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Ultimate Vigor

Ultimate Vigor

The "hallelujah!" secret to all-night sex

Ultimate Vigor is designed to:

  • Boost the very substance that makes you a man—free testosterone
  • Increase your ability, libido and performance
  • Easily support every aspect of a surging sex life with all-in-one power
  • Four energizing B vitamins for "encore after encore" power
  • RISK-FREE with our anytime, Ultimate Guarantee

For years, Dr. Douglass searched for the secret to boosting the essence of your manpower—naturally. Finally, it's here—it's what he calls "The Ram's Horn Secret."

We've combined this groundbreaking discovery in sexual performance with a time-tested sexual support superstar to create a revolution in men's health. Ultimate Vigor uses breakthrough sex science to support healthy levels of the very essence of what makes you a man.

In conjunction with moderate exercise, it can provide you with the three keys to a performance she'll never forget...

  • Rock-hard erections
  • A firm body and the sturdy stamina to go along with it that'll grab her attention and...
  • The desire to carry your wife up the stairs and prove you've still got the goods...

By boosting the very substance that makes you a man—all-night passion, power and confidence come easily. Get ready to experience a powerful boost to your manhood—your sex life, your confidence, your muscles and more, with Ultimate Vigor. Discover the ram's horn secret today!

Remember, with our Ultimate Guarantee you have nothing to lose today—not one cent. Rock-solid results and steamy all-night sessions are just one click away.


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Don’t Give Up on

In the next four minutes, you’ll learn the closely guarded secret to the hottest, most satisfying sex of your life—no matter how long it’s been...

The sheets are a twisted mess... she’s lying on her back, looking up at you... her chest heaving as she tries to catch her breath...

As your eyes move slowly down the length of her body, you realize—that was the best sex you’ve had in a long time... maybe ever.

And judging from the scratch marks on your back, it wasn’t bad for her, either...

Now, I imagine that as a man, you feel pretty good about yourself at a moment like this.

But what if this was not a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of thing? What if you were so charged with sexual excitement that you could create this steamy scenario—on demand—anytime day or night?

What if she could see and feel the sexual energy coursing through your body... and it was such a powerful aphrodisiac that she could barely stand it?

And what if every time, you could give her an earth-shattering performance that leaves her basking in sweet satisfaction?

Do you think she might be... shall we say... grateful?

Just think... your sex life could be transformed into a real-life version of your wildest fantasies...

Sounds pretty good, right?

I’m Cathy Ann Turner for Real Advantage Nutrients, and I know this might seem like nothing more than wishful thinking. Especially if things in the bedroom have been a bit... lukewarm lately.

But that’s exactly why I want you to read this report.

Because in about 3 minutes, I’m going to reveal the scientifically researched secret to the hottest sex of your life—no matter how long it’s been.

And I think you’ll want to stay tuned, because no matter what your sex life is like right now, you could NEVER have to worry about a lackluster performance again...

After you take advantage of the scientific breakthrough I’m about to share with you, you’ll not only have MORE SEX—you’ll have the hottest, most satisfying sex of your life—GUARANTEED or your money back.

And it’s not just me saying this. Check out what Patricia Silva had to say after her husband tried it...

“Before, we had NO sex life AT ALL. A month after trying [this breakthrough], I had a NEW MAN on my hands... After 50 years of marriage, he was acting like a kid again...”

See, these days, more and more men are hopping on the bandwagon and enjoying a brand new sexual prime—regardless of age...

They’re having more frequent... more adventurous... more deeply fulfilling sex...

In fact, guys who thought they were past their prime are enjoying a “sex on demand” lifestyle that would make Hefner jealous...

Just ask Mike Loftis. He sent this message after a couple months of using this scientific breakthrough...

Wow. I feel like I’m in my twenties again—well maybe thirties. I’m 52 and I can now pretty much perform on demand—morning, noon or night. I feel longer and stronger and have renewed staying power...”*

*Results not typical. Ultimate Vigor is designed to support sexual well-being.

But first, wouldn’t you like to know their secret? What keeps some guys sturdy, strong, and rarin’ to go, and their wives breathless, flushed, and oh-so-satisfied?

