1. How depression can speed aging

    The common disease that will age you on the inside

    It's what's inside that counts, right?

    This isn't just the feel-good baloney we say to friends when those first gray hairs and wrinkles appear. It's SCIENCE -- because while those outward signs of aging won't hurt you, aging on the inside is what will ultimately kill you.

    There are plenty of ways you can get old fast, but there's one condition in particular that can cause your internal clock to run far too fast -- and it's a condition we all face at some point: depression.

    Cutting-edge new research shows how depression can speed aging on a cellular level by shrinking your telomeres.

    Those are the little caps that sit on the ends of your chromosomes. As you get older, they get shorter. And as they get shorter, your risk of the so-called diseases of aging grows -- including cancer, dementia, heart disease and even death.

    And while age alone is the main reason for that shrink, depression will do the trick, too -- and severe or chronic depression can shrink your telomeres by about as much as SIX YEARS of aging, according to the new study.

    Now, the one caveat here is that study doesn't show if the telomere shrink is caused by the depression itself... or the drugs often given to treat it.

    I'd say that's an area ripe for more research, if anyone has the nerve to take on Big Pharma.

    But either way, don't let serious depression go unchecked -- because this so-called mental condition can hurt more than just your mood. Depression can increase inflammation throughout your body and boost the production of damaging free radicals -- making it a major risk factor for heart disease, heart attack and death from heart attack.

    Less serious cases of depression will go away on their own over time, but severe or chronic depression will need a little more work.

    Start with a good multivitamin from a maker you trust and St. Johns wort -- but if those don't do the trick, you may need hormonal treatments from an experienced naturopathic physician.

    I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

  2. Fish oil can beat dementia and extend lives

    Something fishy about life extension

    Your own doc will swear up and down there's nothing you can do about cognitive impairment... that age alone means your brain is starting to lose it... and that you're on the slow path to the three Ds: decline, dementia and death.

    Well, trust me when I tell you he's flat-out wrong.

    Maybe there's nothing HE can do about it, but there is something YOU can do -- because despite his grim predictions, you CAN slow, stop and even reverse cognitive impairment, cognitive decline and even dementia and extend your life.

    And if you're in the earliest stages of mild cognitive impairment, new research shows the one action you need to take right now that can slow it down: Take some fish oil.

    The omega-3 fatty acid DHA found in fish oil can stop aging on a cellular level -- protecting you from both the ravages of cognitive decline and maybe even death itself.

    The secret is in what's called the telomeres, or the little caps on the end of your DNA strands. They're like sands in the hourglass -- because the older you get, the shorter they get.

    And the shorter they get, the less time you've got left.

    When they get too short, disease such as dementia and even death aren't far behind -- but the study of 33 patients with mild cognitive impairment finds that DHA can slow the telomere shrink, perhaps preventing the decline from turning into dementia and saving your life at the same time.

    Now, I've seen the mainstream know-it-alls dismiss this as one small study. But the fact is, fish oil has been shown to slow telomere shrink before -- and in one major study last year, omega-3 fatty acids were shown to actually help them get LONGER.

    My advice: Take some fish oil.

    But if you want to extend your telomeres -- and extend your life -- don't stop there.

    I had the four simple, safe and inexpensive nutrients proven to slow telomere shrink in the January 2013 edition of my Douglass Report newsletter.

    Subscribers, use the password in the current issue to read it for free in my online archives. Not a subscriber? Don't let time run out on you! Sign up today for your own password for complete access to all my back issues.

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