1. Can veganism cause pancreatic cancer?

    The meaty mineral that can slash your cancer risk

    Pancreatic cancer is the disease that ultimately claimed the life of Steve Jobs last year -- and if a guy with all that power and money can't beat it, you know it's bad news.

    But I can't help but wonder if the guy's vegan lifestyle did him in -- because there's a key mineral that can minimize your risk of this deadly cancer... and if you're munching on bunny chow, you're missing out.

    It's selenium, and just a few years ago I was the only one talking about its cancer-fighting powers.

    Now, it's a mainstream buzzword -- but it's so much more than a blurb on a supermarket vitamin label, because a new study finds that selenium can slash the risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 95 percent.

    That's as close as you can get to a guarantee you'll avoid the disease.

    The best source of selenium is Brazil nuts -- but let's face it, how often does anyone eat Brazil nuts? Most of us get our selenium from fish, beef, chicken and eggs -- and obviously, vegans aren't getting it at all (unless they really love Brazil nuts).

    Along with selenium, make sure you're getting in on nickel -- and I don't mean the coins, which are worth more as scrap metal than currency these days. The same new study finds that nickel can slash the risk of pancreatic cancer by about a third.

    Of course, all the nickel and selenium in the world won't keep the disease at bay if you're poisoning yourself each day -- and if you're drinking tap water, you're poisoning yourself each day.

    Lead, which leeches into the water from old piping, will increase your odds of the disease by 600 percent. The heavy metal cadmium, also turning up in U.S. drinking water, will more than triple it. Arsenic will double your risk -- and if you guessed that's also in your water, you guessed right.

    The only way to keep 'em all out -- and all the other frightening extras, from drugs to hormones, routinely discovered in U.S. drinking water -- is to invest in a reverse-osmosis filtration system and install it where the water enters your home.

    These systems are not expensive -- and they could save your life.

    I'm not done with pancreatic cancer yet -- keep reading for the one type of meat you need to avoid.

  2. Zinc the link for pneumonia prevention

    Vegans aren't just missing out on good health... there's now solid evidence that a meat-free lifestyle can leave seniors open to pneumonia and even death.

    That's because while you won't find the answer to colds, the flu and pneumonia in mainstream meds or vaccines... you will find it in zinc-rich foods such as steak, liver and oysters -- and a new study confirms what I've been saying about this miraculous mineral for years.

    Researchers have been keeping tabs on 600 elderly residents of 33 nursing homes in the Boston area who were given supplements with half the recommended amounts of essential vitamins and nutrients.

    Those with normal levels of zinc in the blood were 50 percent less likely to develop pneumonia, and needed fewer antibiotics when they did get sick. They even had a lower death rate, according to the study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

    Big Pharma's vaccine peddlers only WISH they could make those claims about their injections!

    Zinc has also been known to help keep colds at bay and limit the damage when you do get them -- although makers of zinc-based supplements who try to point that out often run afoul of the FDA.

    They've got drug companies to protect, after all!

    Just remember -- the seniors who got the boost simply had normal levels of zinc, and that's all you need as well. Since too much zinc can actually do more harm than good, visit a doc who can check your levels before you consider adding a supplement.

    For most people, that's overkill -- because you can get all the zinc you need from a steady diet of natural meats.

    And gents, since proper zinc will also help keep your pistol loaded and ready for action, there's even more of a reason to order oysters tonight.

  3. Zinc the link for pneumonia prevention

    Vegans aren't just missing out on good health... there's now solid evidence that a meat-free lifestyle can leave seniors open to pneumonia and even death.
  4. If meat is murder, then salad is slaughter

    Vegans love to climb up on their organic soapboxes and claim the high ground... because no animals die for their food. But is it any better to kill plants?
  5. Vegans being vegans

    The latest vegan smear tactics can be found in the pages of a children's book called "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals."

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