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  1. Low testosterone linked to frailty

    I've been warning men of the dangers of low testosterone for years... and now that the mainstream is catching on, I wish I'd kept my mouth shut.

    Now that they've "discovered" the problem, they're only too happy to offer you a dangerous Big Pharma solution.

    How typical!

    You don't need their drugs... but you probably do need a natural testosterone boost, and a new study shows one more reason why: Low testosterone levels will turn you into a sickly weakling.

    Australian researchers looked at data on more than 3,600 men between the ages of 70 and 88, and found that those with the lowest testosterone levels were most likely to be frail, or become frail over the following years.

    These were sad, tired old people who had difficulty with basic acts like climbing a flight of stairs or walking a block, and facing conditions like diabetes, heart disease or arthritis.

    Some of them were just plain wasting away.

    Think that can't happen to you? Sorry, pal -- but it IS happening, right now, as you sit there reading this.

    Men need more testosterone as we age, but nature's played a cruel trick on us: Our bodies make less and less every year.

    Low testosterone won't just increase your odds of frailty -- it can hurt you in every way, from low energy levels to sex problems to cobwebs in your brain. And it doesn't wait for your golden years. These problems can start at just about any time from middle age on.

    So here's what you need to do: First, turn off the TV so you don't have to listen to that goofball in the commercials prattle on about "low T."

    God forbid they actually use the word "testosterone."

    Then, you'll need to have your levels checked -- but don't ask your regular doctor to do it, because he'll just push a prescription for dangerous synthetic testosterone on you.

    He's seen the commercials, too.

    Instead, visit a doctor who has expertise in natural hormones. He can check your levels, top you off naturally -- and keep tabs on you to make sure it's working.

  2. Statins can lower your testosterone levels

    Gents, next time you head to your doctor's office keep one hand guarding your groin.

    One of the most common prescription drugs -- a med your own doc probably hands out left, right and upside down -- can double your risk of low testosterone levels, leading to a rapid decline in sexual performance and a very unhappy wife.

    The med? Statins, of course. If the debilitating muscle pain isn't bad enough, it looks like they also come with a kick in the sac.

    Italian researchers say they found the connection after studying data on nearly 3,500 men who visited an outpatient clinic in Florence to complain about sex problems, according to the study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

    They say statins tell the pituitary gland that the body doesn't need any more testosterone, so it shuts down production.

    But that's just one of this drug's many lies, starting with the fabricated reason for its existence. Most people don't have a cholesterol problem. As I've told you before, a total cholesterol range of between 200 and 300 is perfectly healthy for any red-blooded meat eater.

    But while you don't need to worry about cholesterol levels, you should care like the dickens about your testosterone levels because there's a lot more at stake than the health of your Johnson.

    Low testosterone levels can lead to low energy, sleepiness, irritability and depression (of course it's quite natural to be depressed and irritable if you can't perform in the bedroom!). It can ruin your mental focus and turn you into a weakling.

    Since the body cuts back on production as we age, most of us need more -- not less. Your own doc can test your levels quite easily, but the results shouldn't be a surprise to most men: If you're past a certain age, you'll almost certainly need a boost.

    Just make sure you find someone experienced in natural hormones to do the job right -- and lay off the statins.

    Your wife will thank you.

  3. How sunlight boosts your love life

    I've been shedding light on America's sex problems for decades...and now the mainstream is finally coming around.

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