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  1. Hair growth drug Propecia in new depression link

    Growing your hair never felt so bad

    Men who realize they're losing their hair often sink into a funk -- and they think getting back their lost locks will cheer them up.

    Well, I've got some depressing news if you're thinking of trying finasteride (aka Propecia) to regrow your hair: If you think you're down in the dumps now, wait 'til you see what this drug might do to you later.

    New research finds that far from being happy and hairy, men who take this med have a much higher risk of severe depression -- and that the depression can last after you stop taking the drug.

    In a study comparing 61 former Propecia users to a control group of men who never tried the drug, researchers found that 64 percent of ex-users had moderate or severe depressive symptoms and 44 percent reported thoughts of suicide.

    Compare that to no cases of moderate or severe depression in the control group, and 3 percent who reported thoughts of suicide.

    There's a bunch of reasons why this drug is such an effective downer. One is its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and gum up a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood.

    But personally, I think it's just another manifestation of the drug's other notorious side effect: Severe and lasting sexual dysfunction.

    As I've warned you before, finasteride is also a prostate drug that "works" by cutting off the flow of manly hormones. Cut off those hormones, and you may grow some hair... but you also risk losing part of your manhood, possibly even permanently.

    That's enough to get any man to consider suicide, if you ask me.

    Do yourself a favor and learn to love your chrome dome. Either that, or get yourself a subscription to my Douglass Report newsletter for natural answers to your hair loss. (If you're not already a subscriber why not become one? It's easy...just click here to get all the details.)

    It has everything you need to know about regrowing your hair WITHOUT facing sex problems and mood disorders.

    PS: I'll have more news for men tomorrow -- specifically, the easiest way yet to improve your fertility. Watch your inbox for the Daily Dose Digest!

  2. The deadliest way to 'treat' your prostate

    Prostate drugs: All risk, no benefit

    If the drug industry's marketing geniuses couldn't use fear to sell meds, they wouldn't have any sales pitch left at all -- and nowhere is that more true than in prostate meds.

    Men don't take these drugs because they work -- they take these drugs because they hear the words "enlarged prostate" and panic into one of the worst decisions they'll ever make.

    That's because the drugs your doctor will give you -- the very meds he claims will help your prostate -- could actually increase your risk of getting the DEADLIEST and MOST AGGRESSIVE form of prostate cancer!

    I blew the lid off this scandal last year, when researchers outrageously tried to claim that the higher cancer risk was really a lower one (nice try).

    Believe it or not, the FDA actually took my side on this and eventually issued a cancer warning for the entire class of meds -- not that they'll ever give me any credit for it.

    Now, everyone else is playing catch-up: Public Citizen just updated its "Worst Pills" list to include Avodart, Proscar and the rest of the 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors regularly prescribed for enlarged prostate.

    The group says the cancer risk alone is reason enough to never, ever take these meds... but that's far from the only reason.

    In fact, cancer is just the beginning -- because even if you avoid the disease, you could lose everything that makes you a man: erections, libido and more. Then, adding insult to emasculation, these drugs can even leave you with a floppy pair of "man boobs."

    And get this: Those sexual side effects can last... even if you stop taking the meds!

    By the way, prostate meds also double as baldness drugs -- so either learn to love your shiny dome, or find another solution to hair loss.

    What good's a sexy mane if you've got breasts and a limp penis anyway?

    You might think that leaves you up a creek with an enlarged prostate instead of a paddle, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are natural choices out there that can tame your prostate without putting your life -- your "real" life or your sex life -- on the line.

    Do your homework, and you'll find one that works for you. But for one that WON'T work, keep reading.

  3. Off-label med linked to orgasm disorder

    The orgasm-robbing condition is called anorgasmia, and researchers say older patients who take gabapentin (aka Neurontin) may be getting hit with it at a much higher rate than ever reported -- in part because docs never bother to ask seniors about sexual side effects.
  4. Hair today, sex life gone tomorrow

    The treatment is finasteride, but you probably know it as Propecia -- and two new studies show how it can transform a raging bedroom bronco into a sleepy little pussycat.

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