swine flu vaccine

  1. Vaccine makers ready new push

    Think you've seen a hard sell when it comes to swine flu vaccine?

    Well, you ain't seen nothing yet!

    The vaccine makers are just getting warmed up -- and now they're coming right out and boasting to their investors about how much money they're going to rake in from vaccines in the next few years.

    Sanofi-Aventis is telling its investors that it plans to double its vaccine business by 2013. In 2010 alone, they're hoping to sell nearly $5.76 billion in needless needles.

    That's not just significant. That's a bombshell -- because this company owns Sanofi Pasteur, the world's largest vaccine maker. That should tell you everything you need to know about these drugs. The vaccine business is not a noble effort to end disease... but a relentless push to boost profits.

    There's a simple reason for this: The drug kingpins are running out of patents on their blockbuster meds. And with nothing in the works to replace them right now, they're turning to vaccines for quick and easy cash.

    You just need to look at Merck to see how it works: After spending billions to settle Vioxx lawsuits, they turned to a vaccine to soften the blow.

    That's how we got Gardasil, the dangerous needle being forced on little girls from coast to coast. The vaccine is supposed to protect against some strains of HPV -- but it's been dubbed "Help Pay for Vioxx."

    But let's get back to Sanofi Pasteur, because this French company typically makes 45 percent of all the flu vaccine sold in the United States, and 40 percent of the world's flu vaccines. They've sold us half a billion dollars' worth of swine flu shots already, and expect to sell half a billion more by spring.

    Call that fair warning, because you can now expect every sniffle that comes along to become the "next" swine flu.

    Don't believe it -- not today, not tomorrow and not in 2013.

  2. Bad batch proves shots not safe

    Let's stop pretending: There's no way in hog heaven these swine flu vaccines are safe.

    Need more proof? Look north – at least one Canadian is dead and dozens of others are recovering from severe allergic reactions to the vaccine.

    Many of those cases were linked to GlaxoSmithKline's Arepanrix swine flu vaccine, which prompted a recall of 172,000 doses. But by the time word got out, all but 15,000 had been used.

    If you already rolled up your sleeve in Canada – too bad. Just be glad you're still alive to read about it.

    Plenty of victims have suffered from anaphylaxis, a potentially deadly reaction that includes breathing problems, low blood pressure and swelling of the throat, tongue, lips and eyes.

    Arepanrix appears to be especially bad — even by the low standards of poorly tested swine flu vaccines.

    GlaxoSmithKline's own data shows that more that 1 in 10 patients experience pain, headache, fatigue, swelling, shivering, sweating, aching muscles and joint pain. And 1 in 10 will develop diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, fever, feeling sick, bruising and itching.

    We're facing a pandemic all right – but it's not from the flu. If they succeed in poking everyone, the real health crisis will come from all those bad drug reactions.

    Recently, I told you about the patients who developed Guillain-Barre syndrome after their swine flu shots, and some people who even keeled over after getting these "safe" vaccines. (Click here to read "Swine flu swindle in full swing.")

    I mean c'mon – they're playing us for saps, and we're falling for it. So far, 22 million Americans have been conned into lining up for these dangerous needles like parents camped out at a store for a hot Christmas toy.

    But at least we know the crummy economy won't dampen the holiday spirits of one group of elites living high on the hog: Big Pharma fat cats and their accomplice docs who distribute these shots like candy canes at a Christmas party.

    Merry Christmas, and a $15 co-pay, please.

  3. Get ready for a tidal wave of flu lies

    Desperate. That's the only word I can come up to describe the people responsible for pushing the flu vaccine.
  4. Stunning new questions over flu shots

    If you got last year's flu shot, you may be up to twice as likely to get swine flu, according to reports out of Canada.
  5. Docs question safety of swine flu vaccine

    Before you roll up your sleeve to get that Swine Flu vaccine shot, keep in mind that the doctor who's sticking you with that needle probably opted not to get the shot – because he or she was too afraid of side effects.
  6. How many shots are enough?

    Apparently, health officials still know so little about the swine flu vaccine that they don't even know how many shots people will need in order for it to be effective.
  7. Protect yourself from the swine flu shot

    I told you recently that the government is considering making the swine flu vaccine mandatory—never mind the fact that the vaccine itself has been rushed through the testing and approval process.
  8. Country forces experimental vaccine on population

    Regulators at the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) in the UK are about to distribute a new swine flu vaccine that's had a whopping FIVE DAYS of testing.

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