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Ultra Vital Gold

Ultra Vital Gold

Discover the age-fighting power of “Membrane Regeneration” and start turning back the clock TODAY...

In the fight against old age, your cell membranes are the battle-scarred front lines. These thin, delicate membranes break down as you get older, and that’s the REAL reason for the most notorious aspects of aging...

But right now, you can start to hit the brakes on this downhill slide. And that could help you...

  • Keep your brain firing on all cylinders so you can “forget” about embarrassing senior moments...
  • Keep your heart strong, so you can relax and enjoy each day...
  • Keep your vision bright, clear, and “High Definition” so you don’t miss out on the good things in life...

And so much more...

Because Dr. Douglass has finally achieved what was once thought to be impossible... an age-fighting substance he calls a “Membrane Regeneration Compound.” Some have called it...

The Antidote to Aging

Because it nourishes and revitalizes your worn-out cell membranes like never before. From firm, supple skin to smooth, comfortable joints... from a razor-sharp mind to a strong, reliable heart... Dr. Douglass’s Membrane Regeneration Compound is the key to the energetic, youthful feeling you’ve been missing...

And Dr. Douglass is making this breakthrough available to YOU—in an exclusive anti-aging formula. It’s called Ultra Vital Gold, and it uses the power of super-antioxidant astaxanthin to recharge your worn-out cell membranes...

But astaxanthin is only step one. Ultra Vital Gold is a signature combination of membrane-supporting nutrients, and each one helps you look and feel younger than you ever dreamed possible.

But don’t take my word for it—click here to see what real people are saying about Ultra Vital Gold.

Or better yet—TRY IT NOW! Ultra Vital Gold is backed by Dr. Douglass’ ULTIMATE GUARANTEE—so you don’t risk a penny when you order today. If you’re not blown away by the anti-aging power of Membrane Regeneration, just send it back for a complete refund of the purchase price.

Check out the discounts available below—there’s never been a better time to try Ultra Vital Gold!


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Has this 87-year-old “medical maverick” created


This controversial doctor’s youth-promoting formula contains clinically tested breakthroughs to help keep your vision sharp...
your brain quick... your heart strong...
and add healthy, happy years to your life...

Dear Just-Getting-Started Friend,

“I just feel much healthier...”
—Oliver from Wyoming

“I definitely notice more energy...*”
—Missy Handler from Oregon

“It keeps me surfing at 63!”
—Randy Owens from California

“I seem to be getting younger!”
—Jared from Maryland

“No one believes I’m 72!”
—Laura Sawyer from New York

*Results may vary. Ultra Vital Gold is formulated to support overall health and well-being.

I’m Dr. Bill Douglass, and those are just a few of the 12,390 real people who’ve discovered a new way to feel young, sharp, and rarin’ to go...

They look better, feel better, and have more FUN than most folks their age can dream.

But they’re not why I created this report. I’m here today for YOU—to alert you of a monumental breakthrough in the science of youth.

Because even though this story should be front-page news, chances are...

You won’t hear about this

Not from mainstream health news... and certainly not from your doctor...

Because what you’re about to learn flies in the face of what they thought they knew about aging. It’s a cutting-edge approach to reclaiming your youth, and it does something once thought to be impossible...

It regenerates the one key part of your body that makes you grow old. I’ll tell you what that is in just a minute. I guarantee it’s not what you think.

But by rebuilding this one specific “aging center” in your body, you can do some AMAZING things...

Imagine yourself enjoying boundless energy... revving up your brainpower... protecting your crystal clear vision... keeping a strong, reliable heart... firming up sagging skin... keeping your joints smooth and comfortable...

You’re about to learn the secret.

Of course, it sounds too good to be true, right? How is any of this possible?

Well, look at it this way... You know how you’re always hearing little tidbits on the news or in a magazine—about how to improve your health and live longer? Like a certain food that enhances your eyesight... or a surprising way to improve your heart health... or a nutrient that increases your brainpower...

You see that kind of stuff all the time. There’s no way you could possibly keep track of it all, let alone implement all of it in your daily life.

But what if someone followed ALL that research—for decades—dug deep into the science behind it—and discovered an astonishing hidden connection? Like a golden thread connecting every worthwhile anti-aging discovery from the last 100 years?