It’s not really a secret at all. It’s the same masculine substance that transformed you from a little boy into a real man:


It is the very essence of manhood.

Remember when all it took was a glimpse of a girl in a skimpy sundress—and you were rarin’ to go? When just picturing what she had on underneath was almost too much to handle?

That’s the power of real, natural testosterone...

That’s why back then, every bedroom adventure was a sheet-twisting success...

But sometime around age 40, testosterone starts to disappear. It’s nothing you’ve done wrong, it’s just a fact of life.

This downhill slide has been called the T-minus Condition, and it can destroy more than your libido. It can wreak absolute havoc on your natural “manpower” and cause some downright devastating side effects. Things like...

  • Increasing belly flab—even if you exercise and do all the things your doctor nags you about
  • Vanishing muscle mass—leading to weaker, flabbier arms and “chicken legs”
  • A sex drive that’s M.I.A.—you simply don’t care enough about sex to do anything

In other words, all the things you dread about getting older could really be a matter of losing the very substance that makes you a man—testosterone. But there’s a reason I’m urging you NOT to give up on GREAT SEX.

If you can manage to maintain a fresh, youthful supply of free testosterone, it could be the ticket to the sex-crazed fun of your steamiest memories...

Back when hot, steamy, “press her up against the wall” sex was practically all you could think about!

When you could feel an electric charge of sexual energy coursing through your body 24/7...

When there was no question about the potency of your desire, and it filled you with rock-solid confidence...

And you know what gets me really excited? When you combine the raw power of youthful testosterone with the “know-how” that you’ve gained over time, it’s a recipe for the kind of sex you really want...

Sex that will make her blush when
she thinks about it the next day!

If it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed that kind of passion, it may seem like a far-off fantasy.

But isn’t it a fantasy that’s worth holding on to? Doesn’t she deserve to feel how much you want her? Don’t you deserve the satisfaction of watching her eyes go wide as she grips your biceps tight and holds on for dear life?  

Good. Because right now, I’m going to show you how to keep that flame burning white hot.

After a decades-long quest, the researchers at Real Advantage Nutrients have perfected a powerful breakthrough in sexual science.

See, a few years ago, rumors began to circulate about a groundbreaking advancement in male sexual support.

A unique formula that was improving the sex lives of the guys taking it in dramatic ways.

Rumor had it that this stuff was the long awaited Holy Grail of male sexual support—a safe and natural substance that helps boost the body’s own supply of free testosterone.

The story behind it is the stuff legends are made of...

I call it...

The Ram’s Horn Secret

But the buzz wasn’t about actual ram’s horn. It’s a rare European plant called Ram’s Horn Clover. And the seeds contain a unique natural compound that packs a serious sexual punch.

Now I admit, that when I first heard about the “sexual miracles” achieved with this stuff, I was skeptical.

It all sounded too good to be true... couples whose sex lives had “fallen flat” were suddenly rediscovering the uninhibited passion... the wild, spontaneous kind of sex that takes you both to new heights of pleasure and satisfaction...

I mean, there’s no way a clover could do that, right?

But as you’re about to find out, the Ram’s Horn Secret is not only the “real deal”—I’m convinced it just might be the sexual breakthrough of the century...

See, a group of German scientists figured out how to isolate and concentrate the sex power substance in the Ram’s Horn clover’s seed. Once their formula was perfected, the manufacturer did a very interesting study...

They started with 55 healthy men. Over 8 weeks, half took the Ram’s Horn Secret and the other half took a placebo. Both groups did some basic weight lifting to “prime the pump” a bit.

But here’s the important part: compared to the placebo, the guys on the Ram’s Horn registered a MUCH LARGER INCREASE IN FREE TESTOSTERONE!

This is the “EUREKA!” moment you’ve been waiting for...

Finally, a natural compound that actually works with your body to boost your own “male enhancer”...

And get this: a follow up study got right to the point, and asked guys how Ram’s Horn taken along with magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 affected their sex lives.

Not only did they report MORE SEXUAL AROUSAL—they also said they had BETTER ORGASMS!

That’s the kind of research I get excited about...

WARNING: When you implement this breakthrough sexual secret, she may be
shocked by your sudden surge of “MANPOWER”

And it convinced the folks at Real Advantage Nutrients it was time to make this breakthrough available to you.

