1. Vegetarian diet’s pitfalls outweigh the benefits

    Don't deprive your inner caveman

    Q: I know you prefer the Paleo Diet as an approach to eating, but does going "meatless" have any merits? My daughter has recently declared that she's now a vegetarian, and I'm worried about the impact on her health.

    GR: I talk about the protein-rich Paleo Diet so often, you might think I get on my "soapbox" just to bash vegetarians!

    The truth is, after having worked with many patients that have stopped eating meat, I'm not totally against this lifestyle choice.

    I'll even admit that the documentary Forks Over Knives makes a compelling argument in favor of it, as it explores a large-scale study that showed that cancers occurred much more frequently in China's meat-consuming areas versus its plant-based communities.

    I'm also aware of the work of Dr. Dean Ornish, who has shown that a plant-based diet (plus other healthy lifestyle choices) can lower the buildup of plaque on the cardiac arteries.

    Now, I'm not denying that there's some merit to be found in vegetarianism that's backed by science. But I do feel that for the health and wellbeing of myself, my loved ones, and my patients, consuming SOME meat products would be a better overall option than giving up meat entirely.

    And the decision to be a vegetarian has so many pitfalls that giving up meat and other animal products is WAY more than a lifestyle choice -- it's a medical decision.

    That means that anyone considering making such a radical change in their diet needs to be followed closely by a physician.

    But not just any ol' doc. Even that trusted family doc you've been with for years may not be able to thoroughly evaluate a patient who's become a vegetarian -- especially in making sure that the levels of nutrients like vitamin B12 and iron aren't dipping.

    As I shared with you in the December issue of Nutrition & Healing (check your inbox!), I see lower levels of vitamins like B12 and minerals like iron in vegetarians all the time.

    And there are lots of other crucial nutrients in meat-based foods that most vegetarians cannot get, too.

    Skipping out on meat can even make you depressed!

    Now, some vegetarians (and would-be veg-heads), however, aren't entirely focused on the health benefits of banishing animal proteins from their diets.

    There's a not-so-minor ethical consideration at play here, too.

    Of course, I'm not pleased about the cruelty that some of these animals endure. That's one of the reasons I always encourage my patients to source their meat locally, ideally from an organic farm where livestock are grass-fed and poultry are free-range.

    It's not just a better environment for animals than those "factory farms."

    When the use of antibiotics and hormones is forbidden... and the farm animals eat more closely to what THEIR ancestors ate... the actual cuts of meat you'll get will be much healthier for YOU.

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  2. Sham PETA "research" links milk to autism

    Pathetic PETA trying to milk autism misery

    Joe McCarthy may have been crazy... he may have been a blowhard... he may even have even been an alcoholic.

    But that doesn't mean America's most famous commie hunter was wrong. He just didn't know where to look.

    Because there's a group of communists polishing their hammers and sickles all across America today. Our cities and towns are infested with a group of anti-American socialists who want to control what you think and even what you eat.

    And you better believe they're not above fooling you with phony science if it furthers their far-left agenda.

    The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) -- which ought to stand for Pathetic Egomaniac Turkey Activists -- has just launched a propaganda campaign right out of Stalin's playbook.

    Believe it or not, they're trying to claim drinking milk causes autism.

    And like all serious scientific undertakings, they're not spreading their "research" through respected, peer-reviewed journals -- they're turning to billboards and brochures.

    Forget "Got milk?" Try "Got crazy?" for these guys.

    I've been telling you for years that you're more likely to find fairies and goblins at a PETA meeting than a single hippy activist with a high IQ. But I'm more convinced than ever that this sham outfit is churning out morons who ought to have America's education system hanging its head in shame.

    These cow worshipers don't like to let facts get in the way of a good sob story, but the truth is per capita milk consumption in America has decreased almost every year since 1975. We're drinking 25% less milk than we were 40 years ago -- and with the pasteurized, homogenized swill they're selling in supermarkets, who could blame us?

    But during just the past 15 years, the autism rate in America has more than DOUBLED! And if you'd like for PETA to explain how we're fighting MORE autism while drinking LESS milk, you can probably find one of their reps singing "Kumbaya" to chickens in a local hen house.

    There's only one number these vegan Nazis care about -- four. That's the number of teats on a dairy cow, and they don't want you touching any of them.

    This PETA nonsense isn't about science and it doesn't have a darned thing to do with your health -- this is about a bunch of brainwashed activists who left the real world so long ago they're practically running around with alien probes up their backsides. If you need proof, check out their vomit-inducing vegan-powered sex campaign.

    I've told you before, the wackos at PETA would rather see you dead than subject a dumb dairy cow to the pain and humiliation of a simple milking. It's time to put these crazies in the nuthouse where they belong, and pour yourself a nice, tall glass of healthy raw milk.

    And let PETA cry about it until the cows come home.

  3. "Mostly vegan" researcher backs study attacking meat

    Why did the leftist mainstream media refuse to report that the author of a new study blasting meat is "mostly vegan"?
  4. Low-iron vegetarian diet could lead to deadly stroke

    Looks like the half-baked vegetarians have gotten themselves into another sticky situation. Their low-iron diet forces platelets to clump together and could cause fatal strokes.
  5. Researchers find that we can smell dietary fat in food

    Those vegan meat haters are looking to get your nose out of joint -- literally! Researchers say they may be on the verge of using phony scents to trick you into eating less of the meat and dietary fat you need to keep your brain sharp, ward off heart disease, and control your weight.
  6. Dangers of vegetarian and vegan diets

    Vegetarian and vegan diets aren't healthy. They're actually proven to cause everything from heart disease to an early death.
  7. Vegan author tries to manipulate kids into unhealthy lifestyle

    A new children's book on animals is a thinly veiled attempt to manipulate their emotions and turn them into unhealthy vegans.
  8. UK climate weirdo's strange demand

    Of all the screwy ideas I've heard lately, this one takes the cake: A British "authority" on global warming says that in order to save the planet, we all need to become vegetarians.
  9. Why you should ignore all that exercise nonsense

    A recent study found that overweight and obese women need to exercise an hour a day, five days a week to sustain weight loss.
  10. Soy ya later!

    Research from the acclaimed Mintel group has revealed that sales of foods and beverages containing soy have slowed significantly over the past five years, and could continue to decline through 2012.

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