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Soothanol X2

Soothanol X2

Pain Relief in 45 seconds...
or your money back, guaranteed

Just a couple drops of Soothanol X2 on your fingertips... then rub where you're hurting... and...


The secret to Soothanol X2s topical pain-relieving power is a unique 4-stage transporter system. Using miraculous natural compounds, it delivers dramatic pain relief directly where you need it:

Aching joints... strained muscles... or just your occasional bumps and bruises... Soothanol X2 handles it all!

Unlike pain pills, Soothanol X2...

  • Is absorbed with ease and starts relieving pain in seconds...
  • Contains a revolutionary pain-fighting payload featuring menthol and capsaicin that work together to relieve all kinds of pain...
  • Has a pleasant, refreshing scent – worlds away from the medicinal smells of some common creams and lotions...
  • Delivers pain relief ON CONTACT – neatly bypassing your digestive tract – so it won't upset your stomach...
  • Is completely non-addictive and safe to use every day!

For a limited time, we're offering a generous multi-bottle discount on Soothanol X2. And if the grateful letters we've gotten from satisfied Soothanol X2 users are any indication, you'll want to stock up...

Because once your friends and family learn about Soothanol X2's rapid pain relief, they'll be begging to borrow it... and you may not get it back! Plus, if you're not floored by Soothanol X2's pain relieving power -- for any reason -- simply return it for a full refund.

So don't let your aches and pains slow you down any longer. With Soothanol X2, you can literally rub pain away – as easily as erasing a blackboard!


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