What if this hidden connection shined a light on the REAL reason your body gets old? And led to a new way to SLOW or even STOP IT?

My friend, that’s exactly what happened... And the result has surpassed even my own lofty expectations...

In some circles, it’s being called

Imagine waking up every morning feeling better than you felt the day before...

That may sound like a pipe dream—but remember the folks you read about at the beginning of this report? They’re living, breathing examples of that dream coming true.

Read the rest of this short report, and you could be next.

Once you see the power of this scientific breakthrough, you’ll understand how it makes such a positive difference in their lives. And you’ll see why I can confidently guarantee it’ll do the same you.

But I’ve gotta warn you—this will be unlike anything you’ve tried before.  

It’s a combination of nutrients that you’ll recognize as something NEW—even before you feel the results. In fact, the first time you see it, you’ll wonder...

“WHOA! What’s in this stuff?!”

See, when the proper forms of these nutrients are combined in just the right proportions, they take on a striking color. It’s a rich golden-orange—the color of a fiery sunrise...

It’s almost like looking at the glow of pure youth...

That, my friend, is the color of a GAME-CHANGING breakthrough. It’s something I’ve been working towards for decades... and it’s finally here.

It’s called a Membrane Regeneration Compound—or MRC.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that you can live forever, or that you’ll suddenly start “aging in reverse.” You know better than that. But I will say this with complete confidence:

Membrane Regeneration is the biggest breakthrough in anti-aging since
the discovery of antioxidants.

And it can absolutely transform the way you look and feel and the way you live your life.

But I’m already getting ahead of myself.

You’re probably wondering what the heck a Membrane Regeneration Compound is, and how it can change your life...

I’ll tell you all about that, but first let me ask you a question.

When it comes to aging...

What’s the single most important
part of your body?

Your brain, right?... Or maybe your heart?...

Close, but not quite.


Surprised?... If I’ve learned one thing from decades of research, it’s that...

Your cell membranes are the FRONT LINES
in your battle against old age

Think of your cell membranes like the thin layer surrounding an egg yolk. As long as it stays intact, everything’s great. But if it takes even a tiny bit of damage, you’ve got a mess on your hands...

And to make matters worse, your cell membranes are made of fats called lipids—which are VERY delicate. They’re sensitive to all kinds of threats—toxins, free radicals, radiation, even just poor nutrition, and plain old TIME.

As you get older, the stress to your cell membranes takes a toll. They lose their elasticity and get rigid—which makes you even more vulnerable.

Imagine an egg yolk surrounded by a wafer-thin sheet of glass...

Sounds pretty fragile, right?

Picture your body made up of trillions of these fragile little things...

You already know what it feels like. But if you want to see this process in action, just leave a ripe banana sitting out on the counter for a week. First there are a few brown spots, and then things go downhill fast.

That’s a clear picture of cell membranes breaking down...

Now think about what happens to YOU as you age.

Notice any similarities? That’s NOT a coincidence...

It’s the same thing that’s happening to your body as we speak!


You can start to slam the brakes on this
destructive process RIGHT NOW...

Because the BIG BREAKTHROUGH—Membrane Regeneration Compounds—have components that nourish and protect your cell membranes—like never before.

That means you could SEE the difference in the visible signs of aging... and you could FEEL the difference where it really counts.

That includes...

  • Your brain—MRCs (Membrane Regeneration Compounds) contain a specific combination of brain-targeted nutrients. Studies suggest these nutrients can actually regenerate stiff, aging brain cells. So you’ll keep remembering names and places without a moment’s hesitation—and you never have to be embarrassed in conversation!

AND MRCs work WONDERS for...

  • Your heart—By helping to keep cholesterol from oxidizing in your bloodstream, nutrients in MRCs could help you maintain the foundation of cardiovascular health. In fact, all it took in one study was 8 mg a day of this particular nutrient, which I’ll reveal in just a minute. But we’re just getting started...

MRCs also pack powerful benefits for...

  • Your eyes—MRCs (Membrane Regeneration Compounds) contain one nutrient that in vitro research suggests can actually support aging eye tissue. That means you can continue to read crossword clues, see the buttons on the remote control, read medicine labels, and even drive safely at night...

AND MRCs also support...

