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  1. New calcium plan is all wet

    U.S. water has turned into the world's biggest experimental chemistry set, overflowing with everything from sex drugs to rocket fuel.

    And now, the World Health Organization wants to add one more ingredient to the industrial sludge flowing from your tap: Calcium. Those vaccine-pushing Big Pharma cronies are urging governments around the world to begin dumping this mineral into the water supply, ASAP.

    I know what you're thinking: Are you out of your head, doc? What could you possibly have against calcium?

    Nothing -- except for the little detail that most of us have all the calcium we need. Since that's true (and believe me, it is), I have to wonder what the WHO really wants to dump into our water.

    But let's pretend for a moment that this is just another misguided effort to give people more calcium. Do you really want some low bidder in Red China to play mad scientist with your town's water supply?

    Think I'm paranoid? I only wish I was paranoid! Just take a look at the fluoride situation.

    Fluoride is one of the most dangerous poisons on earth, needlessly dumped into drinking water from coast to coast. But in some communities, it might even be worse than that -- because they've recently discovered that their Chinese-made "fluoride" is something else entirely, and they're still not sure what the heck it really is. (Click here to read more about the tainted fluoride scandal.)

    Unlike fluoride, you actually do need calcium -- but odds are you've got plenty of it, especially if you've been following my diet advice. Careless over-consumption of calcium, on the other hand, can lead to heart problems, osteoarthritis, muscle pain, cancer and even the brittle bones it's supposed to prevent.

    That's one reason women who gobble down calcium candies still get osteoporosis.

    The real problem isn't a lack of calcium, it's a deficiency in the other nutrients needed to make it work -- like vitamin D. And if you want the strongest, healthiest bones in town, there's one mineral you're really missing out on... and it's not calcium.

    Readers of The Douglass Report got the lowdown on this months ago -- and if you're not a subscriber, click here to get in on the action today. Then, head to the online archives and read all about the calcium swindle in the November 2009 issue.

    And whatever you do, don't drink the water.

  2. The real story behind the global fertility problem

    You know that old saying, “be careful what you wish for?”

    Well, the elites have been wishing for decades that they could control the world’s population. And it looks like they may have succeeded too well.

    A new film “The Demographic Bomb: Demography as Destiny” looks at what’s in store down the road. And it’s not the wild, unsustainable population growth they've tricked you into worrying about.

    In fact, it’s just the opposite.

    The generation we’re raising now is facing some serious hardships as entire economies are about to run into people shortages. Already, Shanghai is trying to reverse China’s one-child mindset as the city’s leaders sense a disaster in the making.

    Too little, too late.

    Reducing fertility is a heck of a lot easier than raising it again, especially when you hear the shocking truth behind the global fertility problem.

    That’s something even these experts still won’t talk about, not on the record anyway.

    But I will.

    The elites out there want you to think the planet is heading for some kind of population catastrophe. This shadowy ruling class has worked behind the scenes for decades to limit our population growth — both socially through one-child policies in some nations, and in other more sinister ways that are tough to swallow. Literally.

    There is evidence to believe that these fanatics are using the water supply to reduce fertility rates – and it’s working. Sperm counts are down dramatically, more men are shooting blanks, and more couples are having problems conceiving.

    If you think all of this is a paranoid delusion, then I have some facts – not opinions, but cold, hard science – that will blow your mind in the September issue of the Douglass Report. Like the fact that the same drugs given to men undergoing sex-change operations have been turning up in your drinking water.

    Trust me, once you read this important issue,  you’ll never take another gulp of your tap water again.

  3. Local town "accidentally" puts acid in water

    Someone in the town of Bellaire, Ohio, mistakenly put hydrochloric acid into the town's water supply, thinking it was fluoride.
  4. Slow brain leads to slow muscles for those over 40

    New research indicates that brain decline has a direct effect on how quickly you can perform even the most basic physical acts.
  5. Restrictive drug handling laws lead to gallons narcotics in the water supply

    Turns out some of the most closely monitored and controlled drugs - like narcotics and painkillers - are disposed of by simply dumping them into the water supply!
  6. New study finds Big Pharma gunk in our water supply

    An investigation conducted by the Associate Press revealed that an incredible variety of pharmaceuticals was found in the drinking supply of 41 million Americans.

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