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  1. Fight against the soda tax

    Why sugar taxes don't work

    I don't know about you, but if there's anything that makes me madder than yet another new tax, it's a know-nothing government bureaucrat trying to tell me what to do.

    So maybe that's why taxes on sugary drinks tick me off so much.

    It's not that sugary drinks are good. They're downright awful, and they play a major role in obesity -- so when there's a push to add a 20 percent tax to sugary drinks, as there is right now over in the U.K., some people want to stand up and cheer.

    But hold your applause, because this isn't about making you healthy.

    It's been proven in studies that when sugary drinks are taxed, some soda drinkers just pay more, while others switch to sugar-free diet soft drinks. And studies have shown that diet soda drinkers have a HIGHER risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

    How they're even allowed to call it "diet" is beyond me!

    The Nanny Staters pushing these taxes know all that as well as I do... so like I said, this isn't about your health.

    It's about CONTROL -- and when you let them tax sugar, you're giving THEM control over what YOU eat and drink. And while it might be something vile like sugar today, you know as well as I do it'll be something else tomorrow.

    It'll be the foods you love -- the foods you NEED for good health -- like steak, eggs, salt and butter, taxed right off your dinner table or even banned completely.

    That's why you need to contact your elected officials the moment any of these taxes, bans or restrictions appear on the agenda. Speak up, speak loud and speak against it -- even for something as awful as soda.

  2. The 51st state is the Nanny State

    You almost expect the Nanny State takeover in Europe -- they're practically socialists over there anyway.

    But if you think this can't happen in America, you haven't been paying attention -- because it's already happening.

    In New York, Nanny Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned trans fats, pushed for limits on salt, and even proposed a soda tax like the one in France. And let's not forget the city's recent smoking ban that prevents people from lighting up OUTSIDE.

    In California, San Francisco and Santa Clara have banned children's meals with toys, like Happy Meals. A child's first lesson in life: Don't trust in mother when it comes to food choices -- trust in Big Mother instead.

    In Baltimore, the city is handing out $100 fines to restaurants caught red-handed using trans fats. In at least one case it was because the cook chose the wrong brand of "healthy" margarine!

    And in Washington, the Nanny Queen herself -- Michelle Obama -- is busily lecturing people on what, when, where, and how to eat. But of course, it's "do as I say, not as I do," because this is a woman who can stuff her face with the best of them.

    She admits her favorite food is French fries -- and even says she "can't stop" eating them... but don't you dare eat a fry yourself!

    Think I'm done? I'm just getting started. Thanks to ObamaCare, insurance companies and employers now work more closely with the federal government than ever -- and they're getting in on the Nanny act, too.

    Many of them now have "incentives" -- aka discounts -- for people who toe the party line: don't drink, don't smoke, join a gym, and lose weight. But let's call that what it really is -- because a discount for following some bureaucrat's health rules is really a surcharge on anyone who doesn't.

    Some employers even refuse to hire smokers -- and they're getting away with it, too!

    Throw in vaccine laws, school lunch regulations, red-light cameras, garbage monitoring, seat belts, helmets, and more and the Nanny State isn't just a figure of speech.

    It's the 51st state -- and the one you're living in right now.

  3. Health Nazis take control of France

    Just a week after Denmark unveiled its infamous "fat tax," France is announcing a "sin" tax of its own: a dime-a-liter surcharge on sugar-sweetened sodas.

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