1. Poop cloud hangs over America's factory farms

    Factory farms unleash a crap storm

    With their filthy conditions and fertilizer-infested food, America's factory farms have been stirring up a public health crap storm for years.

    And now it looks like they've found a better way to do it.

    Because a shocking new report proves that factory farms have resorted to a practice so nauseating, it'll have your belly doing back flips the next time you throw a head of “fresh" lettuce into your shopping cart.

    These junk peddlers aren't just forcing crap down our throats – they're forcing it down our LUNGS!

    A Wisconsin watchdog group reports that Americans all across the fruited plains are literally choking on the AIRBORNE manure factory farms are spraying on their crops. These million-dollar food factories have begun using their irrigation machines to spray liquefied feces all over those fresh veggies you're tossing in your family's salad.

    That's right -- the crap has literally hit the fan.

    Folks living within a country mile of these farms literally can't get a breath of fresh air, and constantly inhaling manure has left them with respiratory diseases and serious infections.

    One poor sap had to move after the smell of animal waste seeped into his walls -- and all because Big Food wanted to save a few bucks on spreading manure by hand.

    Not very neighborly is it?

    Don't be fooled, these folks aren't your grandpa's local farmers, with a red barn and a couple of cows. In fact these mega-farms have forced moms and pops right out of business, and they're bullying their neighbors into selling their land for pennies on the dollar.

    It's not just unhealthy -- it's un-American.

    If you're not already buying organic, locally-grown produce, now may be the time to make the switch. Chances are you'll get to do something lots of factory farm neighbors no longer can -- breathe a little easier.

  2. Packaged fruits and vegetables raise death risk 17%

    The loaded weapon in your kid's lunchbox

    Boy times sure have changed since I was a kid. There are metal detectors in every school. Your granddaughter can't bring a purse to class without passing it through some state-of-the-art X-ray machine first. Bulky, armed security guards are roaming the halls like members of some Israeli SWAT team.

    So how on earth are MILLIONS of American kids sneaking deadly weapons into our schools every single day? You won't find them in their lockers, or stashed in their socks -- these chemical bombs are stuffed right in your kiddo's lunchbox.

    And there's a good chance you put it there!

    A new UK study has found that those "healthy" cans of peaches and cups of "fruit cocktail" you're packing into your child's lunch every day could have him munching his way to an early grave -- and these phony health foods aren't much better for you, either.

    In fact, folks who ate the most canned or frozen fruits and vegetables actually increased their risk of death by a shocking 17%. That's because frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are packed in syrups and deadly preservatives that kill important nutrients and attack your organs.

    Listen, for years you've been telling your kids and grandkids to never judge a book by its cover -- so start taking some of your own advice. That can in the supermarket aisle may say "pears" or "corn" on the outside, but it's what's REALLY on the inside that counts -- a sugar-loaded time bomb that doesn't deserve space in your kitchen cabinets, or your kid's belly.

  3. Meat haters use hocus pocus to sell Mediterranean Diet

    The anti-meat crowd is trying a clever sleight of hand to sell you the rabbit and bird food they call the Mediterranean diet. But this low-protein fad could leave you hungrier and unhealthier than ever.
  4. Forget chemo -- try broccoli instead

    The best thing I can say about many vegetables... like the twin starch bombs potatoes and corn... is that they make for excellent compost material. But I do make exceptions -- and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cauliflower are more than just a garnish for my steak. They taste great, and they've proven time and again they can help beat cancer.
  5. Nanny State nuggets

    It's the Nanny State gone wild! A North Carolina preschooler was FORCED to eat a shoddy school cafeteria lunch when officials decided the lunch she brought from home didn't meet USDA guidelines.
  6. School lunches now worse than ever

    It's Friday again, and that means it's time for my weekly look at Big Mother's relentless assault on your freedom to choose your family's food. On the menu this week: school lunch.

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