1. Common household chemicals causing infertility

    Could TOOTHPASTE be the cure for baby fever?

    I've fought infectious diseases all around the world, but I've never seen anything spread faster than baby fever.

    Because it seems to travel from a woman's ovaries to her brain in an instant. How many gals are figuring out their ovulation cycles to the split second, let alone the day? I've even heard of young ladies standing on their heads after sex to get knocked up!

    Desperate women will try just about anything to get a bun cooking in their oven. And if you fellas are having trouble doing your part, it's not time to switch up your love-making routine or try some New Age chant.

    But it may be time to change your toothpaste.

    Because a new European study has found that your home is LITTERED with chemicals that turn your sperm from a fast-swimming Mark Spitz to a lazy fat kid floating along in an inner tube.

    Scientists from Germany and Denmark just studied how 96 "endocrine disrupter" chemicals in toothpaste, makeup and sunscreen affect a man's fertility. And these chemicals I've been telling you about for years -- like phthalates, mercury, and PFCs -- are killing sperm faster than anything you'll find in the "family planning" department at CVS.

    In fact, about a third of the chemicals tested damaged your sperm's ability to swim. Forget fertilizing an egg -- your sperm are moving like a jammed-up freeway during rush hour.

  2. Obesity kills sperm

    Obesity is like a natural contraceptive. Not only does it make you less attractive to the opposite sex, but men with bulging bellies also make less sperm.

    And in plenty of cases, they make none at all.

    It's been proven before, and now it's proven again as French researchers say their analysis of 14 studies shows that as waistlines grow, sperm counts shrink.

    Those 14 studies involved a combined 10,000 men -- men of different sizes and shapes, all of whom provided ejaculatory samples for comparison. (Side note: Pity the life of a poor research assistant.)

    They found that about a quarter of all men have low sperm counts, and that obese men are 42 percent more likely to be among them than normal-weight men.

    Even more frightening, the obese are 81 percent more likely to make no sperm at all.

    Overweight men, guys who haven't reached the obese zone yet, were 11 percent and 39 percent more likely than the normal weight guys to have low or no sperm -- but let's face reality here: If you're badly overweight, you're probably in no condition to be "doing it" anyway.

    All that huffing and puffing makes sex more work than pleasure, and possibly dangerous work at that. And that's even assuming you can get it up in the first place, because obesity kills erections.

    That's because extra body fat has the unique ability to turn testosterone into estrogen, and once that excess estrogen starts flowing through a man's body he may as well start knitting -- because he's not nearly as much of a man as he used to be.

    Want to avoid all that? Then lose the pounds now.

  3. Is there a sperm-killer in your lap?

    Merry Christmas -- here’s a special bit of nonsense to brighten up your holiday: Researchers claim the Wi-Fi signals from laptop computers can kill sperm and even destroy the DNA of the ones that do manage to survive.
  4. Junk food kills sperm

    You don't need a doctor to perform a vasectomy anymore -- Little Debbie can do the job for you, and she doesn't even have a medical degree.
  5. Solar-powered sperm

    The strongest sperm are the fastest swimmers -- and if your little ones are doing the doggy paddle, don't expect to break into the daddy business anytime soon.
  6. Don't give your sperm a workout

    Exercise won't help your sperm -- and cycling will kill them.
  7. Destroying your fertility, one sip at a time

    BPA stops sperm from swimming Bad news, gents: There's an all-out war taking place in your testicles right now -- and you're losing! The enemy is BPA, and it's like a sperm-seeking missile. A new study finds men exposed to this common chemical -- and this means you -- have a higher risk of low sperm counts. What's more, the...
  8. Why you should ignore all that exercise nonsense

    A recent study found that overweight and obese women need to exercise an hour a day, five days a week to sustain weight loss.
  9. Yet another downside to diabetes

    A new study found yet another downside to obesity and diabetes: infertility.

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