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  1. Natural treatments boost sex drive for women

    Ladies, give your libido a huge (and natural) boost

    Q: My wife and I are in our 50s. She went through menopause when her ovaries were removed, and her sex drive has really decreased. There are lots of products out there for men, but not really for women. We've looked everywhere. Is there anything we can try?

    G.R.: Loss of sex drive at menopause -- especially in a situation where the ovaries have been removed -- is very common.

    In lots of cases, women who have had their ovaries removed are good candidates for testosterone therapy, which can increase sex drive. We tend to think of testosterone as a "male" hormone, but it's actually very critical to female sexual function.

    There are many other nutrient and hormone deficiencies that can affect sex drive, or cause other symptoms (like fatigue and depression) that can lead to decreased interest in sex.

    For example, being too low on iron (anemia) can send the libido plummeting, and research has shown that anemia is fairly common in postmenopausal women. In one study, women showed increased sexual desire after correcting their iron deficiencies.

    There are also some herbal remedies that are used around the world by women to improve their sex drives. Two of the most common are "maca" (sometimes known as "Peruvian ginseng") and "muira puama."

    Maca and muira puama are often found at your local health store. If not, you won't have any trouble locating them online.

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  2. Why you're losing muscle right now

    Low testosterone causes muscle to wither

    Gents, I've been warning you for years now that the risks of low testosterone go far beyond a gun with no ammo -- and one new study after another is backing me up.

    The latest: Researchers have confirmed that seniors missing out on this critical hormone lose their muscle even faster than they lose their sex drive.

    The study of 1,200 seniors found that men with the lowest levels had stick-figure arms and legs that were practically useless and no strength left in their grip.

    Wave goodbye to that firm handshake... assuming you can still raise your arm.

    These seniors even had trouble with the simplest of all activities, like standing up from a chair. I can't think of anything feebler than that, but believe it or not this gets even worse: Men with missing muscle mass are more likely to suffer from potentially crippling falls.

    Now, I'm not saying you need bulging muscles like Popeye, especially in your senior years. But if you're starting to look more like Olive Oyl, you stand to lose a lot more than your manly strength -- because new research confirms yet another of my long-held beliefs: Testosterone is critical to cardiovascular health.

    As I told you last month, men who suffer from low testosterone are a third more likely to suffer a heart attack and up to 50 percent more likely to experience a stroke.

    Don't assume you're safe if you haven't had problems with your heart, muscles or erections yet -- because the loss of testosterone is so gradual most men don't even notice it.

    Not at first anyway.

    Then, one day, nothing seems to work right anymore -- and your butt is glued to your chair.

    Don't wait for that to happen. Use whatever strength you have left to get out of that chair and off to the doctor, even if you need someone to carry you there.

    Have him check your testosterone levels and top you off, and watch those muscles start to come back -- along with your energy, vitality and a little something-something "down there."

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  3. Off-label med linked to orgasm disorder

    The orgasm-robbing condition is called anorgasmia, and researchers say older patients who take gabapentin (aka Neurontin) may be getting hit with it at a much higher rate than ever reported -- in part because docs never bother to ask seniors about sexual side effects.

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