Slowing macular degeneration

Doctors and scientists have known for some time that lutein has a significant effect in slowing the onset and severity of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), a disabling eye deterioration that threatens everyone who lives long enough. Lutein, because of its antioxidant ability, offers hope for at least slowing down the process of ARMD, which is currently the leading cause of blindness among older Americans.

But it looks certain that lutein's benefits go far beyond helping those suffering from macular degeneration. As a potent antioxidant, lutein also appears to have a positive effect on all the arteries on your body. The eye-boosting antioxidant is joining vitamins A, C and D as a potent heart-disease fighter.

Researchers at the UCLA Medical Center reported their findings in Circulation, an American Heart Association publication. They studied blood levels of lutein in 480 middle-aged men and women. Dr. James H. Dwyer and his colleges found that participants with the highest blood levels of lutein showed virtually no artery-wall thickening at the end of the study. Patients with the lowest lutein levels showed increased artery thickness.

The UCLA researchers studied their subjects for only 18 months. It's hard to believe that significant changes would be seen in such a short study period. I'd be very interested in a larger study over a longer period of time. If you don't want to wait that long you can take 6 milligrams of lutein two times a day - not just for healthy vision but also for better cardiovascular health.

But accelerating vernacular degeneration!

American medicine could collapse from the latest (and totally insane) regulations now in effect to pander to non-English-speaking immigrants. You and I both know the government has some ridiculous notions, but this one's a whopper! Listen to this:

Let's say a patient walks into a doctor's office in Kokomo, Indiana. The patient only speaks Farsi (Tagalog, Swahili, Eascudu or whatever). The doctor is now LEGALLY REQUIRED to provide - and pay for - an interpreter! And the law specifically states "any language" and extends to services in the OR, and pre- and post- operative suites.

According to writer David Limbaugh (yes, Rush's brother), "Some medical doctors are mad as well and aren't going to take it anymore." He must have been talking about me! I want to say: "I can't even believe this is actually happening," but the tragic truth is that it doesn't really surprise me at all! When it comes to immigration, our government's been putting the cart before the horse for so long, I've come to EXPECT it.