit is for dialing up your masculine energy, there’s something else you’ll need to give her the best sex of her life...

Eye-popping, jaw dropping,

Pardon me for being a little forward, but you know it’s true.

So can you honestly say that your erections are impressive? Do they make her swoon in dropped-jaw lust?

You know what I mean... that sudden look of naughty excitement that lets you know she’s ready for you...

Not to mention the unbreakable confidence you get when you can just feel that your erection is “in it to win it”...

There’s simply no such thing as great sex without powerful erections. That’s why Prime Power includes a...

“Double shot” of erection-supporting Ginseng...

...That blasts right past the cheap imitations to give you the only two kinds of Ginseng you need (although one is technically not Ginseng at all—more on that in a minute).

It starts with a potent dose of Korean Red Ginseng. This is the time-tested erection-supporting herb from Asia. It’s been used for thousands of years—and studied in multiple randomized, controlled trials.

The results are undeniable—Ginseng excels at supporting erections—naturally.

So even if your erections are already impressive, Korean Red Ginseng could take them to a stunning new level of rigidity. Translation? Get ready for “rocket burst” orgasms like nothing you’ve ever felt before...

Sounds good, right?

And Prime Power also includes...

Malaysia’s best-kept secret:
The “other” Ginseng

It’s known as Malaysian Ginseng for its libido-boosting traditional uses, but it’s not related to Asian ginseng. Its real name is Eurycoma Longifolia, or Long Jack.

But the question is... if it can turn you into a headboard-rocking stud, do you really care what it’s called?

That’s what I thought!

Long Jack is a shrub that grows wild in the forests of Malaysia, where it has a long history of use as an aphrodisiac. And get this—a study from Malaysia’s University of Pharmaceutical Sciences supports its libido-boosting traditional use... and the researchers weren’t using ordinary lab rats. Nope. They used, and I quote, “sexually sluggish old male rats”!

If it can help rats that are clinically old and sluggish, just imagine what it can do for you... especially when combined with Korean Ginseng and Blood of the Mountain...

Imagine what’ll happen the first time she feels your new “manpower”... watching her eyes go wide as she gasps with surprise... hearing the sexy sounds she makes as she takes in all the pleasure... feeling her skin flush with desire as she presses hard against you...

Are you starting to see why I’m so excited about Prime Power?

I hope so, because I’m not finished with you yet. There’s one more piece of the puzzle we haven’t put in...

“carry her over the threshold”

Now don’t get me wrong, roaring libido and powerful erections are important.

Really important.

But they won’t do you (or her) any good if you don’t have enough energy to “cross the finish line”...

And trust me... when you’re having the hottest sex of your life... the kind of sex that unleashes her inner naughty girl...

You’ll want to make sure you have the “athletic ability” to make it last as long as you can.

Any woman will tell you... those last few moments of your performance could mean the difference between a “bedroom flop”... and an earth-shattering climax that leaves her in awe of your sexual power...

So for Prime Power to deliver real sexual support, it has to support your stamina too.

You could settle for stimulants like caffeine, yerba mate, or guarana... but the effects wear off in a hurry and leave you with a crippling crash.

And what if the crash comes while you’re still having your fun?

Well recently the NorthStar Nutritionals research team discovered an exciting new alternative. It’s a proprietary blend of two fruit extracts that could enhance your physical performance, in effect teaching your body...

How to give 110%...

It’s called Vinitrox, and get this... the two fruits are not some exotic jungle berries... they’re regular apple and grape!

I bet you had no idea there were compounds in these humble fruits with the potential to boost your performance.

But it’s true—Vinitrox delivers a heaping helping of the antioxidant compounds from apple and grape called polyphenols. And in one study, active men given Vinitrox before a physical endurance test lasted 110% as long before they tired out, compared to a placebo.

So when you’re riding out those last few passionate moments... you can be sure you have what it takes to go the distance.

See, Prime Power was created with one goal in mind—to give you everything you need for a peak sexual experience—regardless of how long it’s been.

So get ready to shake off that performance anxiety—step into the bedroom surging with confidence—and never worry about letting her down again...

And once you reignite the white-hot passion in your relationship—don’t be surprised if she starts doing things in the bedroom she’s never done before.

Because every woman has desires she’s either too shy—or too embarrassed—to talk about openly. But trust me...

