Researchers demand extra chance to murder your daughter

It used to be that if you were dating a Swedish girl, you were doing all right for yourself. Those beautiful blue eyes, long blonde hair, and legs that stretched from Stockholm to Gothenburg.

Well, friend, get 'em while they're hot. Because a group of Swedish medical morons is hatching a crackpot scheme that could kill off Swedish girls faster than Bubonic Plague. In fact, if their reckless plan ever crosses the pond and washes up on American soil -- and you can expect it will -- every daughter, granddaughter and niece you know could end up fighting for her life.

A group of sadistic scientists from Sweden's Karolinska Institute are recommending you start injecting elementary school girls with three -- not just two -- doses of the potentially deadly vaccine Gardasil. And it's all because they claim that one extra dose may provide a measly 11% more protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Under their socialized medical system, the Swedes have been inoculating girls as young as 10 years old against STDs for years. Well, call me crazy, but I think most Swedish 10-year-olds already have some powerful protection against STDs -- their parents.

But apparently the Swedish government won't be happy until every fifth-grader is limping out of a gynecologist's office with a teddy bear in one hand, and a pamphlet on genital warts in the other.

And, of course, those are the fortunate girls who get to walk out of the doctor's office at all. Gardasil has already been linked to the deaths of dozens of girls around the world and left countless more with epilepsy and other crippling diseases. Heck, even the inventor of Gardasil is now warning anyone who will listen that it's being given to hundreds of thousands of girls who are receiving no benefit whatsoever. That's because, like a cheap paint job, Gardasil wears off after a few short years.

We can hope this idiotic plan doesn't reach our shores. But I suspect it's only a matter of time before mainstream docs will be champing at the bit to give your little girl another shot of Gardasil. After all they're already selling Gardasil for around $170 a pop, and it only takes 30 girls getting two injections each for your typical mainstream doc to clear a cool $10,000. And I'll bet that he'll be more than happy to turn that ten grand into fifteen.

Mark my words -- one day in the not too distant future, country after country will start pulling Gardasil off their shelves forever. And when they do, you'll be happy you followed the advice I'm giving you today -- keep your kiddos far away from this double (and triple) dose of death.