Are you trading gout for cancer?

When you're suffering from an undiagnosed case of gout, the first few moments of the day are physical AND mental torture. Because the second your foot hits the floor... the moment that wave of agonizing pain shoots from your big toe to your knee... you're hit with a depressing realization.

This is the best you're going to feel all day.

But if you're sick of waddling through life like a wounded penguin... if you're ready to conquer gout once and for all... the folks at the Mayo Clinic have an "exciting" new plan to get you diagnosed fast so you can start on the road to recovery.

And all they need to do is give you a TEENY bit of cancer first.

In the latest performance in mainstream medicine's theater of the absurd, some prominent doctors actually want to start using dangerous CT scans to diagnose your gout. These scans are so toxic that they can deliver 150 TIMES more radiation than an X-ray, and could DOUBLE your risk of certain cancers.

Listen, I have a name for doctors who find gout difficult to diagnose -- morons. It's practically easier to spot than measles, and even if your doc jabs you with a needle and performs a tissue test, he is probably just being thorough -- he already knows you have gout.

But you'd better believe there's a heck of a lot more money to be made zapping you with radiation -- in fact, a typical CT scan can run in the THOUSANDS as you're paying for the scan AND some high-priced radiologist to interpret the results.

If you're trying to get the upper hand on gout, skip the drugs and give this natural cure a try instead. And if your doc recommends a CT scan to "be sure" of your diagnosis, do the one thing that could save you from a chemo drip -- limp your way out of his office as quick as you can and get a second opinion.