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  1. Stiff arteries lead to brain damage

    Keep traffic moving on the highway to your brain

    Healthy aging starts in your arteries -- even a mainstream pill-pushing quack will tell you that. And if yours are so flexible you could yank them out and crack 'em like a whip, you don't have much to worry about.

    But if they're stiffer than the president trying to defend his health care plan, you've got problems -- and not just in your heart, where hardened arteries can lead to heart attack and stroke.

    They could wreck your brain, too, by boosting levels of beta amyloid, according to one new study.

    That's the so-called "brain plaque" linked to dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and the damage doesn't stop there. If you let your arteries get REALLY stiff, you could also end up with lesions in your white matter -- and yes, that's every bit as bad as it sounds, as brain lesions are another major dementia warning sign.

    Stiff arteries make it harder for blood to flow. And when the blood can't flow, it can't reach your bloodthirsty brain (not to mention your heart and other vital organs).

    Clearly, you want to keep yours nice and flexible -- but if you ask the pill-pushers, they'll push their favorite pills at you. You know the ones I'm talking about: cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

    The theory is that since hardened arteries have buildups of cholesterol, the cholesterol must be the cause.

    I'm here to say that's absolutely and completely false.

    On its own, cholesterol will flow freely and cause no problems. It only sticks to the artery walls when your inflammation levels rise -- which is why high inflammation, and not high cholesterol, is the REAL cause of hardened arteries.

    And that's precisely why high levels of the inflammation marker homocysteine (and NOT high cholesterol) will lead to heart attack, dementia and more.

    So put down the statins and pick up a quality B complex instead -- because B6, B12 and folate can fight inflammation and keep your arteries free, clear and flexible.

    Not coincidentally, they're also proven to protect both heart and brain.

    I'm not done with artery health yet. Keep reading for the one thing in your home that could be turning your own arteries to stone right now.

  2. The one vitamin you need most for artery health

    The bright idea that can protect your arteries

    You know the party line by now. Cholesterol supposedly builds up in your arteries, and eventually you croak -- so the key to staying alive is lowering your cholesterol levels with a statin.

    Well, looks like that party's over, because new research exposes their line as a line of bull.

    The real key to artery protection isn't a drug for lowering your cholesterol levels -- it's a beach blanket for raising your D levels, because the sunshine vitamin can do more for your artery health than all the cholesterol drugs in the world.

    In a series of experiments on 43 diabetics and 25 non-diabetics, researchers found that those with the highest levels of the sunshine vitamin were the least likely to have cholesterol building up and sticking to the artery walls.

    Ready for the most important part? This was true REGARLDESS of actual cholesterol levels.

    The mainstream is shocked, of course, and more than a few docs have tried to dismiss the study as some kind of a fluke. But this isn't stunning to anyone who's been paying attention to the research.

    And if you're a regular Dose reader, it's certainly no surprise to you.

    That's because the real threat to your arteries isn't the cholesterol at all. It's the inflammation that causes cholesterol to stick to artery walls. Since vitamin D is one of the best natural inflammation-fighters around, higher levels will almost always lead to clearer arteries.

    Now, I know what some of you are thinking. If clogged arteries are that easy to fix, why are they still such a huge problem?

    Easy answer: Because most people don't even know what the sun looks like anymore, making vitamin D deficiency one of the leading nutritional problems in the developed world.

    Fix it now. Spend some time out in the sun each day (and never use sunscreen). And if you really want to make sure you've got your bases covered, take a vitamin D supplement.

    I've got another simple way that just might help you avoid diabetes coming up next. Keep reading!

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