1. How drugs on the farm could kill you at home

    New antibiotic rules won't change a thing

    The New York Times is calling it "a major new policy to phase out the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in cows, pigs and chickens raised for meat."

    So naturally, it's nothing of the sort.

    Here's what the FDA's new policy really is: a toothless and 100 percent VOLUNTARY measure that will only slightly alter the labels of veterinary antibiotics and do practically nothing to change how the drugs are used.

    Factory farms will no longer be allowed to use antibiotics to make animals fat, but there's no real enforcement and no penalties. And in any case, there's a massive loophole -- because the drugs can be used not only to treat disease (which runs rampant in those stink-holes), but also to PREVENT it.

    So you know what's going to happen. Factory farms will simply use the drugs for "prevention."

    That's why the meat industry is actually applauding the new rules, claiming it won't change a thing because they already use the drugs responsibly.

    Yeah, right.

    Here's a fact: Animals on factory farms account for 70 percent of the nation's antibiotic use, which is why those farms are the leading source of drug-resistant germs.

    Once the germs learn to resist antibiotics, they're given a free ride across the country inside meat packages.

    You couldn't design a more lethal germ warfare weapon if you tried!

    Since 95 percent of the drugs used on factory farms are essentially the same as human antibiotics, these powerful new bugs are tough or even impossible to treat when YOU get sick.

    And eventually, you WILL get sick -- because already, some 2 million Americans suffer from superbug infections every year, and 23,000 die of them.

    Sadly, both of those numbers will rise. The new "rules" will guarantee it.

    You can't save everyone else, but you can minimize your own risk with two simple actions.

    First, make sure you keep your own immune system in tip-top shape, and that includes giving your gut the healthy probiotic bacteria that can fight off superbugs.

    And second, limit or even eliminate your exposure to superbugs by eating only organic meats from drug-free local farms.

  2. Special gowns don't stop hospital infections

    The real answer for ICU infections

    Infections are spreading through intensive care units like a rumor through a quilting bee and there's one way and one way only to stop them: Docs and nurses need to clean their hands and clean their equipment.

    But docs and nurses are like booger-picking kindergartners -- because no matter how many times you tell them to wash their filthy hands, they just won't do it.

    I say dirty docs and nurses should be fired -- or at least put in a special "time out" corner -- but the mainstream has another idea: Make them wear special gowns while in the ICU.

    What's next, moon suits?

    The gowns, of course, do nothing to stop the spread of ICU infections. In one new study, gowns didn't stop the spread of VRE infections and made only the slightest of dents in the MRSA infection rate.

    Not hard to see why. Gowns and gloves -- and moon suits, for that matter -- will ultimately be only as clean as the slobs who wear them. Put a clean gown on a dirty doc, and it won't be long before the gown itself is positively filthy.

    Even a clean doc can turn a gown dirty by wearing it around the ward. And if he wears it outside the ward -- or outside the hospital, maybe out on a coffee run -- all bets are off.

    Forget the gimmicks and stick with common sense -- make docs and nurses wash up and wash their equipment, and FIRE them when they don't.

    Trust me, that single move will do more to stop the spread of germs than anything else -- and it won't cost hospitals a penny.

  3. Docs blame patients for antibiotic overuse

    Docs have overused antibiotic drugs to the brink of worthlessness, leading to the rise of drug-resistant germs -- but some are blaming patients instead of themselves.
  4. Superbugs found on meat

    New test data finds filthy fecal germs on supermarket meat -- including a growing number of powerful superbugs.
  5. Organics beat conventional foods in new study

    A new study finds that organic meats have fewer germs and organic produce has fewer pesticides than conventional foods.
  6. Your drugs are making you fat

    Antibiotics can make you fat -- bad news, since nearly everyone is getting dosed with them at every meal.
  7. Dirty tricks from dirty farms

    The Big Food producers are sick and tired of all those embarrassing photos and videos of abusive and disturbing practices at their factory farms, and they're finally ready to do something about it.
  8. Missing the point on peroxide

    I really have to stop watching the TV doctors. Here's the latest: The so-called "America's doctor" actually had the nerve to urge his viewers to stop using safe, effective and inexpensive hydrogen peroxide for wounds.
  9. The danger coming from America's farms

    The feds are in a tizzy over a lab-created bird flu virus they fear can be weaponized and turned into a super killer, yet they won't say a word about the other "labs" churning out superbugs... America's factory farms.
  10. Clean your room with H202

    Here's another one from the "everything old is new again" file: Plain old hydrogen peroxide is about to make a big-time comeback.

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