sexual dysfunction

  1. Study proves "faking It" doesn't fool anyone

    Are you making a monkey out of your Tarzan in the sack?

    You just wrapped up a roll in the hay with your main squeeze, and you don't deserve a glass of water -- you deserve an Academy Award!

    The panting... the moaning... the screaming -- you put on a show that would have had Marlon Brando shouting "Bravo!" from the rafters.

    And maybe you woke the neighbors. Maybe your dog is even crouching, frightened under the bed. But let me give it to your straight -- you didn't fool anyone.

    A new Canadian study has proven that despite all your efforts to help your hubby feel like Tarzan in the sack, you're really just making a monkey out of him. Researchers interviewed 84 couples and found that, despite the theatrics, they all knew EXACTLY how much pleasure their partner was getting out of their love-making.

    For better or worse.

    Listen, when you've been with your partner for a while, it's easy to get into a sexual rut. What used to be a marathon of pleasure is now a fumbling, five-minute sprint.

    If your lover isn't exactly pressing the right buttons any more, stop giving him kudos he doesn't deserve -- and give him a book instead. There are dozens to choose from online. (Couples around the world have been using my book Joy of Mature Sex... available on Amazon... for years to enjoy the kind of toe-curling sex you haven't felt since you were a teen in the back of a Chevy!)

    You can't lie your way to better sex. Open up the lines of communication with your hubby, and start your own private two-person book club. Then the next time you rattle the dishes with one of your screams, your hubby won't just feel like a tiger -- he'll KNOW you meant it.

  2. Aspirin therapy causes serious bleeding

    Study confirms daily aspirin has more risks than benefits

    Whatever happened to "First, do no harm"?

    New numbers show the daily aspirin urged on everyone -- the so-called "wonder drug" that's supposed to prevent heart attacks -- actually hurts at least as many people as it theoretically helps.

    Yet the makeup-wearing TV docs are STILL pushing this drug on everyone over the age of 40. I even saw one know-nothing on TV just the other day tell all men over 35 to start aspirin therapy!

    Drug 'em all and pretend you don't know the risks -- but they're going to have a hard time pretending now, because a major new study confirms the drug's notorious bleeding risk.

    I don't mean a little extra blood when you get a boo-boo. I'm talking about serious internal bleeding in the gut and even in the brain -- bleeds that can ruin your life, or maybe even end it.

    In the study of some 372,000 people, the risk of gastrointestinal bleeds shot up by 55 percent in "aspirin therapy" patients with a low risk of heart disease -- leading to two serious bleeds in every 1,000 patients taking the drug.

    Coincidentally, that's also the number of people "protected," with just two heart events prevented for every 1,000 people on aspirin therapy. And if those were the only numbers to come out of this, then aspirin loses.

    After all, the drug caused at least as many problems as it prevented.

    But those aren't the only numbers, because the study also found that aspirin increases the risk of brain bleeds by 54 percent.

    The study didn't look at the other side effects, the supposedly more minor ones, but there's plenty of research on that already.

    In addition to less serious but still troublesome bleeds, aspirin use has been linked to tinnitus, hearing loss, vision problems, sexual dysfunction and more -- and I believe it can actually cause the very blood clots it's supposed to prevent in some people.

    That's why even high-risk patients should skip the aspirin and use fish oil instead. All the blood-thinning benefits, none of the risks -- and for more on how to slash your heart risk, keep an eye on your inbox next week. I've got a study on magnesium you just have to see.

    For now, let's get back to painkillers and the latest on acetaminophen. And no, it's not good news for painkiller users.

    Keep reading!

  3. The risks of robo-surgery

    Every man who gets his prostate surgically butchered is lied to -- he's lied to the moment he's told he needs surgery. He's lied to when he's told the risks of the procedure are low. And he's lied to when he's told he can slash those risks by paying more for a robot-assisted surgery. Well save your cash, because I've got news for you -- those robo-surgeons are a ro-BUST.
  4. The poop on cellphones

    Next time you hold your cell phone up to you ear, consider this: Recent tests on hundreds of cellphones in the U.K. found nasty bacteria on nearly all of them, with 92 percent testing positive. And 16 percent were found to have the E. coli bacteria that come from poop.
  5. Common chemical linked to erectile dysfunction

    A study in China finds that bisphenol A – better known as BPA – can cause erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.
  6. 43 percent of women suffer from sexual dysfunction

    Because there is a long and now widely known laundry list of sexual woes for men, many assume that only men suffer from sexual dysfunction (SD).
  7. 43 percent of women suffer from sexual dysfunction

    Because there is a long and now widely known laundry list of sexual woes for men, many assume that only men suffer from sexual dysfunction (SD).

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