Have a desk job? Like to watch "Dancing With the Stars" or "CSI" every night? Does your sofa have a permanent imprint of your butt in it? Then stand up while you read this, because I'm talking to you.

I've told you before how too much time on your rear can boost your risk of disease and an early death, and the latest word out of Australia shows just how quickly it can happen to you.

All it takes is an office job and a little too much TV time, because a look at data on 222,000 Australians 45 years old and up finds that people who sit for 11 hours a day or more have a 45 percent higher risk of death over three years.

Don't sit quite that much? Don't get comfy in your sofa yet -- because keeping your meat in that or any other seat for between 8 and 11 hours a day will boost your risk of death by 15 percent.

In other words, keep your butt in a seat long enough... and your next position won't be sitting.

It'll be lying down -- in a coffin.

Don't count on a little time on a treadmill each day to keep the mortician at bay -- daily exercisers had the same exact death risk if they spent the rest of the day sitting.

So don't join a gym, buy an exercise bike or take up a risky sport (even running can do more harm than good). Just get up out of your chair and get moving here and there throughout each day.