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  1. How to fight the man on fluoride

    Take on city hall -- and win! -- when it comes to fluoride

    So what can you do to fight water fluoridation? Two things: One for your community, the other for your family.

    First, don't be afraid to fight "the man." Get your friends and neighbors who share you concerns together and take your case to city hall. Demand to know why they're poisoning the water.

    Arm yourself with the facts, like Daily Dose reader Jeff Chandler. He gave the Carlton City, Georgia city council an earful about fluoride's devastating effects on the human body -- including damage to the immune system, disruption of the thyroid, and an increased risk of cancer.

    He even quoted yours truly (I'm honored).

    Whatever you do, don't let your community's do-nothing bureaucrats try to pass the buck. In Jeff's case, the city council tried to run a line of bull past him by claiming that fluoride rules are set by the state.

    That's the worst kind of lie because it's a half-truth. Sure, some states have "rules" -- but they're more like guidelines, and in most cases communities can simply opt out.

    That's the case in Georgia.

    But wherever you live, make sure your town opts out. You CAN win this fight -- and thanks to the efforts of concerned citizens just like you, communities are opting out of fluoride every day.

    It does take time -- sometimes years -- so there's one other step you need to take, and that's to protect your family right now by installing a reverse osmosis water filter in your home.

    It's the only filtration system that can rid your water of absolutely everything. And believe me, there's a lot more than fluoride in your water. Lead, mercury, drugs, hormones, chemical waste, rocket fuel -- your H20 is a toxic stew, and don't think for a minute that all this stuff fell in by accident.

    Want to know more? You can either wait for the mainstream media to pick up the story (don't hold your breath) or you can read this.

  2. Another win in the battle against fluoride

    Save big money by NOT poisoning your town

    There's finally an issue powerful enough to force communities to think twice about water fluoridation -- and it's not the decades of science that prove beyond all doubt that this toxic waste can rot the brain from the inside.

    It's money.

    The nationwide cash crunch has forced cities, towns, villages and counties from coast to coast to pinch every penny they can -- and many of them have found they can save big by pulling the plug on water fluoridation.

    The latest community to join the list is Pinellas County, Florida, which will save $205,000 next year alone by simply choosing to NOT poison its own residents.

    I call that a win-win.

    Money was also a motive in Mount Clemens, Michigan, which unanimously voted to end fluoridation -- saving them $40,000 a year, as I told my readers last month in The Douglass Report.

    They're not alone. Over the past few years, hundreds of communities have flushed their fluoridation programs -- and I don't care if the reason is money, science, or a late-night whisper from the man in the moon.

    ANY reason to end water fluoridation is a good one in my book, because exposure to this poison is scientifically proven to make kids dumber and turn adults into... well... just look around you and see what decades of this practice has done to society.

    Want more reasons? You know this stuff can discolor teeth -- even the U.S. government admits that -- but you might not realize that fluoride can actually weaken and break bone, and may even cause bone cancer.

    All that, and it's not even great at protecting teeth!

    One of the biggest studies ever found no difference in cavities between kids who got fluoridated water and kids who didn't -- and even the fluoride-pushing American Dental Association admits the benefit might be as low as 20 percent.

    If that's still not enough, consider this: China sells us as much fluoride as we're willing to buy... but they won't put a drop of it into their own water.

    Think they might know something we don't?

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