1. DITCH your statins -- this natural solution works JUST AS WELL

    If there’s one thing you SHOULDN’T do for your heart, it is taking statins.

    That’s right -- I’m talking about ditching the most commonly prescribed drug for high cholesterol!

    Now, I’m not telling you this to make waves, or for the sake of being contrary.

    I’m telling you because study after study – not to mention loads of hospital admission data – flies in the face of the LIES Big Pharma is selling you.

    And all the while, there’s something just as effective as statins – and it’s FREE OF SIDE EFFECTS.

    The “cure” is FAR WORSE than the “disease”

    Mainstream medicine and BIG PHARMA would have you believe statins are successful and nearly free of side effects.

    But they’re ignoring the truth.

    Statins are well-documented to do some SERIOUS DAMAGE, including:

    • Doubling your risk of Parkinson’s
    • Increasing your chances of becoming diabetic
    • Causing acute kidney failure

    That’s just to name a few.

    And a new study uncovered another HORRIFYING truth about statins…

    The longer you take them, the more likely you are to experience life-threatening side effects.

    In fact, the chances are so high, the study’s scientists say the RISK OUTWEIGHS the benefits of statins – especially if you’re over 70!

    Of course, Big Pharma’s lies should come as no surprise.

    You see, statins are on of their biggest MONEY MAKERS.

    In just 10 years, statin use has increased from 36 percent to 50 percent of people diagnosed with “high cholesterol” – a threshold that suspiciously keeps dropping over the years.

    But you don’t have to play Big Pharma’s game.

    Prevent heart attacks and strokes WITHOUT UNNECESSARY DANGER

    A new study has found a way to SLASH the risk of heart disease.

    It’s just as effective as statins, but poses ABSOLUTELY NO RISK to you.

    The study followed women for 12 YEARS to assess their risk of cardiovascular events while eating a Mediterranean Diet.

    They found the closer the Mediterranean Diet was followed, the better the participants fared. In fact, researchers discovered it worked just as well as statins!

    You get all the benefits of statins with none of the risk – just by eating better.

    And in fact, you can take it a step further if you want to correct health problems naturally via your diet...

    The Mediterranean Diet is great, but I believe it includes far too many carbs in the form of legumes and whole grains.

    These simply do more harm than good.

    That’s why I whole-heartedly endorse the Paleo Diet. It’s a way of eating that harkens back to our ancestors.

    This focuses primarily on lean meats and healthy oils from nuts and seeds – including a staple of the Mediterranean Diet, extra virgin olive oil.

    And like the Mediterranean Diet, you’ll eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruit!

  2. Statins boost your risk of diabetes

    Don't let statins play games with your blood sugar

    Thanksgiving is a big day for me -- for the bird but also for the football.

    But today, I've got a different game on my mind -- one you may remember from the carnivals or arcades you may have visited in your younger years.

    Remember "Whack-a-Mole"? When a mole popped out of its hole, it was your job to give it a whack -- but as soon as you'd get one, another one would come up from a different hole!

    And that's the problem, too, with statins -- those cholesterol-lowering drugs that mainstream docs push on practically everyone over 40.

    By prescribing these pills, docs are playing a game of "Whack-a-Mole" with your health!

    And according to the latest science, even as you try to push your cholesterol DOWN with statins... your risk of diabetes shoots way UP.

    In the study out of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, researchers tracked the blood sugar levels and statin use of a group of obese folks over a 10-year period.

    At the beginning of the study, less than four percent of the participants were taking statins prescribed by their own physicians. But by the end of the study, a third were popping these pills.

    Now, past studies have shown that the single best predictor of whether someone will develop type 2 diabetes is being overweight or obese. So, you might think that the participants' final numbers on the scale determined who wound up with diabetes and who didn't.

    But by the end of the study, it turned out that those on statins were 30 percent MORE likely to have developed diabetes than those not taking the drugs.

    That means that statins tacked on an ADDITIONAL risk... beyond obesity!

    And that means that even if you don't have other diabetes risk factors, statins can send your chances of the disease through the roof.

    In fact, one study of healthy folks found that these drugs can ratchet up your diabetes risk by a whopping 87 percent!

    The theory is that statins impair your body's production of insulin, sending your blood sugar soaring.

    What's more, statins have been linked to acute kidney failure... nerve and muscle damage... hearing loss and blindness... and even a higher risk of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

    So, before you fill that statin prescription, proceed with extreme caution.

    In plenty of cases, so-called "high" cholesterol doesn't need to be treated at all. The mainstream has been lowering cholesterol guidelines for years as part of a scam to sell these meds.

    But if your cholesterol is truly, dangerously high, the first thing to do is switch to the Paleo (a.k.a. "caveman") diet, which helps control cholesterol AND keeps your blood sugar in check.

    So, go ahead and reach for that drumstick today -- and if you've already moved on to leftovers, skip the sandwich and just snack on the turkey.

    As well, natural supplements like red yeast rice have also been proven to keep cholesterol down, working in much the same way as statins -- but without striking a blow to your blood sugar.

  3. Statins don’t help healthy seniors

    America's most-prescribed drug does more harm than good You're panting for breath... dripping in cold sweat... and your heart feels like it's being squeezed to a pulp. The symptoms of a heart attack are so frightening that you'll take ANYTHING your doc gives you to avoid that kind of torture to your ticker. Even if you're currently HEALTHY! Once you're...
  4. Statins risk dangerous drug interactions

    Warning: Combining statins with other cholesterol-lowering drugs and certain heart meds can cause serious muscle injury and even internal bleeding. But you don't have to worry about which of those other drugs will cause dangerous interactions -- because all you have to do is get off the statins!
  5. Statins linked to uncontrollable rage and aggression

    By driving your cholesterol levels too low, statins may interfere with your ability to control your mood and impulses.
  6. Statins linked to memory loss... again

    Forget the recent headlines that claim there's no link between statins and memory loss. The REAL numbers show statins can quadruple your risk.
  7. Flawed study pushes statins for cancer prevention

    Key facts are excluded from a new in a study that peddles statins to prevent cancer.
  8. Statins users are eating themselves sick

    A new study finds that patients are using cholesterol-lowering statins as a license to binge on junk food.
  9. Cholesterol tests being pushed for fourth-graders

    A new recommendation for cholesterol screening for children as young as nine is part of a Big Pharma plan to force statins on kids.
  10. New heart guidelines a cash grab for statins

    A new set of heart health guidelines from the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association are designed to put up to 40% of U.S. adults on statins and make Big Pharma billions.

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