When did we become such big babies?

Every little sneeze and sniffle has turned into a big drama -- and now, just about everyone who gets sick assumes they have the flu.

Maybe they just want more sympathy, or at least an excuse to miss work -- but whatever the reason, most people who THINK they have the flu really DON'T... and if you catch a bug this winter yourself, odds are it won't be the flu for you, either.

The CDC accidentally confirmed that most winter illnesses blamed on the flu are really just run-of-the-mill colds: Of the 24,027 suspected flu specimens tested in 30 states in October and November, just 266 turned out to be the actual flu.

The rest? A case of the nothings.

The feds of course are praising the flu shot. See? The vaccine works -- only 266 people got the flu.

Just one problem: The agency also admitted that nearly two-thirds of us are unvaccinated this year.


But let's turn those numbers around and find out what they REALLY mean: While only 266 people had the flu, 23,761 people were sick enough to visit a doctor and get tested.

All they had was a cold -- maybe a bad one, but still just a cold -- and not even a 100 percent flu vaccination rate would have prevented a single one of those illnesses.

So forget flu shots and remember what mom told you instead -- wash your hands. Throw in some immune-boosting nutrients such as vitamins C and D and the mineral zinc, and you'll be protected against every illness-causing germ, all year 'round.