1. Study finds Americans are turning to supplements

    Americans ready to kick the drug habit

    Forget all that kumbaya nonsense about sitting around in peace circles and sharing our feelings. If you ask me, there's only ONE way to get through to a bully -- punch him right in the nose.

    But for decades now, Uncle Sam and mainstream medicine have been rolling over like cowards while Big Pharma used its billion-dollar war chest and political influence to force dangerous, unproven drugs onto pharmacy shelves and down our throats.

    Well, it looks like there's at least one brave soul willing to stand up to the greedy drug company bullies once and for all. There's one guy who won't let the Pfizers and Mercks of the world kick sand in his face one day longer.

    And you see him every day -- right in the mirror.

    An exciting new report published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition is the latest proof that folks like you have Big Pharma running scared, as you increasingly turn to safe, natural supplements to keep healthy.

    The study, which covered 2007 to 2011, found that two-thirds of Americans are now taking supplements to stay healthy and correct nutritional deficiencies. And millions of folks will tell you it's the best decision they ever made. Because researchers found that once you start taking supplements... once you get serious about investing in your health... you're also more likely to exercise, get regular check-ups, and maintain a healthy weight.

    Supplements have gone mainstream -- in fact, Americans are just as likely to take supplements as own their own homes. And the rise of supplements is more than a healthy move away from the dangerous -- and pointless -- symptom-control treatment you'll get from the mainstream.

    It's a hard and long-overdue punch right to Big Pharma's kisser.

  2. Vitamin C lowers BP

    When a drug drops BP levels by a few lousy points, docs throw a party. When a vitamin does the same thing they claim, "it's only a few lousy points."

    Which is it?

    These days, docs are turning up their noses at an analysis of 29 studies that found 500 mg of vitamin C a day can trim 5 points off the systolic blood pressure (the top number) in patients with "high" blood pressure.

    I'm not one to get excited over 5 points myself, but those same docs will tell anyone 5 points over the threshold -- a threshold that seems to get lower every year -- that they need medication.

    So this should be good news to them, right?


    "(B)efore we can recommend supplements as a treatment for high blood pressure, we really need more research to understand the implications of taking them," study author Edgar "Pete" R. Miller III, MD, PhD, wrote in a news release.

    Really, Pete?

    If there's any vitamin as well understood as vitamin C, I can't name it. You need this stuff, and plenty of it -- and while I've seen analysts claim the 500 mg a day in the study is a high dose, it's nothing of the sort.

    It's what I call a "good start," because most people need about 1,200 mg a day -- and if you get that much, you might even shave a few more points off those BP levels.

    But take it because you need more C -- not because you're worried about BP. In fact, if you're just 5 or so points off the target, you've got nothing to worry about.

    If your levels suddenly shoot up for a reason that's not immediately obvious and then remain high, you might need a little more help -- and I don't mean a vitamin OR a med.

    You need a doctor who can figure out why it happened. I suggest using a naturopathic doctor. You can find one in the directory on the Web site of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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