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  1. Trans fat ban falls short

    FDA saves the day? No way!

    When the guy who "saves" you from a burning building turns out to be the guy who set it on fire in the first place, you don't thank him.

    You toss him in jail!

    So lock up everyone at the FDA, CDC, USDA and any other DC agency with the nerve to dish out health advice -- because the government's new ban on artery-clogging trans fats is confession of a crime against Americans.

    Half a century ago, government know-it-alls -- with a big assist from the American Heart Association -- led the push to get people away from animal fats and onto vegetable oils.

    Out with the butter... and in with the margarine.

    Just one problem: Plant oils are harder to work with than animal fats. They're watery, like pus, and they go rancid easily. But the mad scientists of the food industry figured out that if you add hydrogen, the oils firm up and don't go bad so fast -- and they can be used in everything from margarine to snack cakes to fast food.

    That's how you get hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, that's how you get trans fats and that's how you get heart disease -- along with a higher risk of a heart attack and an early death, all from foods the government has been pushing on you as "healthier" than animal fats.

    These risks aren't new; we've known about them for ages. The FDA admitted trans fats are dangerous more than a decade ago, and did nothing. Heck, even the new ban isn't really a ban, because they've left one heckuva loophole in place: Low levels of trans fats can be rounded down to zero.

    Would you expect anything less from the FDA?

    Luckily, there's one way to avoid all the unhealthy trans fats from vegetable oils, and that's to pass on processed foods -- especially anything with hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.

    Since these are always junk foods, you shouldn't be eating them anyway whether they have trans fats or not.

    Stick to fresh foods, minimal carbs and natural animal fats instead.

    I'm not done with food yet. Keep reading for how NOT to cook your vegetables.

  2. Natural trans fats are GOOD for you

    The Nanny State nonsense over fats just won't stop -- with taxes, restrictions, and even flat-out bans making headlines nearly every week.

    Pretty soon, cooks will need a haz-mat license just to handle a tub of butter!

    But if you want to see how meaningless all those rules are regulations are, just take a look at the latest news on trans fats: Women who were put on a diet high in trans fats from butter suffered absolutely no ill effects by any mainstream measure.

    Their LDL cholesterol didn't shoot up... their triglycerides didn't skyrocket... and their HDL levels remained largely the same -- although in fat women, they dropped a tad.

    (Side note: These are mainstream measures -- not mine... to learn how to get the REAL story on cholesterol and why your levels are almost certainly too LOW, read this.)

    Surprised? If you've been keeping up with the Nanny State on this, it's downright shocking... but it's right in line with what I've said all along: Trans fats from meat and dairy are perfectly healthy.

    The only trans fats you need to worry about -- the ones that really will cause obesity, heart disease, dementia and more regardless of your cholesterol levels -- are the artificial trans fats that come from vegetable oils.

    Now, even the mainstream is starting to realize they botched this one big-time -- but get this: They STILL won't suggest you actually eat any meat... and STILL urge you to stick to a plant-based diet.

    By that logic, you should keep eating the "healthy" sources of unhealthy trans fats... and avoid the "unhealthy" sources of the healthy trans fats.

    It's enough to make your head spin!

    Forget this nonsensical game of opposites, because figuring out which fats are fit for your dinner plate couldn't be easier: The ones from meats and dairy are A-OK... and with few exceptions, the ones that come from plants are positively deadly.

    P.S. Think it's tough putting dinner on your table in the face of taxes, rules, regulations and just plain bad dietary advice? Try being a kid forced to eat that slop known as "school lunch." I'll have more on that next Friday.

  3. An oily slope for "bad" fat

    Polyunsaturated fats, which include almost all vegetable oils and no animal fats, are unhealthy and lead to atherosclerosis purgatory.

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