She’s desperately waiting for you
to unleash her wildest fantasies

And Prime Power gives you the desire... the drive... the energy and stamina to tap into those deep fantasies and bring them to life.

Soon you’ll be feeling like a brand new man—in and out of the bedroom! Because the confidence you get from satisfying her deepest sexual desires will be oozing from your pores.

You’ll have twinkle in your eye and an undeniable SWAGGER... you’ll start to radiate that “alpha male” quality that all women find irresistible...

The result? She may be so turned on by your mere presence that you don’t even make it to the bedroom...

I think you get the idea.

It’s all possible with the never-before-seen support of Prime Power. And right now, I’m offering you a chance to experience it for yourself.

And I really want you to take advantage of my offer.

I’d hate to see you squander your sexual potential—just because conventional wisdom says you’re “past your prime”.

With Prime Power, I’m handing you...

A first-class ticket to

...One that’s steamier and more playful than anything you could imagine...

But maybe you’re still wondering, “Can this really work for ME? It’s been a long while since we had hot, passionate sex...”

I want you to know that I completely understand if you’re skeptical.

But one night is all it’s going to take—one wild night of mind-numbing pleasure—and you’ll think back to this moment and be so glad you decided to give Prime Power a try.

So the only question you have to ask yourself is...

Will you tell her... or keep it a secret?

Because the first time she collapses in your arms... sweaty... panting... dazed by shuddering waves of pleasure... she’s going to demand to know what’s gotten into you.

You can tell her about Prime Power if you want... or you could just keep it a secret. Leave her wondering where all this mind-blowing sexual energy is coming from...

Won’t that be fun?

Now I don’t want to ruin the mood—I’m sure that right now, you’re imagining all the steamy possibilities—and trust me, I’m right there with you...

But here’s the thing—I’m going to need you to act fast. Blood of the Mountain is not like other breakthroughs. It doesn’t grow on trees—it’s formed over hundreds of years inside the Himalayan Mountains. And once word starts to spread that it’s available in the US, demand is sure to skyrocket.

So please hurry. You don’t want some other guy’s wife to have all the fun, do you?

In fact, if I were you, I’d order at least a 3-month supply. Not only will you lock in your Prime Power before word gets out and the “feeding frenzy” begins... you’ll also save a lot of money thanks to our multi-bottle discount.

And if you decide it’s not for you, you can always return the extra bottles for a full refund (less shipping). In fact, with NorthStar Nutritionals Gold Standard Guarantee, every last bottle of Prime Power is backed by this unconditional money back promise.

But however much you choose to order today, please... don’t keep me waiting. You’ll see a button below—click it to take the next step.

It’s quick and easy—plus, when you order today, you’ll be eligible for a FREE membership in our Auto Delivery Service! It’s an ultra-convenient service we set up to make reordering super easy—and it’ll save you a bunch of money, too. Here’s how it works...

Just as you’re about to finish off your first shipment, the same order you place today will be recharged to your credit card, and a fresh supply of Prime Power will arrive like magic—just in time for more bedroom adventures. And you’ll NEVER be charged for the shipping.

I don’t know how I could make it any easier for you!

And don’t worry—we take strict precautions for privacy—Prime Power will always arrive in discreet packaging. No matter how nosy your neighbors are, you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out. And you can cancel or reschedule your deliveries at anytime.

No hassle, no fuss... just exactly what you need for PEAK SEX!

So I urge you to click the button below right now. Your new sexual prime is waiting on the other side...

Still skeptical? If I haven’t convinced you by now, maybe I never will. So please, don’t take my word for it... JUST TRY IT! You have to FEEL the sex-surging results of Prime Power to know they’re possible.

And if you’re not blown away... just return it for a full refund (less shipping).

You have absolutely nothing to lose (except a lackluster sex life). And you stand to gain the most intense, pleasurable experiences you’ve ever had! What are you waiting for!?

To MORE and BETTER sex,

Olivia Grant
NorthStar Nutritionals

P.S. This is exclusive information... Once word gets out that Blood of the Mountain has been found, there’s sure to be a feeding frenzy. You don’t want some other guy’s wife to have all the fun, do you? Don’t miss out on this!

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“I really like Prime Power. It boosts my libido and ability to stay erect.”

—Troy Stoyle, Edison, NJ*


“I’ve tried many other sex products, and Prime Power is the best I’ve come across.”

—James Winter, Hastings, NE*


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