1. Tylenol may boost ADHD risk by 37%

    Pill popping moms give babies a headache

    I've always had a theory about folks who say it's better to give than receive -- they've never gotten anything good. I bet their closets are stuffed floor to ceiling with ugly ties and cheap cologne.

    But if you like to haul in gifts -- I'm talking about the expensive stuff -- any gal will tell you that nothing beats having a baby. Something about that growing bump in your belly makes people want to lavish you with big-ticket items.

    There's the oak crib from Aunt Sally... the fancy jogging stroller from your sister... the debilitating disease risk from Johnson & Johnson.

    What, you don't remember that one? Well, you got it -- or at least your kid did. And when you hear what I tell you next, you won't be rushing to send a thank-you note.

    A massive new study has found that if you took acetaminophen, like Tylenol, during your pregnancy, you increased the chances of your kid developing ADHD by as much as 37%! And the longer you took it, the greater the risk.

    Now let me be straight with you. ADHD is the most over-diagnosed condition in America, and it's used by Big Pharma to throw pills at every kid who can't sit still. But for the kids who suffer from serious ADHD, life is a nightmare full of bad grades, bullying, and worse.

    And acetaminophen is no picnic for you either. Acetaminophen is like a cannonball to your liver, and has been linked to hundreds of deaths a year.

    ADHD is one gift you don't want to pass on to your kid. If you're struggling with the aches and pains of pregnancy, give heating pads and ice packs a try. But do your unborn baby (and yourself) a favor of a lifetime and keep that Tylenol in the bottle where it belongs.

  2. High-dose acetaminophen can cause liver damage

    Popular pain reliever could leave your liver in shreds

    My liver and I struck a bargain a long time ago. It's agreed to let me live to 100, and, in exchange, every night I supply it with two fingers of delicious single malt scotch.

    So far, so good.

    Our Creator only gave you one liver, and he doesn't exactly operate a spare parts department. So if you want to keep yours chugging along to a ripe old age and working to remove all those deadly toxins Corporate America and Uncle Sam put in our food and water supply, here's a nickel's worth of free advice.

    Grab that Tylenol bottle and throw it right in the trash. Because that "harmless" medicine you're popping daily for an annoying headache or a balky knee is unleashing chemical warfare on your liver!

    The FDA (which I'm convinced stands for Fools, Dummies, and, well, you figure out the rest), is FINALLY asking doctors to stop prescribing high-dose acetaminophen, which you'll find in Tylenol, Vicodin, Percocet, and lots of other pain and cold relief drugs.

    The evidence has piled up so darn high that even the feds can't deny seeing it anymore -- acetaminophen can make your liver quit working faster than a union worker at break time. It's been linked to thousands of cases of liver failure over the years, and three years after the FDA first asked Big Pharma to stop selling doses higher than 325 mg, only about half of the drug companies have complied.

    Huh. I guess "pretty please" didn't work....

    Now the FDA is saying it may start requiring drug makers to cut their acetaminophen doses, but don't hold your breath. Get acetaminophen out of your life now, and you and your liver can be best friends again. Maybe you'll even grab a swig of Johnnie Walker to celebrate.

  3. When Tylenol can cause kidney damage

    Tylenol and booze is a dangerous combination -- and people who combine both regularly have a higher risk of kidney disease.
  4. Tylenol for anxiety?

    Tylenol is already overused -- and now, it might be abused even more as researchers claim it can help with existential worry.
  5. Painkillers for hurt feelings? No way!

    It's crazy that there are people who just can't get through life's ordinary humps and bumps without meds. And if you think it's bad now, just wait 'til word of the latest "discovery" reaches the masses.
  6. The death risk hidden in your home

    You and just about everyone you know have probably taken acetaminophen hundreds of times without thinking twice. But next time you think about reaching for that pill bottle, think again -- because tiny overdoses of this drug can actually be DEADLIER than the massive ODs taken during suicide attempts!
  7. 'Safe' painkiller worsens asthma

    Asthma patients, if your doc is still telling you that acetaminophen is safe for your condition, it's time to switch docs and find one ready to join the rest of us here in the 21st century.
  8. Acetamin-o-mania

    Johnson & Johnson has been dragging its feet on Tylenol for years now -- and instead of cutting back on its dangerous main ingredient, acetaminophen, they've been pumping it into every product imaginable.
  9. Over-The-Counter Medicines Cause of Acute Liver Failure?

    With Vioxx in the news (and in your Daily Doses) right and left for its deadly effects, I guess it really shouldn't come as any surprise that the risks of other common painkillers are coming under scrutiny.

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