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  1. PETA is bribing the poor to accept unhealthy vegan diet

    Vegan vipers preying on the poor

    He may have a hairdo like a wad of cotton candy. And he has two overused lips where a giant zipper should be.

    But there's a darned good reason folks like Donald Trump don't belong to cults. Because if you have a job and two nickels to rub together those brainwashing boobs don't want anything to do with you.

    And right now, one of America's most pathetic, self-promoting cults is rolling out a recruitment campaign that would have given Charles Manson diarrhea bellyache. They have their sights set on some of America's poorest citizens and we're going to need body bags by the time this reign of health terror is over.

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) -- the deadliest cult since Jim Jones led a pack of sorry sacks into the jungle -- is promising to pay the water bills of poor Detroit residents.

    And all they have to do is spend 30 days on a health-destroying vegan diet.

    At least one Detroit woman has sold out her health to get a $147 overdue water bill paid -- and the leaf-lovers at PETA even sent her a 30-day starter kit that was likely loaded up with disgusting soy steaks and tofu turkey.

    But in a city with an unemployment rate of nearly 15%, you can bet there will be other takers. And let's face it -- that's EXACTLY why PETA picked Detroit.

    Yes, the same con artists who have the NERVE to include "ethical" in their names are BLACKMAILING America's poorest citizens into trying a killer, nonsense diet. And it's because these granola grinders may care about treating animals ethically -- but they sure don't give a whip about you.

    Vegan diets aren't just politically correct nonsense run amok -- they're downright deadly. Veganism can lead to hardened arteries, heart disease, and even pancreatic cancer! Don't believe me? Just ask former Apple founder -- and current cadaver -- Steve Jobs.

    Plus vegan diets will have you limping through your days like a listless sloth with a tranquilizer dart sticking out of his behind!

    Instead of helping America's poor, the folks at PETA are only interested in brainwashing them.

    If you live in Detroit, go ahead and take the pledge so you can get your water turned back on. Then, when your PETA starter kit arrives, do the one thing that could save your life.

    Flush that poison right down the toilet.

  2. Sex, lies and... celery?

    The myth of vegan-powered sex

    The fastest way to ruin your sex life is with a vegan diet, and that's the truth. But the bunny-huggers at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals want you to believe that beans, sprouts, and soy will turn you into some kind of sexual superhero.


    The vegan diet has absolutely NONE of the nutrients the human body needs for a healthy libido. Yet in a new online ad campaign, PETA shows a young woman with a neck injury caused by a vegan boyfriend who put her head through a wall during their celery-powered sex session.

    The video has gone "viral," meaning it's been seen by millions of people on the Internet. But if this is what passes for "viral," stand back -- because you don't want to risk being infected by this one.

    The human libido -- especially the male libido -- is powered by protein, which is almost completely absent from the vegan diet. That's why most veg-heads get their protein from buckets of soy-based supplements, along with the usual chunks of tofu and soyburgers.

    Just one problem: Soy is actually a plant version of estrogen. It's such a good clone of human estrogen that the body actually thinks it's getting a hormone boost with every bite.

    You know what too much estrogen will do to a man, right?

    The PETA commercial claims a man who goes vegan will "bring it like a tantric porn star." In reality, all that estrogen means he's more likely to "bring it" like Liberace.

    But besides protein, another great libido-booster is zinc -- and the best sources of it are all decidedly un-vegan, especially oysters and liver.

    But forget for a minute the absurdity of the "vegans make sex dynamos" claim... because vegan or not, any man who puts a woman's head through a wall during sex should be arrested, not celebrated. Does anyone beside me think it's downright sick that the same people who will do whatever they can to protect rats and squirrels advocate sex so violent a women has to get injured?

    If that's what passes for "great vegan sex," count yourself lucky you're not getting any.

  3. Bill Clinton's deadly new outlook

    After a series of heart scares over the years, formerly tubby former president Bill Clinton now says he's pledging allegiance to a strict vegan diet. ... And if he manages to (mostly) stick to his newfound vegan faith, those cheating moments with seafood might be the only things that keep him alive -- because as I've told you before, this isn't a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Vegan diet ups heart risk

    The analysis of dozens of studies published over the past 30 years found that vegans miss out on iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.

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