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Ultimate PRO Support

Ultimate PRO Support

Prostate support has never been more powerful and affordable!

  • Five of the best prostate protectors
  • Helps keep your prostate healthy
  • Supports a powerful stream so you can help drain your bladder with ease
  • Reduces nighttime bathroom trips to help you  sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed

If you're looking for reliable support for a healthy prostate, with the best scientifically studied nutrients and at a price you can afford, Ultimate PRO Support is for you.

All of today's common prostate-supporting products contain one powerful nutrient...and then a bunch of "exotic" fluff to rack up the price. But Ultimate PRO Support takes that powerful nutrient—and gives it to you without all the useless fillers. Why mess around with what we know works?

This is great news for you—a cheaper price, a smaller dose (just 1 caplet a day), and fast results! Get guaranteed, reliable prostate support today with Ultimate PRO Support. And remember, your order is completely covered by Dr. Douglass' Ultimate Guarantee—100% of your money back, any time, including shipping!

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Start...stop. Start...stop.
Wouldn’t you rather just get to the finish line?
Now a single pill could help you...

Empty your bladder in one shot

So you can pee freely, sleep soundly,
and supercharge your sex life

Dear Reader,

When I hear the “prostate advice” doctors are doling out these days, I’m absolutely stunned.

Let me get this straight...

“You want me to QUIT drinking after 6 o’clock? What am I supposed to do, then—enjoy my single-malt scotch in the middle of the afternoon?”

“That’s your brilliant solution for keeping me out of the bathroom at night?”

“And now you want me to SIT DOWN when I pee—like a little girl?”

Really, Doc?

Please, tell me exactly how that’s going to work in a crowded men’s room full of urinals during the seventh-inning stretch?

The fact is, you can’t sit down. And I can’t sit by and let these shenanigans go on any longer. Because the truth is...

NONE of this “advice” is going to keep your prostate healthy. Period.

It’s just working around the problem instead of against it.

Of course, you do need to rule out more serious prostate concerns, so they are going to have to stick (Sorry, guys, it really is the best way...)

But instead of buying you dinner afterwards, the best they can do is treat you like a potty-training child?

You don’t need anyone to tell you how to go to the bathroom or when to have a drink.

Don’t they know there’s an easier way to help...

  • Empty your bladder in as little as one shot, so you have fewer false-starts and forced-finishes
  • Trade in the annoying “slow flow” for a steady, forceful stream that lets you get in and out of the restrooms before your wife does
  • Sleep soundly like you used to, without nature “calling” to wake you up every couple of hours

It’s a modern-day breakthrough so easy and effective, you only need it once a day.

I mean, depriving yourself of your evening whiskey... while you just wait and see what happens?! Those are NOT your only options—and they’re certainly not your best ones, either.

That’s why I put this report together to set the record straight.

I’m Dr. Bill Douglass, and I’ve been called “the conscience of modern medicine.”

I’ve flown with U.S. Navy crews as a flight surgeon... spent years as an emergency physician... and battled deadly health epidemics in Africa. You could say I’ve almost “seen it all.”

I’ve spent my life uncovering hidden health breakthroughs—and debunking the many medical myths that are spreading like wildfire out there.

So anytime you hear that there’s “nothing else you can do” about your prostate concerns—or that you “just have to live with it”—please don’t accept that nonsense.

Starting right now.

The breakthrough you’re about to read about is my go-to recommendation for men who are concerned about keeping their prostate healthy—and fed up with the advice they’ve been getting.

It’s called Ultimate PRO Support, and let me tell you—it’s a lot more scientific than “sitting down when you pee.”

I know because I helped design it myself.

I uncovered a piece of groundbreaking research that many other doctors ignore, probably because it’s for a natural compound. It’s the kind of thing they don’t learn about in medical school.

But when you put this high-powered prostate secret to work for you...

You’ll see how just one capsule a day is all you need to keep things flowing smoothly at the urination station... and keep your prostate healthy at the same time.

Just read what Jeremy Abel from Virginia told me:

“Since I’ve started taking Ultimate PRO Support,
my urine flow is that of a much younger man. This is superb!”

Gilbert Walton from Oklahoma wrote in to say:

“I used your product and never have looked back,
it does everything you said it would and more for me.
Strong stream and no problems at all.”

Of course, no two people are exactly alike, and the time it takes to see results may be different from one person to the next.

But some of these letters are extraordinary.

John Harris from Pennsylvania said:

“Now I don’t get up more than once and often I don’t get up at all. My sleep pattern has changed from sleeping 4 or 5 hours a night to 7 or 8. And I feel more awake during the day.

All this has happened within a month after ditching my old prostate supplement and taking Ultimate PRO Support.”

And if anyone tries to tell you all this waking up in the middle of the night is “no big deal”... and that you just have to “deal with it”...