But first, they made it even better.

They took the testosterone-boosting potency of the Ram’s Horn Secret and combined it with a few other natural ingredients that complement its sex-surging power (more on that later).

The end result is nothing short of groundbreaking. It gives your body everything it needs to deliver a “Religious Experience” in the bedroom. And it’s about more than just supporting firm, durable erections.

It’s about a swagger that says you’re “ready to go,”
whenever, wherever, HOWEVER!

There’s simply no substitute for the massive cockiness that comes from knowing you’re ready for her anytime, anyplace the mood strikes...

It’s about a seemingly insatiable hunger for great sex.

Men who had given up on a hot sex life are suddenly carrying their wives into the bedroom like cave men, aching to show off their surging masculinity...

It’s about the STAYING POWER to make absolutely sure
she gets what she needs...

Trust me, she’ll appreciate you going the extra mile...

That’s why the Real Advantage team set out to make the already impressive Ram’s Horn Secret even better. They knew it had to deliver more than just surging sex drive. For starters, it also had to support high-octane energy to get the job done.

First, they combined the Ram’s Horn Secret with a healthy dose of B-vitamins (specifically B1, B2, B3 and B5). These are the “go get ‘em” vitamins that help your body create energy.

After all, what good is raging sexual potency if you’re too tired to do anything about it?

As if that weren’t enough, they added a potent concentration of a time-tested herbal erection booster: Panax Ginseng. This stuff has been used for hundreds of years to support firm, long-lasting erections. There aren’t many ingredients out there with a stronger track record.

And this Ginseng is top shelf. It’s grown with care for 6 years, before being steam-cured and dried for maximum potency.

That means you’ll be able to see and feel the difference... and so will she...

Just imagine her surprise the first time she notices the “new you”... she’ll be thinking about all the steamy possibilities, just waiting for you to take her there...

So here’s how it all adds up. You get...

  • The Ram’s Horn Secret for surging testosterone and roaring sex drive
  • B Vitamins to help your body’s energy metabolism so you can maintain all-night energy to “carry her over the threshold”
  • Top-Quality Panax Ginseng for jaw-dropping, rock-hard erection support

This groundbreaking formula is called—


And that’s exactly what it delivers—all the desire, drive and vigor you need to have the most satisfying sex of your life.

Imagine how it will feel to be the one guy out of all your buddies who still looks, acts, and makes love like a MAN...

The one that still has strong arms, a trim waist, and that certain alpha male swagger...

The one the cute young waitress still flirts with...

The one whose wife just can’t get rid of that satisfied smile...

The one who struts into the bedroom surging with confidence, ready to ravage her with shuddering waves of pleasure...

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And Ultimate Vigor is exactly what your body needs for that kind of sexual power.

In fact, I think it’s as close as we’ve ever gotten to a genuine fountain of sexual youth! But you don’t have to go searching to the ends of the earth for this miracle.

So what if you’re getting a little older.
You’re still a MAN! Show her what that means. Prove to her (and yourself) you still have what it takes...

So, you may not have a choice when it comes to getting older. But you most certainly have a choice when it comes to your sex life.

You can surrender, like so many men do, to the floppy muscles, the shrinking libido, and a sex drive that slowly ceases to exist. You can fade quietly into the night...

Or you can stand and fight. You can take the reins, and start having all the steamy, satisfying sex you want...

In other words, you can embrace your Ultimate Vigor.

But be warned:  the lifestyle that comes with surging, youthful testosterone levels may be a major change.

But I believe it’s exactly the change you’re looking for, or you wouldn’t be reading this report.

I believe you’re ready to take back control of your sex life. You’re ready for the kind of sex that unleashes her wild side... The kind of sex that makes you feel like a man...

That’s the Ultimate Vigor Lifestyle!

Now you may be wondering what makes Ultimate Vigor superior to some of the other so-called “male enhancers” out there.

After all, you’ve probably heard good things about some of them, and you may even have tried a few.

Let me show you what makes this formula so different. You’ll see why we can confidently GUARANTEE that you’ll have more sex and better sex than you ever thought possible...