  • Your skin—A study done by a manufacturer of this very special nutrient showed that it helps support your skin’s elasticity, moisture content, and firmness—and another  study showed it may actually help support your skin’s natural defenses against sun exposure from the inside out! 

And I can’t forget the powerful benefits to...

  • Your joints—by supporting healthy levels of inflammation, compounds in MRCs could help keep your joints smooth and comfortable. That means you can keep dancing... golfing... gardening... traveling... and generally doing whatever you darn well please!

And to be candid, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Membrane Regeneration Compounds. Because they help to rebuild the one part of your body that really makes you grow old, they put control of the aging process in YOUR hands.

Imagine blowing out the candles on your 103rd birthday, feeling fantastic... and joyfully looking forward to another decade or two... tennis anyone?

It’s really not that far-fetched anymore!

So what exactly are Membrane Regeneration Compounds? And how do they transform the way you feel every day?

Here’s the simplest way to understand it:

Membrane Regeneration Compounds are

Because they recharge your aging, worn-out cell membranes with a precise combination of nutrients they’ve been starving for.

That means you could maintain a quick, reliable brain... unstoppable heart... and “high definition” vision... that let you fully enjoy every moment of your life.

Isn’t it great when one thing takes care of so many of your biggest concerns?

That’s why I believe Membrane Regeneration Compounds will change your life.

And this decades-in-the-making breakthrough began with one heck of a POWER-PACKED nutrient.

It’s one of the most potent carotenoid antioxidants ever discovered—and it’s the foundation of the MRC breakthrough—ASTAXANTHIN.

If you’re especially health-savvy, you may have heard about astaxanthin. Maybe you’ve tried it before.

But one thing is certain—you’ve yet to feel its true power. Because until now, this natural wonder has never been used to its full potential.

You’re about to discover how astaxanthin was the key to unlocking the breakthrough known as membrane regeneration...

But more importantly, astaxanthin could help you...

✔ Stay YOUNG AT HEARTwith cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides that all behave beautifully (this was demonstrated in MULTIPLE animal studies!)...

Astaxanthin could help...

KEEP YOUR MIND IN TIP-TOP SHAPE—so you can keep track of names, birthdays, and appointments like a PRO...

Astaxanthin also helps...

✔PROTECT YOUR VISIONby shielding your eyes from free radicals...

And so much more...

See, ever since astaxanthin burst onto the scene, it’s created a little bit of a frenzy.

Health-savvy folks have been swallowing it by the fistful. Who doesn’t want to cheat time and get that energetic, youthful feeling?

But I’ve got some bad news for them—they got duped.

It’s not that astaxanthin isn’t AMAZING—it is.

But the astaxanthin some people are using is—quite simply—INFERIOR.

Let me show you what I mean.

The best astaxanthin comes from algae grown in controlled conditions in the Israeli desert and processed to perfection.

These tiny marine critters are just chock full of raw, potent astaxanthin.

If you ask me, they’re one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind...

But, as the old saying goes, God knows how to put a proper price on his treasures. And the hard part comes when you try to get the astaxanthin OUT of the algae.

It’s all sealed inside thick cell walls that are tough to bust open.

So some folks take the easy way out—they get their astaxanthin from animals that eat the algae—like lobsters and shrimp. But to do that, they have to douse them in a chemical bath that breaks everything down into a sort of chemical soup.

Then they go back and try to separate the astaxanthin from the mess. What they end up with is a damaged, INFERIOR form.

That ain’t gonna cut it, friend. If you want to replenish your cell membranes, you need to...

Feel the pure, potent power
of “top shelf” astaxanthin

After all, you want to stack healthy, happy, FUN FILLED years onto your life, right?

You want to wake up every morning more energetic and more alive...

You want to live your life the way YOU want... get outside, feel the sunshine, breathe the free air, and do something FUN...

Wouldn’t you agree?

So for you, I secured a special stash of astaxanthin that’s a cut above the rest.

Instead of solvents and chemicals, my secret source uses a high-tech process called Supercritical CO2 Extraction.

I won’t bore you with the details of this patented extraction process—because it is complicated. But suffice it to say, the only chemical it uses is CO2—the same stuff you exhale with every breath.

And the result is perfect, pristine astaxanthin.

Everything else is bathtub gin—our nutrient is a 12-year-old single malt...