Let me ask you this...

How could it possibly be NO BIG DEAL that you haven’t truly slept in months?

How is it NO BIG DEAL that you have to drag yourself out of bed at midnight... then 2:00... 4:00... or 5:00 AM, making you—and your wife—feel like zombies by 6:00?

But that’s not even the worst of it.

Turns out, interrupting your sleep is a very big deal. You’ve probably already felt how it can wreak havoc on your brain and weaken your memory.

And believe it or not, your prostate needs more sleep too! A study of more than 2,000 men shows that better sleep means better prostate health in the long run.

So let me show you how Ultimate PRO helps with that.

You might think I’m going to say the secret is saw palmetto. But the truth is, there’s much better science out there.

Many doctors don’t know about it—and a lot of prostate supplements aren’t using it!

Doctors are so busy herding patients in and out these days—and dealing with the paper-pushing insurance companies—that they don’t have time to stay on top of new research.

But that’s just what I do—and that’s what makes Ultimate PRO so different. I developed it with the most potent prostate secret out there.

Next time you go to the drugstore, take a look at all the labels on the prostate supplements. You’ll see they all have the same couple of herbs. The most famous one, of course, is saw palmetto.

Now you’ve probably heard the story about how men have been using it for centuries for their prostate health and urinary flow...

And that’s all great... but...

Turns out, you don’t need saw palmetto—you need the potent extract inside.

It has a long science-y name, so I’ll just call it BTA for now.

BTA is the secret to emptying your bladder more completely, the first time, so you won’t have to keep rushing back to the bathroom.

But instead of giving you this potent BTA, most of those drugstore bottles you see are packed with lots of “extras.”

Leaves, roots, who knows?

But you just don’t need them.

You can get results with BTA alone—so you don’t need to waste your time or money on all that other stuff.

Because all that “other stuff” is the reason you’re taking handfuls of pills, and paying a lot more for them—while still not getting the results you want!

All you need is BTA.

Mainstream docs turn up their noses at anything natural... but that doesn’t change the stacks of research showing it works. Take a look at what it can do...

One groundbreaking study found that BTA increased urine flow dramatically—3½ TIMES better than the placebo.

This was really the first time any quality research had shown that a natural extract could make such a profound difference in prostate health—and it certainly caught my attention.

Take another look at those results.

Here you can see that with BTA, the men in this study had a stream that was over 3.5 times STRONGER.

Now that might sound like a huge number, but don’t worry—I’m not saying you’re going to feel like an out-of-control fire hydrant.

All it means is that instead of that unproductive drip-drop... you could let loose with a couple ounces in one shot...

... and it could mean getting in and out of the bathroom in less than half the time.

For you, that means no more standing over the john, staring at the wall, waiting for that miserable dribble to finally show up.

Here’s what Kevin Adams from Glendale, Arizona had to say about it:

“By the way, it works for frequent daytime urination, as well.
I’m a truck driver, and I used to have to make many pit stops.
Not anymore.” 

And there’s another test researchers use to measure BTA’s power—it’s a test you might have taken yourself.

It’s the International Prostate Symptom Score, or IPSS, and it measures things like how often you have to go to the bathroom at night, whether you have any problems with straining, or a weak stream. You know...all the things you’ve been worried about.

After just 6 months, the men taking BTA had an astonishing 50% improvement on their scores.

A year later, the researchers followed up... and the men who continued to take it still had stronger urine flow and were able to drain their bladder more completely.

Those are the kinds of results that’ll keep you from rushing back to the men’s room again and again.

With results like that you’d think the mainstream would catch on. But don’t hold your breath!

While they’re crawling along at a snail’s pace... you can get a head-start with Ultimate PRO.

Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to:

✔ Stronger urine flow without straining...

✔ Better draining power so you can finish in one shot...

✔ Getting a good night’s sleep without being jarred awake by the call of nature’s “broken alarm clock”...

✔ AND keeping your prostate healthy

So if you’ve taken the ol’ saw palmetto pills before and they didn’t work for you—it could be because they didn’t have enough BTA.

I’ve found that many men can get the “power stream” they’re looking for with 130 milligrams a day.

That dose has been clinically tested—and it’s the same dose you’ll find in my formula.

So why should you settle for less? Just compare the labels.

I put BTA’s formal name, beta-sitosterol, right on the bottle for you.

I’ve seen so many unscrupulous pill-pushers that load up their capsules with junk, just to make it seem like there’s a lot in there. But it’s just another way to drain your wallet.

I got fed up with their tricks. And that’s why I helped develop Ultimate PRO Support myself, putting in everything you need to keep your prostate healthy—and nothing you don’t.

Some men even notice a difference within the first week.

Just read Lonnie’s story...

