Mainstream treatment turns your body into a cancer factory

I cut a deal with my manhood a long time ago. He never gets to retire, and I keep him far away from the mainstream's scalpels and radiation death ray machines.

Because if you're going to ask me to lay spread eagle on a table while some technician shoots nuclear rays at Mr. Johnson, you'd better be giving him super powers. But don't expect me to swallow that mainstream nonsense about how radiation cures cancer or adds a second of meaningful time to your life.

That's a pound of rotten baloney Oscar Mayer would be embarrassed to sell, and yet another study proves I'm right.

Canadian scientists are finally getting hip to what I've been telling you -- and anyone else who would listen -- for years. Radiation doesn't cure cancer. It GIVES you cancer!

Researchers studied 32,000 men with prostate cancer who made the unfortunate decision to opt for either radiation treatment or surgery. Within 5-9 years, the men who suffered through radiation were returning in droves with new cancers destroying everything from their rectums to their bladders.

And that's no surprise. Radiation damages your DNA and practically turns your body into a 24-hour cancer factory! Even the urology chair at one of America's top hospitals recently admitted that he's not sure radiation is worth the risk for prostate cancer patients.

Let me get about as unscientific as I can. For all the medical mumbo-jumbo out there, there are basically two types of prostate cancer. One is probably going to kill you faster than a cheetah on roller skates, no matter what you do. And the other is NEVER going to kill you -- again, no matter what you do.

You'll never hear the mainstream admit it, but most prostate tumors are so slow growing and isolated that you're practically GUARANTEED to die of something else first. Including old age!

So why on earth would you submit to radiation sessions that could leave you with a cancer deadlier than anything you were treating? And trust me, friend, rectal cancer is every bit as unpleasant and messy as it sounds.

Your manhood has two jobs, and the mainstream's barbaric radiation and surgery treatments could leave it unable to do either. I've watched countless men become impotent, incontinent sob stories, all because they insisted on treating tumors that were never dangerous in the first place.

Don't become the next victim. The next time mainstream medicine wants to aim its death ray at your John Thomas, tell your doc you have an even more powerful weapon on your side. A little bit of knowledge.