And its unique molecular structure allows it to fight free radicals inside your cell membranes. Do that, and you’ve just neutralized one of the biggest threats to your youthfulness.

And you’re well on your way to full-blown membrane regeneration. That means astaxanthin will help...

“De-age” your body in a way
you can actually feel

And the growing mountain of research shows that it supports just about every part of a youthful body:  a healthy heart... crystal-clear vision... smooth joints... a razor-sharp mind... and more.

I could go on and on, but... what does it feel like?

Picture yourself waking up with a sunrise beaming through the curtains. As you stand up and stretch your arms out, you can’t help but smile... because gosh darn it, you feel fantastic.

You can’t wait to grab this day by the horns, slash through your to-do list, and run all your errands.

And you know you’ll have plenty of energy left over to hit the links, go for a long walk, or just hang out with your family...

And speaking of your family and friends, they notice the difference immediately. They wonder what’s gotten into you. They say you seem... sharper...quicker...more “with it”... and they swear you look different, too...

And they’re not the only ones who notice. Your doctor is floored by how quickly you’ve reclaimed your youth. He just smiles and tells you to “keep up the good work!”

That’s the kind of day you can look forward to—EVERY day—with premium astaxanthin working in your favor.

It’s a powerful weapon in your battle against Father Time. And you know what?

That old s.o.b.
won’t know what hit him.

That’s why astaxanthin is such a BIG part of my groundbreaking anti-aging formula.

And since “Membrane Regeneration Compound” sounds a little bit technical, I call the formula Ultra Vital Gold. And I guarantee it will help you...

Feel Like a Million Bucks
without spending a million bucks

But keep in mind, 4 mg of premium astaxanthin was just “step one” in the MRC breakthrough.

It’s pretty impressive on its own, but it does have some limitations. Like a lot of antioxidants, your body sometimes has a hard time absorbing astaxanthin. That means you may not get the most out of this incredible compound.

But what if you could combine it with a natural “delivery system?” Something that helps rocket it deep into the parts of your body where you need it most?

And what if this same “delivery system” had been shown—on its own—to help nourish brain cells... protect your heart... maintain your vision... and maybe even elevate your mood?

It’s no fantasy. In fact, I can almost guarantee you already know what I’m talking about.

But I can promise you one thing—this is...

A whole new frontier for the
Critical OMEGA-3s

Let me explain.

Remember how your cell membranes are made up of fats? Well lipids like the Omega fats EPA and DHA are those fats. So when you take EPA and DHA, you’re literally giving yourself the building blocks of brand new cell membranes.

That’s why I’ve been recommending EPA and DHA for years—your worn-out cell membranes are STARVING for these critical Omega-3 fats!

But here’s what’s REALLY exciting...

When you combine EPA and DHA with astaxanthin, those building blocks for your new cell membranes are already “loaded” with a powerful age-fighting nutrient.

The result?

Your cell membranes rebuild themselves with
anti-aging compounds BUILT IN

That’s what makes MRCs such a game-changer.

Trust me, friend... at 87 years old, I feel better than I have in a long time. And I get letters every day from folks who try it and can’t believe the results...

The natural compounds inside an MRC seem to “know” where you need them most—your brain, your heart, your eyes, your skin—or all of the above... They flood in to those age-worn areas and immediately start rewinding the clock...

So do me a favor. Imagine—for just a minute—that you’re 25 years old.

What’s the first thing you’d do?

Would you take off down the street in a full sprint, just to feel the wind in your face?

Would you hop in the car and make a beeline for the nearest beach?

Would you lay a passionate kiss on your sweetheart?

It’s worth thinking about, because when you take advantage of the MRC breakthrough, you’ll wake up one morning very soon feeling unbelievably youthful.

And you know what? The combination of EPA, DHA and astaxanthin is only PART of what makes Membrane Regeneration such a massive success.

When considering whether to add this next natural wonder to the MRC breakthrough, I asked myself an easy question...

Could 5,900 studies...
and over a BILLION Indian people...
...really be WRONG?

It’s powerful...

It’s from India...

It’s been the subject of more than five thousand research studies, and it’s got a track record of over 3,500 years of use in Indian traditional medicine and cooking...

I’m talking about curcumin, the active ingredient in the curry spice turmeric.

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about curcumin?

