1. Cut triglycerides naturally with probiotics

    You know me by now. I don't give two shakes of a rat's tail about your cholesterol levels beyond making sure they're HIGH enough.

    Most folks suffer from cholesterol that's too LOW, thanks in large part to years of bad diet advice and of course statin drugs, which do not prevent, treat or cure any known disease.

    But there's one fat pumping through your pipes that really can do you in.

    Triglycerides are just as bad as you've heard -- if you've heard anything about them at all. The higher your levels, the higher your risk of suffering from heart disease, heart attack, stroke and more.

    So why isn't ANYONE talking about triglycerides? Easy: There's no drug to treat them, so there are no ads to assault you 24/7 and no docs paid to talk them up.

    That's just how I like it, because you don't need their help knocking down triglyceride levels.

    All you REALLY need is a topping you put on a hot dog!

    Sauerkraut is one of nature's superfoods, naturally packed with powerful probiotic bacteria -- and new research reveals why. Two strains of the heathy bacteria found in sauerkraut in particular can dramatically slash your triglyceride levels.

    Over 12 weeks, supplements with two species of Lactobacillus -- L. curvatus and L. plantarum -- cut triglycerides by 20 percent when compared to a placebo, according to the study in Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases.

    As triglycerides fell, levels of apolipoprotein A-V jumped by 25 percent. This is critical as apoA-V helps to regulate triglycerides. Over a longer period, that could help sink those triglycerides even further.

    You can find L. curvatus and L. plantarum in some supplements, but you may not find a blend that has both. So if you're looking to bring down those often-ignored triglycerides go ahead and make sauerkraut your side dish several times a week and you'll get all the L. curvatus and L. plantarum you need and then some.

  2. Cholesterol tests being pushed for fourth-graders

    Big Pharma preps kids for statin push

    It was longer ago than I care to admit, but I still remember standing around the sandlot with my buddies after a baseball game, bragging about our batting averages.

    One guy would claim he had a .320... another fella had a .280. Well, you're still likely to hear kids having those conversations all across America -- except now, they're not crowing about their batting averages.

    They're talking about their cholesterol counts!

    A group of sadistic mainstream doctors who never met a pill they wouldn't push are now recommending kids as young as nine years old start getting cholesterol tests. Because, after all, America's fourth-grade classrooms are overflowing with kids with zipper scars from quadruple bypass surgeries.

    These nutjobs are pointing to research showing that lots of young kids have elevated cholesterol and triglyceride counts -- but it's what they're NOT talking about that ought to have moms and dads terrified.

    There's hardly any medical research conducted these days that doesn't have Big Pharma's grubby fingerprints all over it. And sure enough, this study was presented at a conference for the American College of Cardiology, a group that practically sold its soul to the drug companies years ago.

    You're not seeing some health breakthrough here, friend -- you're witnessing the opening salvo in a campaign to start pushing dangerous cholesterol-lowering statins on kids. Just a few days ago, I told you about new heart guidelines written by the ACC and the American Heart Association that are designed to make MILLIONS more Americans eligible for these sickening pills.

    Well, the buck stops with your kid. The next time some pushy doc starts recommending a cholesterol test for your child or grandchild, do that tyke the favor of a lifetime -- yank him out of the office and get him back on the ball field where he belongs.

  3. Fish oil 'drug' falls short

    The feds have rejected the expansion of a fish oil 'drug.' For once, the feds got it right.
  4. The hip 'new' diet that can boost your health in weeks

    I've never been accused of being trendy -- but a version of the same meat-based diet I've backed for decades is suddenly front-and-center. You and I know it best as low-carb, but these days, it's being called the "caveman" or "paleo" diet.
  5. Low-carb diets great for cholesterol

    A new study finds that the best way to raise your cholesterol to healthy levels -- and lower your deadly triglycerides -- is through delicious fatty foods.

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