“I was using about SEVEN saw palmetto capsules a night and those supplements are no comparison to Ultimate PRO Support. I saw results almost immediately. I’ve gone as long as seven hours without ‘the call.’

I’m so accustomed to products not fulfilling their promises that I’ve been a bit astonished at how good Ultimate PRO Support really is.”

And he’s not the only one. Jeffrey Mitchell from Wisconsin wrote...

“I have used your product before but I decided to try another prostate supplement. Boy was that a mistake. I went back to yours and after four or five days I seem to be back to normal. It’s nice to sleep through the night!”

Remember, your system may respond a little differently, and the time it takes to see results like these may be different, too.

But with potential like this... why waste your time and money gobbling down handfuls of those other pills three times a day—when they don’t even deliver the goods?

Now you can get the sleep-protecting, steady-flowing prostate power from just one capsule of Ultimate PRO.

Think of how good it will feel to get your first night of deep, restful sleep—and how mentally sharp and physically agile you’ll be after you’ve been fully recharging EVERY night!

Even if Ultimate PRO Support had just this one ingredient, the beta-sitosterol extract...

That alone would make it a powerful prostate supporter much more advanced than the other junk I’ve seen on the market.

But I didn’t stop there, because I want to make sure you get everything you need.

There are a few other nutrients I recommend—like lycopene.

You need lycopene because it could help you maintain a healthy prostate size.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much you work out, or if you haven’t had the healthiest lifestyle—research shows all men can benefit from it.

Getting more lycopene is strongly linked to a healthy prostate.

That’s a pretty big deal...

Especially since half of us will have prostate concerns by the time we turn 60. And by age 85, nearly ALL of us will.

I wouldn’t even consider going without lycopene.

The same is true for selenium, which I also put in every capsule of Ultimate PRO.

It has a scientific reputation for shielding prostate cells and may even help maintain proper cell growth.

When researchers looked at this under the microscope, they found that selenium helped promote normal DNA function in prostate cells.

Researchers describe its power as a “housecleaning effect.”

But there’s one more thing you should know about Ultimate PRO...

There’s a hidden bonus I haven’t told you.

It can be our little secret: A few of the prostate nutrients in Ultimate PRO are also undercover sex boosters.

Fact is, a healthy prostate means better sex. You can’t have fully satisfying sex without it.

Men write in to brag about how it’s helped. Let me share a couple of the letters I’ve gotten.

Jared Collins from Raleigh, North Carolina said:

“With Ultimate PRO Support, I did notice a change in about a week!
I don't have to get up at night to go to the bathroom. At All!
Each night I take it before bed. The next day, I have the best sex!
I skipped taking it for a few days and the sex life was back on the rocks.
Started taking it again and right back on top again! So, I’m sold!”

Tommy Ogden from Texas wrote in to say:

“My sex life has improved. That’s a pleasant surprise!”

Now remember, I designed Ultimate PRO to support your prostate health... so I can’t promise you it’s going to revolutionize your sex life. Every man responds differently, and the length of time it takes could be different, as well.

But, as the letters show, some men are getting this very nice—very satisfying—surprise.

For starters, you’ll get zinc.

Turns out there’s more zinc stored in your prostate than anywhere else in your body. See the connection?

Nearly half of men over 60 need more if they don’t take a multivitamin every day. So where do you stand?

When your levels of zinc are lower, you could have lower levels of testosterone too.

Zinc can help keep those levels healthy—to help fuel your physical performance, strength, and natural craving for sex.

It’s pretty important if you want to keep up the bedroom fireworks.

Then there’s vitamin E. You probably don’t expect a vitamin to be sexy... But when you hear everything it can do, you’ll be shocked that doctors aren’t shouting it from the rooftops right now.

Vitamin E may help you maintain healthy testosterone levels, which, again, could help rev up your sex drive.  

It’s an antioxidant too, known for its “combat skills.”

It fights off free radicals—your cells’ archenemies—and the evil forces of aging.

But it gets better. One in vitro study showed vitamin E may also help protect your prostate cells from androgen hormones.

In other words, it helps promote the healthy growth of prostate cells. That’s why you need it on yourteam over the long haul.

Again, I designed Ultimate PRO to help you pee freely and sleep soundly... but your prostate is the secret link to a sensational sex life.

So don’t be surprised if you get more quality time between the sheets... awake and asleep.

Even after 8 years, Ultimate PRO Support is still one of the most popular formulas I’ve ever recommended.

So far, men all over the world have snapped up over 1 MILLION BOTTLES...

And the letters just keep coming—because it works.

Many satisfied men write in to tell me it starts working in a matter of DAYS.

Take a look...

“I noticed an improvement in only 3 or 4 days.
I’m surprised it works so quickly!”

That’s from Doug Pattison of Sarasota, Florida.

