Natural Weight Loss for Dogs

Give aging the royal treatment

Her name was Duchess and she helped lead me to one of the most important anti-aging breakthroughs I've learned about in years. Oh, and you should probably know that Duchess is a dog.

You see, she'd just undergone major surgery (a hysterectomy is major for any species), and after her recovery she just wasn't the same dog she'd been: The world seemed to be going in slow motion for her. She took longer to do everything and gained a lot of weight very quickly.

Duchess' owner enrolled her in a study on weight reduction in dogs. The researchers tested the ability of dehydroepiandrosterone, better known as DHEA, to help Duchess lose weight.

It worked. In just two months, she shed 22 percent of her body weight. But the numbers on the scale weren't the only thing moving in reverse for Duchess: she suddenly seemed like a puppy again, with all the energy and happiness her owner remembered from years passed.

Like so many other miracles of natural medicine, DHEA has become rather controversial. You've probably heard it called everything from the fountain of youth to dangerous hormonal hogwash. So what should you believe?

First of all, you need to know that DHEA is a natural hormone produced in the body. In fact, the body makes more DHEA than all the other hormones combined. However, your body produces less and less DHEA as you age.

Bringing your levels back up to what they were when you were 30 will make you look and feel more like you did back then and who wouldn't want to shave a few (or 20) years off their age?

I have recommended DHEA for years and I still recommend it, but not for everyone. You may not need it at all. You shouldn't take hormones you don't need, even if you don't have to have a prescription. So have your physician check your levels before you start supplementing.

As with all the hormones, if you are over the age of 50, you are probably deficient. This is a good place to start on hormone replacement therapy. It would be better to increase your testosterone level, for instance, naturally by DHEA administration than with injections. If you are deficient, follow the dosage for the brand you choose.

Driving a steak through the heart of conventional medicine,

William Campbell Douglass II, MD