Imagine that -- good nutrition can help a woman get pregnant.

Sounds like plain old common sense to me... but to the mainstream, the latest research has been an absolute revelation: Women given a blend of essential vitamins had more than double the success rate of women who took only folic acid.

The catch here is that all 56 women in the study were undergoing in-vitro fertilization, so a certain level of success was almost guaranteed right out of the gate -- but all of the women had been trying for a year with no luck.

That all changed when they started taking their vitamins.

Half got a blend of essentials such as vitamins C and E along with zinc, and folic acid, while the rest got only folic acid. A few months later, 60 percent of the women who got the essentials were picking out nursery colors versus just 25 percent of those who took folic acid.

Since the study was small and only included women undergoing IVF treatments, there's no guarantee these vitamins will boost the fertility of women trying to conceive the old-fashioned way.

But if you can hear the ticking of your biological clock, you don't exactly have time to wait for more research on this -- and since these are all safe nutrients you should be getting anyway, go ahead and load up.

The supplement used in the study is called Vitabiotics Pregnacare-Conception, and you can see all the ingredients right here. A good multi will have most of them, and you can always add a supplement to get whatever the multi misses.

Whatever you do, skip the meds -- many drugs can have disastrous effects on fertility, and harm the fetus if you do manage to conceive.