1. Are illegal immigrants causing a spike in US measles cases?

    Are illegals sneaking measles across the border?

    Most vaccinations have a M.D. on both ends -- a medical doctor and a major dummy. How many times are we going to let government bureaucrats and Big Pharma bullies push us into vaccinating our kids against diseases they'll likely never catch -- or that wouldn't kill them if they did anyway?

    Well don't look now, but the feds are wielding their megaphone again, warning that the gates of hell have opened and brought a measles "epidemic" back to America. According to a new report, the contagious, viral disease we thought we had kissed goodbye decades ago made 175 people sick last year.

    And you're practically being accused of being a terrible parent straight out of Mommie Dearest if you don't run to your doctor's office and get your kid vaccinated today.

    Just leave all your common sense in the car when you go.

    Pardon me, but when did 175 people out of a nation of over 313 MILLION become a crisis? If you put 175 people on a typical jetliner, two-thirds of the seats would still be empty!

    Maybe Uncle Sam is wearing his top hat too tightly and it's cutting off the blood flow to his brain. I don't know about you, but I would never make a major health decision for my kid based on what amounts to nothing more than a statistical blip.

    The uncomfortable truth is, if we REALLY want to eliminate measles in America we need to stop looking for answers at the end of a needle and start looking for it in the trunks of cars. Because millions of illegal aliens are streaming across our porous borders, costing our health care system a fortune, and bringing with them foreign diseases we've barely seen in years, like measles, chagas, and even LEPROSY!

    Tell our government to start getting serious about border security and we can stop these outbreaks before they ever start. After all our government may insist on bending over backwards to accommodate illegal aliens, but your kid shouldn't have to.

    Standing up to the alien invasion,

    William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

  2. Americans ditching vaccinations in droves

    Breaking up isn't hard to do

    Maybe that Dear John letter was finally delivered. Maybe he noticed we didn't send flowers for Valentine's Day.

    But Uncle Sam seems to have finally gotten the message that when it comes to following his sham health advice -- whether it's his toxic, carb-loaded food pyramid or his penchant for Big Pharma poison pills -- millions of us have left him for good.

    And, friend, he's not taking it well.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released a scathing report whining, complaining, and practically BEGGING American adults to start getting their vaccines again. And it's all because the CDC is finally opening its eyes to a silent revolution that's been occurring all across America for years. I'm talking about folks just like you and me -- folks who are sick of being used as pin cushions to "protect" us from diseases we'll never get --walking away from toxic vaccines for good.

    According to the CDC report, adult vaccination rates for a host of diseases are now lower than a Pygmy limbo stick. Folks are turning away from vaccines for pneumonia, herpes and hepatitis in droves. In fact, only 12% of the adult population made the bad decision to roll up their sleeves for the hepatitis A vaccine in 2012.

    Well, that's progress. But trust me, our nanny state overlords aren't about to take your right to skip vaccination lying down. The CDC is calling for a new public awareness propaganda campaign meant to swindle you into thinking vaccines are the only way to prevent disease.

    The only problem with that logic is that it's utter nonsense -- and the government's own data proves it.

    From 2007-2011, while hepatitis A vaccinations were dropping like a stone, guess what else was happening? America's hepatitis A rate fell by a whopping 60%! You heard that right -- vaccination and infection rates dropped at the exact same time!

    Looks like Uncle Sam has found the cure for hepatitis A and it's skipping the vaccine!

    Let's be honest. The falling vaccination rate is hurting Big Pharma a heck of a lot more than it's hurting us. And that's what this is REALLY about -- drug companies manipulating our government because they're worried they won't recoup the BILLIONS they spent developing vaccines we don't want.

    Well, the next time CDC gets an urge to write a report, maybe it should read the Declaration of Independence first. Because there's a little clause in there promising each of us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    As in it's your life, and you have the liberty to choose what you put into your body. And I don't give a damn whether our government is happy about it or not.

  3. Pregnant woman fired for refusing flu shot

    A pregnant woman was fired for refusing the flu shot because of the dangers it poses to her unborn baby. Here's how to fight back.
  4. Virginia is for mandates

    Parents have spoken loud and clear: They don't want dangerous HPV vaccinations forced on their daughters. Even the most ardent pro-vaccine moms and dads have been refusing Merck's Gardasil shot, and I say good for them.
  5. Don't trust new Gardasil 'study'

    You'd have to be on the Merck payroll to believe the company's dangerous HPV vaccine is actually safe. And sure enough, the latest study to make that claim was funded by none other than Merck itself.
  6. Get ready for FORCED vaccine experiments!

    Kiss whatever freedom you have left goodbye, folks -- because when it comes to vaccines, you're getting yours... or else!
  7. The empty promise of a malaria vaccine

    We have the power to eradicate malaria starting tomorrow -- saving millions of lives around the world. But instead of using that power to wipe out the mosquitos that transmit the disease, we're wasting precious time on the least effective possible approach: vaccines.
  8. The growing army of the unvaccinated

    It's become a legal and politically correct form of discrimination: Unvaccinated kids are being booted from schools, summer camps, and even doctor's offices.
  9. Mainstream admits to vaccine faults

    In the latest attempt to "prove" vaccines don't cause autism, the Institute of Medicine ended up admitting that standard childhood shots can cause just about everything else.
  10. Reckless endangerment

    Can't get a flu shot due to an egg allergy? Researchers say you should get one anyway -- even if you're a kid who could suffer a life-ending reaction to the vaccine.

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