“Within about a week of trying Ultimate PRO, I was sleeping through the night. This has been the most helpful pill I’ve ever encountered. It absolutely works great and isn’t expensive.”

That’s from Garrett Burke in California.

Some men get relief right away, and others need to give it more time. But the best way to feel as good as Doug and Garrett is to get started as soon as possible.

Ernie Chalmers in Columbus, Ohio, says:

“This is a product I very highly recommend to any man 45 and over.
Why? Because quite simply it WORKS just as Dr. Douglass claims it will.”

And here’s Aaron Dooley from Syracuse, New York, who writes:

“I started Ultimate PRO Support because you recommended it,
and I continue because it works!”

These guys don’t worry so much about their prostate anymore...

They don’t get up at all hours of the night to stumble their way into the bathroom...

And they NEVER have to pay more to get these results.

YOU can have what THEY have:  All it takes is one capsule and you can get it for as little as a few cents a day.

Imagine the relief of FINALLY enjoying deep sleep night after night, without being jolted awake in the middle of a dream by that annoying pressure in your bladder...

Imagine the freedom you’ll have during the day... When you’re out at the driving range, a ball game, or going for a drive with your wife—enjoying yourself, instead of constantly looking for a bathroom.

And when you do hit the john, you won’t have to wait around for your “slow flow” to show up.

You can stand there like a stallion and let loose.

When you try this for yourself, you’ll have a stream so steady and strong, your wife will think you’re power-washing something in there.

No more handfuls of those overpriced, underperforming “horse pills” that drain your wallet instead of your bladder.

Because the truth is, you just don’t need them. So don’t waste your time with all those “filler herbs” that don’t make a lick of difference.

With Ultimate PRO Support, you get the powerful extracts that work.

And you get it all in just ONE pill a day.

I demanded that the number-crunchers at Real Advantage Nutrients give you Ultimate PRO Support for at least HALF OFF what you’d pay for those other pricey formulas.

Because I believe this kind of life-changing breakthrough shouldn’t cost as much as a premium bottle of scotch.

So to prove to you just how serious I am about this formula, and to make it easier than ever for you to try it yourself...

I’d like to give you 3 FREE bottles.

When you buy a 3-month supply of Ultimate PRO Support now, I’ll give you 3 more bottles FREE.

You’ll save more than $74 instantly when you order right now.

All you have to do is select the 3-bottle option when you checkout, and you’ll get 3 more bottles, free. Just add your bottles to your cart to place your order.

And when I say FREE, I mean it—FREE.

There’s no catch. You don’t have to pay any extra processing fees or hidden shipping charges for your free bottles.

I’ve seen the ads on TV do that, and frankly it’s just not my style.

Plus you’ll save even more when you add the complimentary Auto-Delivery Service to your order.

With Auto-Delivery Service, you’ll still get your FREE bottles and you’ll also get FREE shipping.

Those savings really add up. First you’ll get $149 worth of FREE bottles in one year, and you’ll save another $83 in shipping costs alone.

That’s a total savings of $232, just for adding Auto-Delivery Service to your 3-bottle order. It’s the best deal you can get.

When you order today, Ultimate PRO Support gets shipped right to your door so you can...

  • Cut down on those midnight bathroom trips and spend more time in bed (whether it’s sleeping or getting more one-on-one time with your wife...)
  • Empty your bladder in as little as one shot, instead of the frustrating “slow leak”
  • And rest easy knowing you’re doing something positive for your prostate health

Just one pill in the palm of your hand—and your prostate protection is set.

But remember, this is the only place you can get it—Ultimate PRO Support is not sold in any store.

And I can’t guarantee how long I’ll be able to give away so many free bottles...with the $74 savings... So don’t wait.

To claim your FREE bottles today, just click the button below.

Best of all, you’re FULLY protected by my “Ultimate Guarantee.”

Try Ultimate PRO Support for as long as you like... If you’re not 100% thrilled, just give us a call and let us know. We’ll promptly refund every penny you paid today.

If you ask for a refund, we give you one. And we NEVER bother you with questions or ask for explanations.

So you can try it completely worry-free!

What are you waiting for?

No more frustrating dribble-dribble...

No more “wake-up calls” that send you rushing to the bathroom at all hours of the night...

And no more feeling like you can never fully drain your bladder down to the last drip-drip-drop.

So don’t delay. Take a few seconds and order your supply now.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we’ll refund your money.

So the next time someone tries to boss you around about your prostate health... telling you to give up your coffee, your scotch, or your dignity... you’ll be ready for them.

You can tell them you’ve found an easier way to take care of your prostate.

Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to get your letter about how Ultimate PRO Support has helped you.

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

P.S. Add Ultimate PRO to your cart to place your order and get your special savings right now.

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