1. The forbidden way to boost your brainpower

    Nicotine proven to reverse memory loss

    You've heard tons about nicotine over the years, and almost all of it's wrong -- because no matter what the Health Police say, this stuff isn't bad for you.

    It's practically a wonder drug -- and nowhere does it do you more good than in your brain, with new research confirming what I've said all along: Nicotine can slow, stop and even REVERSE the cognitive slide that often leads to dementia.

    Hear that, smokers? Keep puffing -- it's good for you.

    Of course, the mainstream will never admit to any such thing -- so for the new study in Neurology, they didn't let anyone light up. God forbid!

    They used nicotine patches instead.

    No matter -- the nicotine still worked its wonders: Nonsmoking seniors who were showing noticeable signs of cognitive decline at the start of the study regained 46 percent of their long-term memory loss after six months on the patch, along with boosts in concentration.

    Those who got a placebo patch, on the other hand, should've taken up smoking -- because they weren't just over the hill. They were tumbling down the other side, with memory loss plunging by another 26 percent over six months.

    I don't think I need to ask which side of that hill you'd rather be on.

    But again, this is no surprise. Nicotine -- SMOKING -- has been proven to boost the parts of the brain linked to memory and concentration even in people not at risk for dementia.

    And that's not all a regular nicotine fix can do for you. Along with boosting your brainpower, smoking can help slash your risk of Parkinson's disease, heart disease and even some forms of cancer.

    That's why Big Pharma is hard at work on a nicotine pill they hope will be their next "wonder drug" (what'd I tell you?)... but you don't have to wait for them. You can get all the benefits right now the natural -- and politically incorrect -- way: with a quality cigar after each meal.

    Just one warning here: Everything comes with side effects, and nicotine is no exception. The researchers behind the new study say the patients who took it consistently lost weight.

    Somehow, I think most people will sign up for that "side effect" in a heartbeat.

  2. 'Poor' health? Pay a fine!

    Employers impose penalties on 'unhealthy' workers

    Next time you get on a scale, your boss could be peeking over your shoulder -- and if he doesn't like what he sees, he's going to tack an extra fee onto your health insurance premium.

    Cholesterol a little high? Expect another penalty.

    BP not where it should be? Prepare to pony up.

    Love tobacco? Watch your money, your privacy and your rights all go up in smoke at once -- because employers are intruding into your personal life like never before.

    In two years, the number of companies adding penalties to health insurance premiums because of "poor" health and "bad" habits has more than doubled, from 8 percent in 2009 to 19 percent this year -- and that number is expected to double again to 40 percent in the next year alone.

    I don't care what the reason is -- tobacco, weight, whatever -- every penny you shell out due to this employer intrusiveness is a penny too much. But we're not talking pennies here.

    We're not talking nickels, dimes, or quarters either.

    We're talking BIG money -- like up to $2,000 a year in penalties for smokers who work for Walmart. It's an outrage, and not just because the cigarette break is probably the best part of the day for someone stuck working for Walmart.

    It's because mainstream targets and standards have nothing to do with good health. They were written by docs on drug company payrolls with the sole goal of getting more people onto meds for non-conditions such as cholesterol and blood pressure.

    Time for a reality check: Someone who eats crap all day but hits his BP and cholesterol targets thanks to those meds is in no way, shape or form healthy -- but he's the guy who gets the big insurance discount.

    Meanwhile, a guy with "high" cholesterol due to a healthy low-carb lifestyle actually has a LOWER risk of heart problems -- even if he enjoys a good cigar after his steak dinner -- yet he has to pay big for being "unhealthy" and having "bad habits."

    It just doesn't get any more ridiculous than that.

    And for a crystal-clear example of how meeting mainstream targets can actually KILL you, keep reading.

  3. How government advice KILLS smokers

    Smokers, here's more proof the government doesn't care one whit if you drop dead: The feds are outright ignoring new evidence that links a popular anti-smoking drug to suicide.
  4. Another day, another tobacco lie

    The antismoking crowd is a cozy little mutual admiration society -- and when one member lies, the rest quickly swear to it.
  5. Smoke to save your joints

    I always get a kick out of Big Media's tobacco coverage -- they just hate reporting on good news for smokers. Take the latest story on how tobacco can actually protect your joints and lower your risk of a total joint replacement surgery in your senior years.
  6. Genetic discrimination bill becomes law

    Pres. Bush signed into law the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), which will protect Americans against health insurance or employment discrimination based on their genetic information.
  7. The Termination Of Smokers

    As if it isn't bad enough that the government almost universally bans smoking in the workplace, now some employers are taking these kinds of Draconian measures even farther than the "revenuers…"

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