1. The weight loss “miracle” that could KILL you

    The mainstream media wants you to believe there’s a magic bullet for weight loss.  

    The headlines read like snake oil salesman ads:  

    “Lowers diabetics’ heart attack danger” 

    “Linked to safer childbirth for mother” 

    “Reduces stroke by 40%” 

    “As good as medication for diabetics” 

    It all sounds great… until you realize they’re talking about bariatric surgery.  

    You know, where they slice you open and shrink your stomach down to the size of an egg.  

    And this surgery is not safe and it’s not a cure-all… in fact, it could KILL you.  

    In 2017, over 200,000 people underwent some form of weight-loss surgery. At up to $25,000 a pop, that makes obesity surgery a MULTI BILLION-dollar business. 

    And, trust me, these guys are only in it for the money.  

    The mainstream media and surgeons BLATANTLY IGNORE studies that prove the dangers of bariatric surgery far outweigh the benefits. 

    Obesity Surgery, a journal dedicated ENTIRELY to bariatric surgery, has printed multiple articles highlighting very real dangers including: 

    • Deficiencies of calcium, vitamin D, iron, folic acid, and more 
    • DOUBLE the risk of bone fracture 
    • Too much weight loss 
    • Memory loss, weakness, and fatigue 
    • Follow-up surgeries to fix stomach bands 
    • Death 

    How is all of this happening? 

    Well, lots of people who get bariatric surgery have trouble absorbing food and nutrients. Their bodies are literally STARVING to death.  

    But there’s a much better way to get ALL the benefits of bariatric surgery PLUS SOME. It’ll cost you WAY LESS and it addresses the ROOT CAUSE of obesity and diabetes. 

    Where strict diets have failed you before, this way of eating can save your health and effortlessly shrink your waistline.

    It’s called the Paleo Diet (a.k.a. Caveman Diet). It ditches the refined foods and sugars responsible for insulin spikes and weight gain.

    It’s so effective, it trumps the Mediterranean Diet for weight loss and diabetes. 

    Studies say it checks the boxes to help reduce heart attacks and strokes, too. 

    In other words, Paleo does everything bariatric surgery says it will  without the risks or extravagant costs. 

    And it’s easy to follow.  

    All you do is eat anything a caveman would: fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils. Your diet should primarily be focused on meat and vegetables. Consider fruit to be a treat you can use to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

    If you’re ever confused about what to buy, stick to the outside aisles of the grocery store for Paleo-approved foods. 

    The processed junk is usually in the middle aisles.  

  2. Raid the spice rack to beat back bulge

    It's the time of year when every magazine on the newsstand tells you to start getting "beach-body" ready for summer.

    Which is pretty funny -- because the best way to have a "beach body" is simply to put your body on the beach!

    All of the fad diets and workouts they're trying to sell to you are ridiculous… but it’s never a bad idea to shed a few extra pounds any time of year.

    We know that carrying around too much excess weight can raise your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer -- and those stubborn pounds can be harder to lose as you age and your metabolism slows.

    But you don't need to do a crazy "cleanse" or extreme exercise to zap that fat -- because according to a new study, something sitting in your spice rack can accelerate weight loss naturally.

    I'm talking about the dynamic duo of turmeric and black pepper!

    As you may know, turmeric -- which flavors everything from Indian curry to ballpark mustard -- contains a natural anti-inflammatory called "curcumin," while black pepper gets its peppery taste from a compound called "piperine."

    In the study, published in Nutrition & Metabolism, researchers fed obese mice a calorie-restricted diet either on its own or supplemented with curcumin, piperine, or a combination of both curcumin AND piperine.

    After about five months, it turned out that the mice who received both curcumin and piperine lost MORE body fat than mice in ANY of the other groups.

    That means that combining a sensible diet with this spicy twosome had a greater impact on weight loss than diet alone.

    Not only that, but the spice compounds were stronger TOGETHER than they were individually!

    The theory is that curcumin can speed weight loss by helping to hold blood sugar in check... reversing insulin resistance ... and even reducing the formation of fat tissue by suppressing the blood vessels needed to form it .

    And adding piperine to the mix can boost the effectiveness of curcumin -- because piperine is known to shield curcumin from damage as it travels through your belly, making more of it available to your cells.

    That's nothing to sneeze at! (Forgive my grandpa humor, I can’t help myself sometimes.)

    Plus, the benefits don't stop there. Previous studies have shown that the turmeric-pepper combo can improve knee osteoarthritis symptoms, benefit your heart, and even protect your blood vessels from diabetic damage .

    So, whether you want to slash your risk of disease... or just want to look good on the sand... try shaking these tasty spices into your meals.

    As the study shows, the spices work best with a diet that promotes weight loss, and for that, you can't beat the Paleo (a.k.a. "caveman") diet, which eliminates the grains and sugars that can pack on pounds.

    Getting some exercise can grease the wheels of weight loss, too!

  3. Don't skip breakfast to meet your weight loss goals

    You may be inclined to skip out on the most important meal of the day as you're counting calories in the new year, but missing breakfast won't help you lose weight in the long run -- and it can actually mess with your blood sugar and send you down the road to diabetes. Here's a better weight loss strategy that will keep you from getting hungry... and start your day off deliciously.
  4. Partners benefit from spouses' weight loss

    When one spouse participates in a weight loss program, the other partner tends to lose weight too.
  5. Weight loss not affected by obesity gene

    New study shows no significant difference in weight loss for people with versus without the “obesity gene” if they follow a similar diet and exercise regimen.
  6. Diabetes drug for weight loss is a ride on the Vomit Comet

    Big Pharma weight-loss plan will make you puke You're pedaling away on that exercise bike like a 12-year-old with the world's longest paper route. You've logged so many hours on the rowing machine that you ought to be a Navy captain by now. Remember the good ol' days when all you'd find at the health club was a set of...
  7. Nanny State blames cheap food for fat Americans

    Personal responsibility be damned. Researchers are claiming that inexpensive food is the real cause of America's obesity epidemic.
  8. Are you too fat to beat cancer?

    A new Oxford study claims overweight people are 30% less likely to survive cancer.
  9. Bariatric surgery cheerleaders unveil shameful sales pitch

    Mainstream surgeons are peddling bariatric surgery to prevent a heart rhythm disorder you have almost no chance of developing.
  10. Statins users are eating themselves sick

    A new study finds that patients are using cholesterol-lowering statins as a license to binge on junk food.

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