It’s because Ultimate Vigor works with your body, in combination with a little iron pumping, to boost your natural supply of free testosterone.

This isn’t some artificial enhancement...

No matter how stunning the difference is—
it’s all you!

And even though you could begin seeing results fast after starting your Ultimate Vigor regimen, there’s no harsh shock to your system. Your body recognizes this pure, natural formula and responds by ramping up its own testosterone factory.

It’s simple, really—Ultimate Vigor addresses the three key issues that can send your sex life straight down the tubes:

  • It skyrockets your drive and desire for sex—by boosting your body’s own natural “male enhancer”
  • It jump starts your natural energy—so you can keep it going till you’re both satisfied
  • It supports strong, sturdy, stunning erections—naturally!

It’s a Triple Crown of
Potent Sexual Support!

As if more mind-numbingly hot sex weren’t reason enough to try Ultimate Vigor, the benefits of boosting free testosterone go much further. In fact, they carry over into nearly every aspect of your life...

Especially your physical fitness.

If you’re trying to stay in shape, the results are even better when they’re boosted by your body’s own testosterone: chiseled, athletic muscles that radiate strength and power (think Charlton Heston in Ben-Hur).

And Ultimate Vigor could be just the boost you need to support that kind of strength.

Talk about a bedroom confidence builder... when you’re strong enough to sweep her off her feet with ease, it’ll get you both in the mood...

Are you starting to see why I’m so excited about what Ultimate Vigor can do for you?  

And guess what... when your body stays lean and powerful, and your sex drive is in roaring like Niagara Falls, the women around you are definitely gonna take notice. In fact, your wife may not be able to keep her hands off (or her clothes on!).

Ultimate Vigor gives you what you need to become her “man of the hour!”

You’ll become her go-to source for toe-curling pleasure, and she’ll feel secure knowing you’re always bulging with desire.

Are you ready to take the next step into your hot new sex life?

Are you ready to show your wife you’ve still got it?

I’ll tell you how you can start living the Ultimate Vigor Lifestyle in just a moment. (It’s hassle-free, comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and it’s an incredible bargain...)

But first, there’s another benefit of the “Ultimate Vigor Lifestyle” you may never have considered...

See, the T-minus Condition strikes right when you finally have time and money to kick back, relax, and enjoy the finer things...

It’s a cruel trick of nature!

That’s why so many fellas end up sitting around all day, watching The Price is Right, and eating applesauce.

But maybe you want to get more out of your free time.

After all, you’ve worked long and hard, and now’s the time to live life on your terms.

Well, cranking up your testosterone and having a hot, satisfying sex life can reignite more than just your love life.  It can also super-charge you with a confident, go get ‘em attitude... Just what you need to grab life by the horns and make the most of it.

So whatever you have in mind for your “second act”... whether you want to chase your wildest dreams... or just get in a few more rounds of golf...

Ultimate Vigor could help you get there.

Imagine, waking up each day and savoring every moment—spending your time the way YOU want... AND enjoying the hottest, most satisfying sex you’ve ever experienced...

I call that a win-win!

But here’s the catch:  if you want to put the FIRE back in your sex life, you’ll need to act fast.

Ultimate Vigor, like all Real Advantage supplements, is only produced in small, tightly controlled batches—right here in the USA.

That’s how we guarantee the absolute highest quality in every ingredient. And since it’s shipped directly from our warehouse straight to your front door, you know every bottle is fresh and potent.

But that means supplies are limited. This report is available exclusively to our best customers, but the response has been overwhelming. In order to guarantee a steady supply to the folks who order first, we may be forced to take this report down at any time.

In fact, I urge you to stock up now with our 3 or 6 bottle discount...

And remember—Ultimate Vigor is not sold in any store—and never will be. That saves you a retailer’s markup—and makes sure you’re getting the real thing.

And why would you settle for anything less, when the real thing is so affordable?

But that means you can ONLY get Ultimate Vigor through Real Advantage Nutrients and this website.

So keep reading... I do NOT want you to miss out on this while it lasts...

And I want you to feel completely confident when you order Ultimate Vigor today.

I want you to imagine all the ways you’ll put your red-hot sex drive to use... picturing the spontaneous fun you’ll have... imagining how you’ll take her...

