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  1. There's poop in your tap water!

    How your drinking water can make you violently ill

    You don't have to travel to Mexico to experience the misery of Montezuma's revenge. Thanks to substandard U.S. drinking water, you can get it without even leaving your home.

    Right now, there are filthy fecal germs and other nasty bacteria flowing from your faucet -- so many, that ordinary tap water is responsible for 1.1 million cases of the squirts, pukes, and worse every year, according to new research.

    That's a fifth of all stomach illnesses in the United States... caused by our drinking water.

    In the new study, researchers installed powerful UV light systems in the water treatment plants of 14 communities in an attempt to kill at least some of these bugs.

    They shouldn't have even wasted their time -- because after two years of this, the number of germs flowing from faucets in homes didn't change a drop. And that's because most of the nasty poo germs are getting into the water AFTER it's been treated.

    Thanks to some genius planning generations ago, our water pipes often run side-by-side with sewer pipes. Today, they're both leaky and old -- and one little pressure change can cause the germs leaking from the potty pipes to get sucked right into the ones that go to your kitchen sink.

    Next thing you know, there's poop in your soup.

    And that's not even the scary part. Ready for it? Are you sure?

    The illnesses caused by those germs -- all 1.1 million of them -- are just a drop in the toilet. They represent only the immediate and obvious sicknesses caused by fecal filth other bacteria in the water.

    The rest of the problems aren't nearly as immediate or obvious.

    Along with those stomach-churning poo bugs, your water contains sex-change hormones, legal and illegal drugs, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals such as rocket fuel, and more.

    The amounts are small and might not hurt you right away. But drink it, cook with it, and bathe in it every day, and you're bound to suffer in the long run.

    The only way to protect yourself and your family is to buy a reverse osmosis water filter. You'll find them in most hardware stores -- just make sure you install yours where the water supply enters the home, so every tap and faucet is protected.

  2. Contact lens germ can eat your eyeballs

    The bug in your water that could make you go blind

    Here's something to keep an eye on, especially if you wear contact lenses: There's a bug turning up in the water that can eat your eyeballs right out of your head.

    It's a single-celled parasite called Acanthamoeba, so small you can't see it with the naked eye.

    But that doesn't mean it's not there.

    It's found in tap water, showers, swimming pools, and more -- and since it loves to snack on dirty contact lenses, anyone who wears the things faces a much higher risk of infection.

    That infection starts with red, itchy, and painful eyes. Then, things go blurry. And once the bug eats through the cornea, you're in the dark... perhaps permanently.

    Some people need weeks of treatment or even a cornea transplant -- and even then, there's no guarantee you'll ever see right again.

    Luckily, you can slash your risk of infection without giving up your contacts. Just make sure you follow some common sense -- like carefully washing your hands before you put your lenses in and take them out.

    Clean your lens case regularly, and never use tap water as contact lens solution -- you may as well give the bug an invitation into your eyeball if you do. Even ordinary contact lens solution won't do the trick here, so be sure to use one that contains hydrogen peroxide.

    Finally, keep Acanthamoeba and all the other bugs, chemicals, and drugs out of your water by installing a reverse osmosis water filter. Since this amoeba can strike in the kitchen, bathroom or even your shower, install the filter where the water enters your home to make sure every tap is protected.

  3. Common food additive in autism link

    The feds want you to believe the dramatic 78 percent rise in autism cases over the past decade is nothing more than a bookkeeping trick. There aren't more autistic kids -- just more docs who've learned to recognize the condition. Baloney!
  4. Your tainted tap

    If the fastest way to rot a kid's mind is with TV and junk food, the slow method involves plain old water. Thank your government for that.
  5. Feds inch forward on Clean Water update

    We've been drowning in drug residue and toxic chemicals flowing from the faucets in our own homes. Now, the feds say they're getting serious about cleaning up your water... but don't start sipping from the tap just yet.
  6. What's inside dirty U.S. drinking water

    You should see the crazy looks I get when people find out that I haven't had a glass of tap water in over 20 years. But maybe they won't think I'm so out in left field when they read the shocking information the latest studies have uncovered.

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