A sleepless night can make you grumpy and groggy -- and too many of those nights can make you sickly and dead.

In other words: If you DON'T snooze, you lose!

British researchers examined data on more than 470,000 people from eight countries, including right here in the United States -- the Insomnia Capital of the World.

The researchers found that those who regularly slept six hours a night or less had a 48 percent greater chance of heart disease or death by heart disease -- and a 15 percent increase in the odds of stroke or stroke death, according to the study in the European Heart Journal.

And if that doesn't have you investing in a good pillow yet, consider this: The researchers also found that sleepless nights throw your hormones so far out of whack that you can develop everything from diabetes to hypertension.

Throw in a dramatic rise in the odds of buying something stupid from a late-night infomercial, and I don't know why you're still reading this -- get some sleep now, before it's too late.

Just make sure you figure out how to catch your winks without meds.

In addition to some of the most bizarre side effects I've ever seen, sleep meds can also boost the odds of an early death. (Click here to read more.)

If you're in middle age or beyond, odds are you just need an HGH boost. Skip anything you can buy in a store or online and head straight to a naturopathic physician who knows how to handle his hormones.

He can check your levels and top you off.

Add some melatonin the mix, and you'll sleep longer -- and maybe even live longer, too.