How it’s showing incredible potential in cardiovascular health, brain support, liver function, vision support, and a whole lot more?...

But... have you ever tried it with astaxanthin, EPA and DHA?

When you do, you’re going to be AMAZED at how great you look and feel. Your worn-out cell membranes will get a sudden shot of youthfulness...

And that’s something you’ll feel from head to toe!

And some exciting new research shows curcumin is especially important for your brain.

Ever notice yourself feeling blue more than you used to? Do people call you grouchy? Do you sometimes just “lose track” during a conversation?

Then you’re in luck...

Because this hot-off-the-presses research shows it plain as day: 1000 mg a day of curcumin may help elevate your mood.

It works by reducing oxidative stress in your brain cells.

Now, oxidative stress is bad news anywhere in your body—but it can spell real trouble in your brain cells. It contributes to that all-too-familiar age-related memory decline.

Can’t you just picture your critical brain cells slowly shriveling up and wasting away? That’s what oxidative stress can do—and that could be the reason for the blue moods AND forgetfulness that increase with age...

But by reducing that oxidative stress, the 500 mg of curcumin in Ultra Vital Gold can help keep your brain cells firing at lightning speed, so you’re never caught trying to talk your way out of another embarrassing “senior moment.”

And curcumin does a LOT more than just nourish your brain.

It’s also a true heart health HERO...

It helps protect your heart and blood vessels against free radicals—which I believe is the most important thing you can do to keep your heart (and brain) healthy.

Plus, one small study suggests curcumin may be able to improve HDL (good) cholesterol AND support overall levels in the normal range! That’s EXACTLY what you’re after!

Now, this is cutting-edge science, and more research is needed before the “authorities” admit how powerful this stuff is.

But curcumin is safe—they’ve been cooking with the spice it comes from—turmeric—for thousands of years in India!

So do me a favor—after a few weeks of Ultra Vital Gold, go out and enjoy a juicy rib eye—I prefer mine medium rare—and don’t let anybody give you any lip about it.

That’s the difference curcumin could make for you.

And it’s just a drop in the bucket for this spicy Indian wonder. When you combine the 500 mg of high-quality curcumin in each dose of Ultra Vital Gold with the rest of the membrane-regenerating ingredients, it can help you look and feel younger every day...  

Are you starting to see why I’m so excited for you to try Ultra Vital Gold?

Can you imagine how you’ll feel just a few short weeks from now—when the process of Membrane Regeneration starts to “de-age” your body?

Before I tell you about the very special offer available through this presentation, there’s one more element to the MRC breakthrough that you do NOT want to neglect.

Unfortunately, research shows that many Americans over 65 are not getting anywhere NEAR enough of this critical nutrient...

That’s a crying shame, because it’s one of the most powerful nutrients available for maintaining your health as you get older.

Let me show you exactly what I mean.

See, most people think it’s just another vitamin, but it’s really...

The “Master Nutrient”
your cells are craving

It’s vitamin D, and if you thought all it does is help build strong bones—prepare to be astonished.

In recent years, researchers have found vitamin D receptors in nearly every part of your body—not just your bones.

And you know where they keep finding these vitamin D receptors?


That means your cell membranes are literally HARDWIRED for vitamin D.

Makes you wonder how your “missing D” has been affecting your life, doesn’t it?

Especially when you realize that it’s a critical part of just about every process in your body. Thinking, memory, immune response, heart health, and a lot more...

So if you’ve ever felt like things just aren’t working as they should... you’ve slowed down... your memory’s not what it used to be... you’re worn out just from running a single errand...

It may not be Father Time... it could be that your cells are starving for more vitamin D.

That’s why Ultra Vital Gold delivers a healthy dose of D3 in the form of cholecalciferol. That’s the most well-researched form for bio-availability and potency.

And with that masterful finishing touch, the Membrane Regeneration Compound is finally complete. So...

You now know more about
anti-aging than most so-called “experts”...

You understand the REAL REASON you look and feel older than you should. And you know how to confront it head on.

And that gives you a unique opportunity...

An opportunity to join the 12,390 people who have already felt the power of Membrane Regeneration for themselves...

An opportunity to live the life you’ve always wanted—a life of freedom... independence... and most importantly—unstoppable vibrant health.

Now I’ll bet you’re thinking that Ultra Vital Gold MUST be expensive.

