Freedom Friday: The high cost of socialism

ObamaCare isn't just any old socialist lie -- it's an EXPENSIVE socialist lie, and new numbers show just how much is about to be stolen from your pocket to pay for it: $1.76 trillion.

That's TRILLION with a T, for the next 10 years of ObamaCare costs.

That's almost double what the president himself claimed in 2009, when he said it would cost "just" $900 billion over 10 years (his remarks on the costs of ObamaCare haven't been erased from the White House website yet).

Want to know the worst part of this? I'll bet you anything that this new estimate is still on the low side.

Here's the cold, hard truth about Obama's plot to socialize medicine: they can pass all the laws they want, raise taxes on everyone, force us all to buy insurance, print more dollars, and even borrow billions more from China -- but there's still no way in heck they'll be able to pay for it.

And when the money runs out, your care won't just be rationed. It'll be cut off when you need it most.

If you want to see how all this works in real life, just head on over to Jolly Olde England, which ObamaCare backers believe is some kind of medical utopia of controlled costs.

Sure, they manage to keep a lid on costs over there -- because the powers-that-be refuse expensive treatments for the people who need them most, especially seniors.

One new look at the numbers there finds that 14,000 seniors with cancer DIE every year because they're refused life-saving treatments that patients routinely get in other nations.

Those 14,000 deaths add up to 10 percent of all UK cancer deaths and 3 percent of all deaths in the nation from all causes at any age -- and you can blame them all on cost control, not cancer.

Take a good look at this, America -- because that's what's in your future, too, if ObamaCare is allowed to stand.