Men who take sex pills for fun end up needing them for good

You'd have to be nuts to take drugs like Viagra at all -- but you'd REALLY have to have your head (among other parts) examined if you take sex meds when you don't have a sex problem such as erectile dysfunction.

Yet healthy men take these pills every day just for kicks -- and they're finding out the hard (or maybe soft) way that the recreational use of penis pills is the fastest way to experience erectile dysfunction firsthand.

Ironic, isn't it? But the numbers don't lie, and in this case the latest numbers say that the ones who take these drugs despite no actual erection problems end up battling those problems later.

They ultimately report less confidence in and satisfaction with their erections -- not to mention decreases in erectile function.

It's like the boy -- or, in this case, men -- who cried wolf, since I'm sure many recreational users get their meds by lying to their doctors and claiming they have some form of erectile dysfunction.

I'll bet they think they pulled a fast one, and then laugh it up as they pop these "party pills" for some drug-fueled sex.

Well, the last laugh's on them -- because as the study shows, one day these men could wake up to find something else didn't rise with them… and it won't rise again unless they take more penis pills.

Adding injury to insult, these drugs come with notorious side effects such as hearing loss and vision problems, and let's not forget the infamous four-hour erections.

Those don't lead to marathon sex, as you might think. They lead to the ER, where excess blood needs to be drained from the penis.

No, it's not as painful as it sounds. My guess is that's much, much worse than it sounds.

Do yourself a favor and go all-natural for those times when you want a little au naturale fun. Start with zinc and vitamin E.

And if you do have erection problems for real, don't turn to drugs. Turn to testosterone, the manly hormone needed for good sex. Speak to a naturopathic physician to find out how much you need and the best ways to get it.