And they have the nerve to call it "diet" soda?

It must be a diet straight out of you-know-where -- because new studies find yet again that guzzling this junk will cause your belly bulge and send you hurtling down the path towards diabetes.

But that's not CO2 in your growing gut -- that's plain old fat, and it's being fed by aspartame, the "no-calorie" sweetener used in diet soda.

In the first study, researchers looked at nearly a decade of data on 474 Texas seniors and found that those who knocked back two diet sodas a day had bellies that grew 500 percent faster than those of the non-drinkers.

That led to waistlines two inches bigger -- but it didn't take two sodas a day to have an impact: The researchers also reported at a recent American Diabetes Association conference that any diet soda at all caused waistlines to expand 70 percent faster.

In another study, researchers gave mice either a diet with added corn oil and aspartame -- something like a rodent version of a fast food meal with a diet soda -- or a diet with just the corn oil.

After three months, the aspar-mice had skyrocketing glucose levels and increased insulin resistance, turning them into furry prediabetics with frightening speed.

Think that's bad? That's positively mild compared to the other complaints associated with aspartame.

This awful sweetener has been linked to seizures, coma, brain tumors, headaches, memory loss and more -- right up to and including death itself, and I'm giving you the short version here.

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You'll never drink diet soda again!