1. Sham PETA "research" links milk to autism

    Pathetic PETA trying to milk autism misery

    Joe McCarthy may have been crazy... he may have been a blowhard... he may even have even been an alcoholic.

    But that doesn't mean America's most famous commie hunter was wrong. He just didn't know where to look.

    Because there's a group of communists polishing their hammers and sickles all across America today. Our cities and towns are infested with a group of anti-American socialists who want to control what you think and even what you eat.

    And you better believe they're not above fooling you with phony science if it furthers their far-left agenda.

    The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) -- which ought to stand for Pathetic Egomaniac Turkey Activists -- has just launched a propaganda campaign right out of Stalin's playbook.

    Believe it or not, they're trying to claim drinking milk causes autism.

    And like all serious scientific undertakings, they're not spreading their "research" through respected, peer-reviewed journals -- they're turning to billboards and brochures.

    Forget "Got milk?" Try "Got crazy?" for these guys.

    I've been telling you for years that you're more likely to find fairies and goblins at a PETA meeting than a single hippy activist with a high IQ. But I'm more convinced than ever that this sham outfit is churning out morons who ought to have America's education system hanging its head in shame.

    These cow worshipers don't like to let facts get in the way of a good sob story, but the truth is per capita milk consumption in America has decreased almost every year since 1975. We're drinking 25% less milk than we were 40 years ago -- and with the pasteurized, homogenized swill they're selling in supermarkets, who could blame us?

    But during just the past 15 years, the autism rate in America has more than DOUBLED! And if you'd like for PETA to explain how we're fighting MORE autism while drinking LESS milk, you can probably find one of their reps singing "Kumbaya" to chickens in a local hen house.

    There's only one number these vegan Nazis care about -- four. That's the number of teats on a dairy cow, and they don't want you touching any of them.

    This PETA nonsense isn't about science and it doesn't have a darned thing to do with your health -- this is about a bunch of brainwashed activists who left the real world so long ago they're practically running around with alien probes up their backsides. If you need proof, check out their vomit-inducing vegan-powered sex campaign.

    I've told you before, the wackos at PETA would rather see you dead than subject a dumb dairy cow to the pain and humiliation of a simple milking. It's time to put these crazies in the nuthouse where they belong, and pour yourself a nice, tall glass of healthy raw milk.

    And let PETA cry about it until the cows come home.

  2. Low-iron vegetarian diet could lead to deadly stroke

    Leaf-lover diet is PROVEN to "kale" you

    You know what you call a vegetarian with diarrhea? A salad shooter.

    It's an old joke, and it would be a heck of a lot funnier if the diarrhea afflicting most vegetarians wasn't coming out of their mouths.

    These leaf lovers can't wait to make mealtime miserable for everyone, railing about the value of a turkey's life while they chow down on some tofu and cabbage nonsense that smells like it was prepared in an outhouse.

    If you have one of these maddening meat haters in your life, it's probably occurred to you more than once that he's a little soft in the head. And, oh, how right you are.

    That's because British researchers have proven that from the very moment you choose a vegetarian diet, you could be on a countdown to a dangerous and deadly stroke. Iron greases the wheels of your circulatory system, keeping platelets from sticking together, and if you don't get enough iron you could be DOUBLING your stroke risk.

    And guess who's not getting enough iron? That same veg-head sitting across from you at the dinner table, who wants you to pin a medal on his chest every time he chows down on a soy burger.

    After all, animal protein like beef, eggs, and turkey are the best sources of iron around. But it's as if these vegan militants have sworn off meat in some hemp-robed religious ceremony. They just won't listen to reason.

    You see, vegetarians are like every other person who has ever fallen victim to a cult -- they don't even realize they're in one. But the more meat-free Kool-Aid they drink, the sicker they get. That's why prominent vegetarians like Linda McCartney and Michael Clarke Duncan were dead before they hit 60.

    In fact, vegetarian diets have been linked to pancreatic cancer -- the very disease that killed Steve Jobs!

    When you get right down to it, vegetarianism is not about your health -- it's about politics. If you just laid out the vitamin, mineral and caloric content of a vegetarian diet, no doctor in his right mind would sign off on it. He'd ask where the protein was... he'd ask serious questions about iron deficiency... he'd say you were starving yourself to death.

    And he'd be right. Don't let these anti-meat turkeys bully you for one more day. The next time one of those mango munchers hassles you about the delicious steak dinner you're grilling up, give him some advice he'll have no trouble following.

    Tell him to stop having a cow.

  3. Why vegans smell so bad

    Going vegetarian or vegan will make you so gassy no one will want to be around you. It's true!
  4. Child abuse! NYC forces kids into vegetarianism

    A New York City public school has removed all meat from the menu, forcing kids who want school lunch to go vegetarian -- or go without.
  5. Vegetables for heart health? Not so fast!

    A new study claims vegetarianism improves heart health -- but this one has more holes than a wormy apple.
  6. Bill Clinton's deadly new outlook

    After a series of heart scares over the years, formerly tubby former president Bill Clinton now says he's pledging allegiance to a strict vegan diet. ... And if he manages to (mostly) stick to his newfound vegan faith, those cheating moments with seafood might be the only things that keep him alive -- because as I've told you before, this isn't a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Matters gestative and digest-ative

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    But just to reiterate: I think "aspirin therapy" is crazy. Not only does aspirin increase the risk of potentially lethal internal bleeding, it's also makes blood MORE likely to clot up, not less!
  9. An extreme obsession with "healthy" eating habits

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