And to be candid, you’d be right—if it weren’t for a unique situation happening right now.

See, the most expensive part of a Membrane Regeneration Compound is the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin.

That’s because the astaxanthin production process is long and complicated. Not to mention that it all takes place in the Israeli desert, which means it has to be shipped to the U.S.

But just recently, our astaxanthin producer increased their production to meet growing demand.

But they may have scaled up a bit too fast, because we’ve been able to secure a supply of the highest-quality astaxanthin at an extremely attractive price.

The result? You have a once-in-a-lifetime chance—right now and ONLY through this presentation—to try Membrane Regeneration for yourself—at an unbelievablebargain.

You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else—trust me, I looked.

And to be frank, I can’t promise that the price will stay this low for very long. When things get back to normal in the market, the price WILL go up.

But—here’s something you’ll really love.

What if you could lock in this low price for as long as you want*? So no matter what economic fluctuations affected the underlying cost, you’d ALWAYS get Ultra Vital Gold at a steep bargain?

I want to make this a no-brainer, so I created a way for you to do just that.

It’s called Auto-Delivery Service, and here’s how it works: when you make the decision to try Ultra Vital Gold today, you can add this FREE service to your order with one extra click.

Then when your initial order is about to run out, Auto-Delivery Service will automatically charge the same card with the same order, so you get a fresh supply right when you need it.

DON’T WORRY: This is a no-strings-attached offer.

You can easily cancel the service or change the schedule—at any time, for any reason. Your shipment will come with a toll free number. That means my friendly, knowledgeable service agents are just a quick phone call away. And you can rest assured—they’re under strict orders to be respectful and attentive to your every request.

Auto-Delivery Service members are like “VIPs” around here—which means in addition to preferred pricing, you’ll NEVER pay a cent for shipping. That’s right—FREE SHIPPING for as long as you’re enrolled in Auto-Delivery Service.

But I’d like you to feel completely comfortable placing your order right now. And maybe you’re still wondering if Ultra Vital Gold can really work for you.

I don’t blame you one bit if you are.

After all, it’s easy for me to get excited about it—I know how long it’s taken to achieve the MRC breakthrough... I’ve read the decades of research... I’ve peered through a microscope and seen cell membranes restored to perfection... and of course I’ve felt the incredible turn-back-the-clock results myself...

But you haven’t. And it’s only natural for you to be skeptical.

Happily, with Ultra Vital Gold, you don’t have to worry.

In fact, you don’t even have to decide if it will really work for you right now. Because Ultra Vital Gold comes with my signature...

Ultimate Guarantee

Just try it—place your order now, let us rush it to your door. Crack the seal on your first bottle and notice the stunning color of the Membrane Regeneration Compounds.

Then try it for a while. Even though you could begin feeling results in no time, I recommend giving it a couple months to really start to work in your body. After all, you’re not going to undo decades of membrane breakdown in a few days.

So during those first few weeks, be on the lookout for subtle changes in the way you feel. Notice the energy—the unmistakable feeling of vitality...

Pay close attention to your skin—notice the outward signs of the inner transformation...

Feel your mood getting brighter... Notice your thinking becoming sharper... Feel the years of wear and tear being washed away...

And if at any time, you’re not blown away by how Ultra Vital Gold changes your life, simply send your bottle back and I’ll refund every penny of the purchase price.

It’s simple, really—if it doesn’t work, you don’t pay for it. I don’t care if it’s your first bottle, or your three-hundred-and-first. I don’t even care if the bottle’s empty.

If you’re not blown away by your results, EVER, for ANY REASON, just say the word and get your money back.

So you have a choice right now—you can add Ultra Vital Gold to your cart to take the next step into a brighter, healthier, happier future—or you can do nothing, leave this page, and continue down the path you’re on.

The choice is yours, but please remember—the money-saving deal I’m offering you right now will not last forever.

So please, don’t hesitate. With my Ultimate Guarantee, there’s really nothing to think about—just place your order, feel it for yourself and THEN decide.

Oh, and to make it even easier for you, I’m offering an added discount on multi-bottle orders. I know you’ll appreciate even more savings!

Please don’t delay! Try Ultra Vital Gold for yourself NOW.

Best regards,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
Real Advantage Nutrients

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