In other words, I want you to be thinking about the incredible sex you’ll soon be having—NOT worrying about whether Ultimate Vigor will really work for you.

So I’m going to make this VERY easy for you.

We’re backing Ultimate Vigor with our rock-solid

(You won’t find a promise like this anywhere else...)

100% Money Back Ultimate Guarantee

Here’s how it works:

Choose from one of the convenient delivery options and try Ultimate Vigor for yourself. Notice I didn’t say “try it for 30 days” or “try the first bottle.”

Try as much as you want for as long as you want. Feel the surge of masculine power. Feel the renewed desire. And most importantly—HAVE LOTS OF SEX! I insist.

Although, it’s not like you’re going to need any encouragement... In fact, a brick wall won’t be able to stop you...

And if you ever decide this isn’t for you, just return your bottle, even if it’s empty, and we’ll refund every penny you paid for it.

And here’s what sets us apart from everyone else—there’s no time limit. I don’t care if it’s 6 weeks from now—or 6 YEARS—just send your current bottle back and we’ll send you a full refund.

No hassles—no fuss—just THRILLING, PASSIONATE SEX—or your money back.

How to make sure you never run out of ammo in
the war against your manhood

But be warned—once your wife has experienced “the new you”—you may very well see a new side of her...

She may have trouble controlling herself around you—kind of like when you were a teenager.

It’s happened to thousands of men already... and you could be next. That’s why you do NOT want to miss a single dose of Ultimate Vigor.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered there, too. We set up a convenient delivery service that will make sure you get your Ultimate Vigor—right when you need it—every single time.

Here’s how it works—when you place your order for Ultimate Vigor today, you’ll be offered a free membership in Auto-Delivery Service.

Just check the Auto-Delivery Service box during checkout and we’ll take care of the rest.

Here’s why you’ll love Auto-Delivery Service:

  • It guarantees you’ll never miss a shipment of Ultimate Vigor—(and like I said, one night of “Ultimate Sex”, and this will become VERY important...)
  • It saves you the hassle of reordering—just as you’re coming down to your last dose, the card you use today will be charged and your next order will be shipped right to your doorstep—no need to go back online or call in a new order.
  • There are absolutely NO STRINGS ATTACHED—you can change the delivery schedule or cancel Auto-Delivery Service at any time for any reason and get a full refund, with no questions asked.
  • Auto-Delivery Service also locks in your price for life*, so no matter what happens to the price of ingredients and materials—you never have to worry about paying more for the great sex life you’ve come to expect.

And one more thing—Auto-Delivery Service Members are the ultimate VIPs around here—and that means you won’t pay a cent for your shipping. EVER.

So every bottle comes at today’s low price, and every bottle is shipped directly to you for FREE.

Oh, and speaking of shipping—we take strict precautions for your privacy. So if you want, Ultimate Vigor can be your little secret...

Now the question is...

What’s standing between you...
and the sex you really want?

I understand if you’re still skeptical. With all this talk of wild, passionate sex—you’d be crazy not to be skeptical...

But it’s as simple as this:  Ultimate Vigor is the secret to more testosterone... and more testosterone is the secret to more drive and desire... and that’s the secret to incredible sex...

PLUS, Ultimate Vigor is backed by the boldest guarantee in the industry, so all you have to do is TRY IT, and then decide...

So what’s stopping you from trying Ultimate Vigor for yourself... right now?

The next time you have sex, it could be an earth-shattering tour de force... or it could be another “half-cocked” embarrassment...

The choice is yours. But remember, because Ultimate Vigor is an exclusive formula, produced in small, ultra-high quality batches, our supply WILL NOT last forever.

Please don’t delay...

Place your order to get your supply of Ultimate Vigor now.

Here’s to great sex, and a better life!

Cathy Ann Turner

P.S. The scientific breakthrough behind Ultimate Vigor has rocketed thousands of sex lives into the stratosphere, and yours could be next. And as you now know, the benefits go way beyond stunning, “standing ovation” sexual performance. Plus, it’s backed by a rock-solid 100% satisfaction guarantee. But it’s ONLY available through this website. Add Ultimate Vigor to your cart—and get one step closer to insanely hot sex!

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